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Peaches and Screams’s Top Ten Sex Tips

Peaches and Screams’s Top Ten Sex Tips

Peaches and Screams’s Top Ten Sex Tips

By Ekaterina Mironova

Sex may come naturally, but we can all use a little help, advice and guidance along the way. It’s not always easy to understand what makes your partner feel good, and sometimes they may be reluctant to tell – so you have to experiment. And, therein lies the fun. Following are a few special sex tips that we think will make your experience hot and steamy.

Stay awake and aware. If you’ve had a busy day at the office, had to get up early to drop off your dry-cleaning, and stopped by the gym after work for an hour-long workout, chances are, you’re going to be a little droopy when you get home at the end of the day. If your partner is expecting a romantic night, you certainly don’t want to drop off to sleep immediately after sex – or more embarrassingly, during. Take 45 minutes after you get home for a little nap to re-invigorate yourself. Now that doesn’t mean 45 minutes of laying on the couch with the television on, we’re talking 45 minutes of actual sleep. Set your alarm to wake yourself back up, and you’ll find that you have a lot more energy to devote to your partner.
Mouth tip number one. No, it’s not what you think (but that comes later). There’s nothing sexier than a little aural stimulation to get your partner in the mood. Looking at your partner and saying, “Let’s go upstairs”, may get the point across, but it just doesn’t sound all that exciting. Say things you’ve never said before, and be specific. The best way to get a man out of the couch in a hurry is to say, “Come upstairs with me and I’ll suck your dick until you scream.” Don’t be afraid to say it!

Mouth tip number two. Yes, this is what you think. Want to drive a man wild? Pull out his cock while you’re sitting at the dinner table and start sucking it right then and there. You can move it up to the bedroom in a little while, but get it started somewhere totally unexpected. Don’t be afraid to add a little something extra – a bit of whipped cream, perhaps; or take a nice drink of warm tea just before you go down on him. And men, don’t neglect your ladies. Give them your full attention with cunnilingus that goes on and on. It’s not just a way pass the time until your dick gets hard!

The eyeballs are important, too! Visual stimulation is big, and it never stops being important. If you go to bed in your ten-year-old granny panties underneath your flannel nightgown, you’re not going to get a rise out of him. And by the same token, guys, your plain white boxers and tee-shirt with the name of your favourite sports team on it just isn’t sexy. Get something new and sensual! Or better yet, make a special date to go shopping for sexy clothes together.

Stimulate everywhere. Sex is more than penises and vaginas. Stimulation can occur almost anywhere, so don’t be afraid to explore, and find out what gets a rise out of your partner. Nipple sucking is great, both for men and women, and there’s nothing more pleasurable than a long slow lick across the belly. Try every spot! She will more than likely enjoy some attention to her inner thigh, or a gentle kiss on the butt.

Change positions frequently. We all tend to get into a routine after a while – we do the same things on the same places, then have sex in the same position, then go to the kitchen and have a sandwich. Tired of having your man on top? Take charge and roll him onto his back next time. Try it side-by-side, from the back, or standing up, or if you’re particularly adventurous, try out a few of the more impossible-looking positions from the Kama Sutra. You may not be able to bend your body into some of those positions, but you’ll have fun trying!

Don’t be afraid of a little role-play. These simple games really spice up the bedroom, because it gives you an opportunity to be with “somebody else,” without being with somebody else. If he’s a Star Wars lover, dress up like a sexy Princess Leah, or you can always go with the naughty schoolgirl routine, which very few men will turn down.

Give specific instructions. Sometimes we tend to think we know what works best, but what really works best may be something you’ve never tried before. Feel free to allow each other to make suggestions, and get very specific about what you would each like to try.

Undress each other. Another pleasure we tend to lose over time is the pleasure of undressing a partner. Don’t just sit on the end of the bed and strip off your clothes with your backs to each other! Take time to slowly undress each other and savour each and every moment.

Get out of the bedroom once in a while! Sex in the bedroom is great, especially if you have a large, comfortable bed. But you can keep it interesting by having sex in different locations. Try it out in different rooms, in the shower, in the back yard, or on a deserted beach!

Well what are you waiting for! Get to it and you can thank Peaches and Screams later!