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Perfect Presents to Show Her You Care

Perfect Presents to Show Her You Care

Perfect Presents to Show Her You Care

By Tatyana Dyachenko

The number one complaint women often have about men is their inability to listen. Women feel that men often only care about their own sexual satisfaction as they fail to take hints and tips that lead them in the right direction.

However, this is rarely true, as men love making sure their partner has a wonderful time in bed yet their worry at getting it wrong leads them to abstain altogether but there's no better way to show you care than at Christmas.

Show Your Sensual Side

Sensual gifts will show not only how much you care about the love side of love making but will also intrigue them as you put them to use later on. There's a range of wonderful scented oils and bath gels on offer that will heighten the senses and increase the libido. You don't have to be a master of massage as the aromas and silky viscosity will glide easily onto anybody, all you have to do is ensure you cover every single inch, showing your lover just how much you appreciate her entire body.


Chain stores are packed with men trying to imitate the size of their lover's boobs in the hope of finding sexy underwear that they'll adore. This is the perfect gift for someone you love however to make it more personal there are a few tricks you can try.

Instead of initiating a conversation where you plainly ask for their cup size and hip measurements, instead take the initiative and the next time you see her favourite bra and panties on the floor of the bedroom simply pick them up and see what size they are. This takes out all indecision and also ensures you pick the right size as sometimes when faced with the question we do lie a little as women, as depending on how long we've been in a relationship we prefer you to think of us as a 34DD and a size 10-12 waist when in reality we're probably a perfectly normal size 14 waist and a 36C chest.

This is another reason men think they get this side of present buying so wrong, as once bought they rarely see their partner donning the new underwear!

Also bear in mind your partner's body. You may think that every inch is absolutely gorgeous but when buying for herself she will choose lingerie and clothes that hide aspects she's much less confident about. If she's had children, avoid bikini type lingerie or open baby dolls as these just reveal the stomach she's probably tried to keep secret for long enough. Opt for baby dolls that accentuate cleavage but cover the torso, and if she worries about the size of her behind choose a shimmering material that skims the thighs.

Sex Toys

Buying your partner a sex toy is one of the most intimate gifts you can give as it shows you care about their pleasure in bed and have spent time to choose a toy that you think they will benefit from. It can be quite risky but vibrators are often popular as well as love beads and toys you can play with together. If you've never tried bondage before this can be an ideal time to introduce a beginners set as she'll be filled with anticipation just wondering what you're going to do with her once you have her at your mercy in fluffy cuffs and a blindfold.