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Role Play Ideas For Fun Sex

Role Play Ideas For Fun Sex

Role Play Ideas For Fun Sex

By Ksenia Sobchak

Role play is a great way to add spice to any relationship. As a means of living out fantasies you can abandon all inhibitions and become whoever you want to be. With the simple addition of an outfit and a pair of heels you can transform yourself into a nurse, a maid, a secretary or an air hostess, each one with their own bespoke methods for tantalizing!

For some the outfit alone is enough to drive their amore wild with desire, however if you want to play dirty, and bring out the best of your sexual side then you can let your imagination run wild with scenarios that are usually left in the mind.

The Naughty Nurse

There are many nurses' outfits on the market, and each one has its own benefits. They are perfect if teamed with red or white underwear complete with stockings and high heels. Try to find an outfit that can be removed easily such as a zip up one, that way you can decide how much or how little you want to show. To make the fantasy a reality, have your partner lay in bed as a patient (unless you've bought him a matching doctor's outfit in which case follow the secretary boss scenario). For the complete fantasy he must be ordered to rest, whilst you offer a head to toe bed bath.

Let him lay back as you gently wash using a mixture of oils and bubbles to sooth. Then explain that you must check everything is in working order for the good of his health. As you do this bend over in front of him unzipping a little at a time, and then show your own arousal as you inspect his most intimate parts. The rest is up to you, you use whichever method you think best for bringing him to climax, however many adore proceedings to start with a great blow job.

The Sexy Secretary

You can complete this fantasy by asking your partner to dress up in their best suit. A secretaries outfit works well with pencil skirts, very naughty underwear such as crotch less knickers and peep hole bras and a slightly see-through blouse. Bring coffee to the desk and drop papers on the floor, allow him a glimpse of your crotch-less knickers as you bend over to pick them up. Looking up at him ask if there's any more you can do, glasses help here as you can add them to look over the frames. You can subtly notice his hard on as you bring yourself up from the floor, brushing it gently as he takes your hand and places it more firmly on his crotch.

The rest will play out naturally however the full fantasy usually involves the man keeping his suit on, just releasing the important aspects for pleasure.

Before you take on any role in role play allow yourself to indulge in a little daydreaming. Think of scenarios on a plane as an air hostess, where on the red eye flight everyone's sleeping but the insomniac businessman and hostess are wide awake. Imagine the maid as she sweeps the patio only to bump into the hunky gardener, or even go a little step further and use characters from your favourite films.

The schoolgirl teacher is a popular one, as women can pretend to be very innocent and men love feeling like they are teaching something new!