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Sex Facts

Sex Facts

Sex Facts

By Tatyana Dyachenko

I’m a bit of a geek for statistics, especially when they revolve around sex. After having a scout about for averages after seeing the new, “It’s Love, Actually” on Sky Living, I came across some great facts.

The Typical Todger

The average penis when erect is apparently 5.7 inches. This must make many men feel better about their man parts as I seriously thought it was 7.5. The average girth is supposed to be 4 inches. Now this is something I’ve not measured before, or a question I’ve ever asked a man. I’ll be taking my sewing kit tape measure and finding out a few facts myself tonight. I’ll report back next week!

Our Orgasms Last Longer

In fact a woman’s orgasm lasts four times longer than a man’s. This does seem a little unfair considering most men have to wait before having sex after ejaculation but women can often go again and again. It also explains why after a woman’s orgasm, men think it’s ok to stop pleasuring as soon as the climax is reached, whereas when a woman masturbates on her own, she continues to get the extra pleasure.

Birth Control is Evil

Ok birth control is excellent if you want regular sex with a partner but don’t want to get pregnant, however it is a bit of a catch 22. It’s been proven that many pills and mini pills dampen the sex drive making it harder for women to get aroused and to reach orgasm. That can’t be fair now can it?

Surely the male pill would be better as many oversexed males could do with a little dampening down while many women could do with a boost to their sex drive. It makes perfect sense to me.

Scientists worry that men will forget to take the male pill. What about a male coil, implants or injections?

The Sun Makes Women Horny

Women have a better sense of smell than men which seems another unfair fact considering that men are the ones with the smelly feet and flatulence problems. However, this works to our advantage in the summer months. The warmer air carries smells further and makes them more intense. When a man fancies a woman, he emits certain chemicals when he sweats. This turns us on even more so on sunnier days, so book that tropical getaway now!

Sex is Short and Sweet

Intercourse, the act of the thrusting penis in the vagina lasts on average 3-7 minutes. This seems ever so short. Apparently it’s rare for it to last more than 12 minutes so maybe now’s the time to stop hoping your partner can persevere. This fact makes foreplay all the more important. If you want a longer more satisfying session, make sure you come first.

Strange Best Sellers

While researching these facts I also found a couple of products that left me bewildered. One was a deep throat numbing spray that promises to relax the gagging reflex so you can give better deep throat blow jobs. The other was a dissolvable strip that neutralises the taste of semen. Put it on your tongue before you suck!

There are tonnes of bizarre but interesting products out there now, from lubes that make him last longer to female arousal creams yet these seemed quite out there!