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The Sexiest Scents, as Proven By Science

The Sexiest Scents, as Proven By Science

The Sexiest Scents, as Proven By Science

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Have you heard the saying that “Science does not lie, it only improves”? You probably have. We all want to be sexy, in anyway and by any means possible. In the clothes we wear, the things we say, the way we speak, the way we answer the phone, the way we chew food, how we say “I love you,” we are so petty about sexiness that it goes down to how we smell! That’s why it is important to know the sexiest scents as proven by science.

Some people argue that scents are not always sexy because what turns me on may only remind you of that douchebag who used you and made away. While this may be true, the fact remains that before he became a douchebag and ruined that scent forever, he was the sexiest guy you knew and that scent played a role in getting him that status.

Have you ever wondered why and how these scents trigger emotions and moods? Well, science says that when we inhale, the scent first hits our olfactory bulb (in the nostrils), which is directly connected to our limbic system (responsible for behavior, emotion and motivation), and then we get an innate emotional response to what we perceive and react to it long before the smell gets to the rational part of our brain.

What is proven by science remains true, until it is proven otherwise by science. So, when we say some scents have been proven by science as the sexiest scents, that is the standard until science rebuts it. Moving on, we’ve prepared a list of scents you could put on to make your partner go crazy. We did not stop there, we have provided the sources too and a brief description of how these things work. Yeah, we’re good like that.

The Sexiest Scents

That smell that sends her to a world of romantic bliss, that scent that turns him on just by a whiff, that scent that puts you both in the mood, those are the scents that are proven by science as the sexiest scents. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Sexy Scents That Are Proven To Seduce: Lavender

I don’t need to tell you how calming, how distracting, how sexy and how cajoling this scent is. Little wonder it is used for aromatherapy, massages and even for condoms and vibrators. Science has proven Lavender to be one of the strongest scents for male arousal. It is also used to revive the loss of senses of smell and taste. If you want to get the sexiest scent, combine Lavender with Pumpkin pie, OMG! It’s breathtakingly seductive, ask any classy man.

Some perfumes that contain this fragrance are Chanel Les Exclusifs De Chanel Boy eau de parfum, Philosophy; Pure Grace Fragrance, Jo Malone London; Amber & Lavender Cologne, Diptyque ‘Eau de Lavande’ Fragrance, Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Florale.

The Sexiest Scents, as Proven By Science

Sexy Scents That Are Proven To Seduce: Lily of the Valley (White Flower)

A bell-shaped flower that grows in bushes and is planted around homes. It has a sweet floral scent that people find quite appealing. The scent is shown to increase relaxation and stimulation. It has proven to decrease apathy, irritation and depression while heightening awareness and energy as well as a sense of calm.

Some perfumes that contain this flavor are; Stella McCartney LI.L.Y, Dior Diorissimo eau de Toilette, Penhaligon London; Lily of the Valley Eau de Toilette, Byredo Inflorescence Eau de parfum, Olivia Giacobetti; Frederic Malle En Passant, Estée Lauder Pleasures Eau de Parfum Spray etc.

White flowers are not just good for stimulation and relaxation. They also trigger attraction in the primeval part of our brains, which associates it with sexual arousal and other sexual activity; this is the seductive attribute of the Lily of the Valley Flower.

The Sexiest Scents, as Proven By Science

Sexy Scents That Are Proven To Seduce: Vanilla

Gourmands are fragrances that smell like food, as the saying goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Vanilla falls within the Gourmand class of fragrances, little wonder most men fall head over heels for it. Also, vanillin (the ingredient in vanilla) plays a big role in relaxing tensed people and improving moods.

Some Vanilla perfumes include, Chloe; See, Britney Spears; Hidden Fantasy, Lavanila Laboratories; Pure Vanilla Frgrance, Prada; Candy, Dolce & Gabbana; The One,  Victoria’s Secret; Coconut Passion, Calvin Klein; Eternity Summer, Christian Dior; Hypnotic Poison, Thierry Mugler; Angel.

The Sexiest Scents, as Proven By Science

Sexy Scents That Are Proven To Seduce: Musk

Do you know the Tibetan Male Musk Deer? It releases certain scent when it is on heat (ready to mate) to attract its female counterpart. This natural scent works for it every time. Which is why as strange as it is, it is not surprising that the Musk scent is derived from the rear end of the Tibetan Musk Deer. If you doubt me, ask Wikipedia.

The Musk is named after the Tibetan Musk Deer but this does not mean that every Musk perfume comes from the Deer. The scent is now synthetically created and its seductive quality is not in question. So vegans, feel free to utilize its seductive abilities. It is usually in masculine perfumes.

The Sexiest Scents, as Proven By Science

Some perfumes, which are made up of this sexy scent include, Joe Malone London; Irish & White Musk Cologne Intense, Serge Lutens; Beaute Clair de Musc Eau de Parfum, Diana Vreeland Parfums; Perfectly Marvellous Eau de Parfum, (this is mixed with some floral scent so it is suitable for females), etc. Other Musk Perfumes for women include, Diesel; Fuel for Life Summer, House of Versace; Versace woman, Victoria’s Secret; Sexy Sparkle Hot Berry, etc.

It pays to smell good, it even pays more to smell sexy. One thing all the sexiest scents have in common is that they all have the ability to trigger relaxation, calm and happiness. Imagine everyone around you being happy just because you smell so sexy. The sexiest scents as proven by science are sure the way to go in a world where depression and pain seem to be the order of the day.