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Where’s my G Spot? G Spot Guide

Where’s my G Spot? G Spot Guide

Where’s my G Spot?

By Elena Ognivtseva

G Spot Guide

People talk of the G Spot as the holy grail of orgasms buttons. This guide will help you find your G Spot so that you start enjoying all the pleasure it can bring.

While the location may vary slightly from person to person, it is typically located about 5-7.5 cm inside the vagina on the anterior wall (which is the vaginal wall closet to your stomach). The texture of the G spot will likely be noticeably different from the usually smooth lining of the vagina. It is more irregular than the rest of the vaginal wall, which is smooth.

To reach your G Spot, lie down on your back or stomach, or squat.. Place your palm face down in the vulva and slowly insert your middle finger (and ring finger if you feel like it) into your vagina, bending forward in a ‘come hither’ motion. When you are near the second knuckle, you should feel a slight bump or ridge on the upper wall of the vagina area. If you arrive at something that feels like the tip of your nose, it mean you are probably touching the cervix and have gone too far.

The spongy area around the G spot fills with blood when sexually aroused, so it‘s a whole lot easier to find and feel when you’re excited. Many women have difficulty finding their G spot because its size and location can vary, so it’s best to go hunting when you’re already aroused.

The G spot reacts to pressure, so when you’ve found it, press down and gently pull forward with that “come hither” motion of your fingers.

For some ladies it can be uncomfortable or impractical to arouse using their hand. A G Spot dildo or vibrator can be an excellent assistant. Apply some lubricant to your toy, and angle the tip (if curved) towards the upper wall of the vagina. Work it in slowly (a few inches) so that the tip is pressing against your G spot.

Pressure against the G Spot should feel very good, while some women really like the feeling of vibration when a toy is pressing directly against it. Experiment and determine what feels right for you.

For most people, the G Spot responds to firm pressure. At first, use your toy as if you were trying to scratch an itch on the inside of your vaginal roof– do not pull the toy all the way, but use little strokes, applying firm force if possible against the G Spot. Circular motions may help you get started, but could then move to a more energetic push. If you have a vibrator, try playing with the vibrations to see what you like best.

You know you’re hitting the spot if you feel tingling sensations, maybe an urge to pee, and a general rise in excitement. When you feel yourself getting close to climax, throw in some clitoral stimulation using your favourite method while keeping up the stroking of your G Spot.

A couple minutes later after you’ve calmed down, you’ll hopefully understand what all the G Spot fuss is all about!

Just so you know, with continuous stimulation of the G Spot you may eventually feel a sensation similar to having to pee. This can be quite disconcerting at first, and has probably seen a lot of women stop, just as things are getting good, but if you stick with it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If you do not reach orgasm the first time you experiment with your G Spot, we highly recommend that you try again later. It may take numerous practice session before you find what works for you. Try different positions, using diverse toys, testing with breathing and Kegel exercises, or having a partner help you.

Because it is more sensitive when aroused, you may also want to try stimulating it after having an orgasm.

Experimenting with the G spot can be fun and you never know what you’ll learn in the process. Don’t focus on what you think you should be feeling, but stay in the moment and enjoy the experience.

If you’ve been playing and it’s not everything you hoped it would be, well then all you’ve lost is some time learning about what brings you pleasure (and hopefully gained a few orgasms along the way).

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon