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Why Do Men Like Older Women?

Why Do Men Like Older Women?

Why Do Men Like Older Women?

By Ksenia Sobchak

You might have noticed in recent years that an increasingly large sector of the porn market is now devoted to "MILF"s. Furthermore, more and more young men are choosing to date older women, with these women being known as "cougars". There's no doubt about it- men like older women, and if you fit into this category then there's never been a better time to get yourself out there if you want a toy boy.

But why is it that men are so attracted to them? Experts have come up with a number of reasons- here are some of the main ones, to help you get a better understanding of why older women are simply so much fun.

They know what they like in bed

Older women are far more assertive than younger ones- older means bolder. They have every right to be- they're more experienced in a lot of things, and especially in sex. If you're doing something that doesn't really turn them on, they're not afraid to let you know. All of their insecurities have been dealt with a long time ago, so they won't hold back with anything. Plus, they're sure to have picked up a few moves in their time that you might not know about, that can help sex to feel better for both of you.

They know what you like in bed

Another great thing about all that experience they've had is that older women know a lot more about how to please a man than younger women. Having experiences with multiple partners means they know that different things are more of a turn on for different guys, and they'll know how to quickly find out exactly what it is that gets your rocks off the most.

They know more about relationships

With all that experience, they're more realistic about what they want and what they'll get out of a relationship. Since they're not new to long-term relationships, they're a lot more likely to be able to come up with a solution to any problems that might come up, making them a much better prospect for this type of relationship that younger women. They're also often a lot more realistic about what to expect out of a casual, no-strings- attached relationship, which explains why so many younger men prefer their hook ups to be more on the mature side.

They won't mess you around

With their added experience of relationships, older women are also less likely to toy with a man's emotions for little to no reason. Emotional maturity comes with age, and so these women are far less likely to mess you around than younger ones who might have a bit of a superiority complex. Knowing what they want means they are far more direct, and therefore they focus on satisfaction rather than always reaching for a little more. A woman who knows not to expect too much of a relationship can be extremely liberating for the younger man, since he is free to use this experience to learn as well as have fun without being too tied down.

They're still a little bit of a taboo

Even though we've come far as a society with regards to sexual acceptance, big age gaps in relationships are still seen as somewhat of a taboo, especially when it involves an older woman. A lot of men are extremely turned on by the thought of this, and deliberately seek out older women for a "right of passage" sexual experience in their youth.