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Your Guide to Using chargers and adaptors

Your Guide to Using chargers and adaptors

Your Guide to Using chargers and adaptors

With so many electronic items out there, it can be difficult to differentiate one from another. Chargers and adapters are a good example. Chargers and adapters serve the same purpose though they are still different. Adaptersare used to charge a charger, while chargers are used to charge an electronicdevice. This article aims to give a detailed guideline to using chargers and adapters.

The Plug Format of the charger

The first step is to ensure the plug of the charger is compatible with sockets in your country. Have you ever been in a situation where you buy a charger in your home country and find out it's not compatible when you travel to another country?. It's frustrating because you have to spend money to buy another charger or adapter. To avoid this back and forth, ensure the adapters and chargers has a design that is compatible with many sockets.

Check the current and voltage of your charger

The current of the charger is measured in amps. The higher the amps, the faster the charging process. It won't damage the model of your phone or device. The higher the amps, the better for you and your device. Voltage is another aspect to consider. The voltage of your charger or adapter must match your device to avoid damage.

The universal power adapter

If you are not sure of the exact pin type, you can go with the universal power adapter. Universaladaptersallowyou to have different voltages that are compatible with your device.

The brand of the charger

You should also consider the brand beforepurchasing it. You should purchase chargers and adapters fromreputable brands. It's also better to purchasechargers and adapters from the same brand that made your phone. Ensure you read the reviews to avoid getting a counterfeit that will be more expensive.

The cost of the charger

The price of the charger and adapter is another factor you should not overlook. Cheaper chargersare more expensive, so if you buy a cheaper charger, you willspend more money when it gets bad. However, the amount of money you are willing to spend on a charger and adapter should depend on your budget. But know that the higher the price, the higher the quality.

The thickness of the wires

When you are buying chargers, it's better to buy those with thickexteriors because they have thicker wires in them. The thicker the wire, the more current that can pass through them and the more power it supplies to your device. Thicker wires allow for faster data transfer. On theother hand, slimmer wires are not as effective as thicker wires. They are slow in terms of charging speed and data transfer.

The purpose of the charger

The purpose of the charger is important because it will determine the type of charger you buy. If you want a charger that has a fast-charging rate, then you would want to ensure you buy a chargerwith fast charging rate.

The charging rates

Differentchargers have aspecial charging rate. These are measured in amps. Chargers with a high charging rate will charge yourdevice faster than those with low charging rate. When choosing a charger, the total output must match or be higher than what your device requires to charge at a fill rate.  To figure this out, you can add up the required amps for all the devices you need to charge to find out the desired output.

Look out for counterfeit products

There are severalcounterfeits and knock off when it comes chargers and adapters. Usually, they look similar to the real ones but their capacity is lower. Counterfeit products perform poorly,and they can damage your device. This can be more expensive than buying the real deal, and it is inconvenient. If you think you are saving a lot of money when you buy a counterfeitproduct, I suggest you think again. It's more expensive when you buy counterfeitproducts because they incurcostlyrepairs to your device plus the cost of purchasing a new charger. Some of the things that differentiate counterfeitproducts from the real deal areincorrect spelling on the packaging, incorrect capitalization of the product description, incorrect abbreviation, etc. Also, if the product description does not specify a manufacturer, that's a red flag. It's a sign the product is counterfeit. It's important to avoid buying counterfeitchargers because they haven't passed the necessary security test to confirm they are good enough. They can damage your phone or cause a fire. You can avoid the risk of purchasing counterfeit chargers when you buy from a reputable brand.


Having so many chargers and adapter can be frustrating, especially if they are counterfeits. You can try random plugs to figure out which oneworks best for your device;this might not work out the way you intend for it too. If you use a charger or adapter that is not compatible with your phone, there are several things to expect in such a scenario. You can expect a high voltage, or you can expect a low voltage or wrong polarity. If you are unlucky, these issues can damage your device,which can damage the fuse of your device. The worst scenario is that you might end up damaging your device, or you might end up burning down your house. Though both perform similar functions, they are different. Adapters provide power supply to your charger. They do not have the internal means to charger a battery.  Chargers, on the other hand, have the means to charge a device. It also helps to regulate the amount of electricity that comes from the adapter to your device, when you are getting a charger, its best to get one that is specifically designed for your device.