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Full Guide: How to Buy Intimate Shaving Products

Full Guide: How to Buy Intimate Shaving Products

Full Guide: How to Buy Intimate Shaving Products

By Elena Ognivtseva

Intimate shaving is more than a hygiene practice. For most men and women, it is sensual fashion statement. You feel sexy and ready to let loose when your intimate area is trimmed. You can slip on a bikini and swing your way to the pool with ultimate confidence. Because you know the moment your lover sees that soft and sleek skin, they won’t help but touch. Oral sex will also feel more pleasurable and intense. Because every tantalising touch or lick will be directly applied on your super sensitive and orgasmic skin.

If you haven’t shaved your public before, you need to try it out. Be creative; let your lover do it for you. Just lie down on the bed and leave them to pleasure and clean you up. All that exposure will be explosively sensual for your relationship.

Pubic hair shaving is a sensitive and delicate procedure. It requires you to choose your products carefully to make sure you do not cause irritation or injuries during your hygiene processes. They products come in different designs and advantages to help you achieve a clean, smooth and sensual area. Here are some products you need to try:

Depilatory Creams and Gels

Most contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, willow bark extracts, tea tree extracts, chamomile flower extracts, glycerin, aloe leaf juices and blends of essential oils. Some of these ingredients are designed to prevent infections, sooth and moisturize your skin during shaving. Make sure to read the packaging and purchase from reputable adult shops like Peaches and Screams for high quality intimate shaving creams. Note that some ingredients used can cause allergic reactions for some people. Discontinue use if you notice itchiness, rashes, redness or swelling.

Intimate Trimmers and Shavers

These are perfect for both trimming and shaving wet or dry hair. They come with changeable precision trimmers, combs, and micro shavers. These devices allow you to control the length of hair shaved without risk of cuts or nicks on your skin.

They are powered by either plugging on the power socket, rechargeable or replaceable batteries. Rechargeable and replaceable batteries are more recommended if you frequently travel.

Pre-Shave Oil and Lubes

Full Guide: How to Buy Intimate Shaving Products

These gels and creams are applied before shaving to provide a barrier between your skin and the razor. This makes it easier to slide the blade without pulling on the skin hence, prevents razor burns and other skin irritations. These are extremely essential for shaving the super sensitive bikini zone to sooth and moisturise your skin.

If you enjoy some pain when getting your pubic cleans, you might try;

Hair Removal Wax

Full Guide: How to Buy Intimate Shaving Products

This is a warm liquid designed to remove hair from the root. It gives you a smooth baby skin velvety feel that you lover will love to kiss. Some wax liquids can be too hot and burning. There are more ideal for professional use at salons and spas.

Laser and Electrolysis Hair Removers

Full Guide: How to Buy Intimate Shaving Products

These are designed to remove the hair permanently by destroying the hair follicle and roots. They give you a permanent hair free zone. However, these removal techniques are very painful and traumatising to the skin. They are also more expensive to buy for home use.

How to Shave your Pubic Hairs

Full Guide: How to Buy Intimate Shaving Products

If you haven’t shaved your pubic before, you are in for a fun, enjoy and challenging session. The pubic skin is very sensitive. If shaving is not done right, it can cause ingrown hair, red bumps, itching and general skin irritation.

Take your time

Until you get a gimp on it, shaving can take up to 30 minutes. So be patient and relaxed. Make sure your bathroom or bedroom has proper lighting, so you can see what you are doing.

Clean and soften you skin

Make a shower or clean your pubic area with warm water and antiseptic body wash product before you start shaving. This makes sure your skin is relaxed and you clear out bacteria that cause red bumps. It also softens the hairs for a smooth shave.

Trim long hair with a pubic hair trimmer

Use pubic hair trimmer to trim long pubic hairs before you start shaving. This reduces you chances of shaving the same area several times, which can cause skin irritation and soreness. The pubic skin is extremely thin and sensitive; you need a clean single swipe.

Use a shaving cream

If you are using a razor, use a shaving cream or gel to soften and sooth the skin when shaving.

Use clean and sharp razors

Always use clean and sterilised razors, shaver and trimmers to avoid skin irritations. You might also need to assume a comfortable position to see and reach your private area with ease. Make sure to tighten the skin with your fingers while shaving. This gives you a closer shave and reduces the chances of cutting yourself.

If you are using wax, be sure to scrap tenderly to avoid excess pressure on the skin. But note wax can be too strong for your sensitive pubic skin.

Rinse with a body wash disinfectant

Once you finish shaving, rinse thoroughly with a body wash disinfectant to remove any product residue and kill any bacteria

Apply a mild moisturizer

After shaving, apply a mild moisturizer designed for intimate use to sooth and moisturize the skin.

Avoid tight underwear

Wear loose cotton underwear after shaving. Avoid tight and synthetic material underwear as they can irritate your skin.

Intimate shaving is important for personal hygiene as well as sexual appeal. Keep your hairlines neat and trim for your lover’s delight. Buy Peaches and Screams personal intimate shaving products and trim your intimate areas to new level of sexy. Buy high quality intimate shaving systems with multiple attachments, depilatory creams, shaving gels and much more trimming desires here at Peaches and Screams. We respect your privacy. We will deliver your order directly to your door in fully discreet packaging. Give your lover a clean and neat exciting place to play with personal intimate shavers. It’s for your own pleasure!

Recommended Intimate Shaving Products from Peaches and Screams

DONA Shave Gel Flirty Blushing Berry, 250ml

Full Guide: How to Buy Intimate Shaving Products

The DONA Shave Gel Flirty Blushing Berry, created by the famous brand JO Lubricant, comes in 250 ml bottle and is infused with aphrodisiacs and pheromones to ignite your desire for one another while relaxing away tension. It is used for shaving those unwanted pubic hair on your intimate area to prevent any cuts and to reduce the pain of removing hair.

The non-greasy formula is long lasting, which is perfect for your intimate area.
This is a great product to use before lovemaking as it will set the mood and will arouse your partner easily. The ingredients used in this wonderful product are hypoallergenic and will not harm your skin. It will just give you lasting relaxing sensation without any harmful effects. It is made of natural ingredients and does not include harmful chemicals that will have bad effects on your health.

Our love-struck blend of aphrodisiacs and pheromones and intoxicating aromas will leave skin beautifully scented and irresistible to the touch. This will leave the skin supple and glowing, and above all, very pleasant to the eyes.

Specifications of DONA Shave Gel Flirty Blushing Berry, 250ml
Liquid Volume : 250ml
For Who : Female
Features : Aphrodisiac and pheromone infused
Brand : JO Lubricants

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