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Full Guide: How to Buy Sex Lubricant Applicators

Full Guide: How to Buy Sex Lubricant Applicators

Full Guide: How to Buy Sex Lubricant Applicators

By Elena Ognivtseva

Just because you want to have naughty sex doesn’t mean it has to be messy. No one likes to do laundry after every sexual moment. It brings a terrible association of sex and chores. Besides, some sex lubes can be staining and completely ruin your white silk bed sheets. And you certainly don’t that.

Full Guide: How to Buy Sex Lubricant Applicators

While applying lube by hand is a fun part of foreplay, there are places impossible to reach. Like when you want to insert a long dildo to the vagina or anus.  A finger will certainly be super sensual when fingering in some lube.  But if you are suffering from vaginal dryness, you want lube deep inside to rehydrate, sooth and moisturize your walls. Sex lubricant applicators tend to do a more thorough and neat job. Also commonly known as lube shooters are syringe devices designed to ‘shoot’ lube into your body.  They are excellent for when you want to lube up hard-to-reach places like the inner rectum for a smooth glide anal sex.  Just like normal hand applications, you can use them on yourself or with a partner.

Sex lubricant applicators are a lot of fun. Imagine yourself bent just a little after a crazy session of kissing and touching. Feel the slick insertion, then a soft stream of soothing lube being launched neatly inside your anus. The little glides as your partner teases you. Then the slick removal, you feel like leaving it there just for a while right? Beside the conveniences, lube applicators can be used to feed your sexual medical fetishes because they look like some of those gynaecological equipments you find in the hospital.

Sex lubricant applicators are made from a hypoallergenic plastic used in medical equipments. They have a standard slim injector feature to fit in the vagina or anus; even the virgin buttholes will have a smooth slide. Some have finger loops to increase insertion precision and comfort. In most cases, the sex lube applicators are packaged in pairs of two or three in one value pack. This is to give you varieties in case you need several reapplications in the same session. Some are disposable while others can be cleaned and reused.  If you are just trying out, you can get disposables from different manufactures until you have found a personal favourite. Then you can settle for a reusable brand as these are more economical.

The applicators come in different coloured so you can match between partners or your personal preferences. Pick a colour that entices your sexual senses. Maybe blue for him and pick for her. Or you can match up with the colour of your sex toys, bedroom themes, just be creative.

Full Guide: How to Buy Sex Lubricant Applicators

How to use a Lubricant Applicator

Sex lube applicators are used to apply lube for vaginal or anal sex. They can be used with all types of lubricants (Silicone-based, water-based and oil-based). The applicator has a slim ‘syringe’ feature designed to comfortability fit in your vaginal or anal opening. Simply fill the applicator with lube. Insert it inside your anus or vagina and depress the plunger. Once all the lube has been dispensed, remove the applicator. The lube will safely remain inside without dripping on your partner or your bedsheets.  And you are ready for deep penetrative sex with toys or penis, maybe both. 

Sex Lubricant Applicators Safety Tips

When using sex lube applicators, it is important to play safely to avoid injury or spread of infections. Here are some tips to observe when playing with sex lubricant applicators:

  • A sex lube applicator is not a sex toy. Never leave it in place after applications otherwise you risk personal injury or losing it entirely inside your body. 
  • Do not use the same applicator for vagina and anus. Get a separate one for each area to avoid bacteria transfer. The anus has multiple bacteria that can encourage urinary tract infections when introduced to the vagina.
  • Do not share sex lube applicators with your partners or friends. This can encourage spread of infections.
  • Use a clean sex lube applicator with every application even in the same session. Plunging an already used applicator inside the lubricant bottle or tube risks contaminating your whole supply.

Full Guide: How to Buy Sex Lubricant Applicators

Cleaning Sex Lubricant Applicators

Some sex lube applicators can be cleaned and sterilised for reuse. Different applicators might require different cleaning procedures, read the user manual to know cleaning requirements of your particular applicators. However, most can be cleaned with hot water and an antibacterial solution. Make sure to air dry your applicators thoroughly before storage.

Store sex lube applicators separate from latex, jelly and silicone sex toys to prevent the materials from reacting. 

Take Away

If you want to indulge in deep rough sex plays like inserting extra-large dildos or fisting, lube is your new BFF. You need plenty of it inside your anus or vagina to make sure the insertion is smooth and comfortable. Visit Peaches and Screams for highly quality sex lubricant applicators. We have a wide variety of lube launchers, disposable anal and vaginal lube applicators, personal lubricant applicators, shooter tube injectors and sex lubricant syringe shooters. Choose different colours like blue, grey, pink, red and more. You don’t have to mess your partner’s precious bed linens. Buy and use sex lubricant applicators for a neat and fun play session. Peaches and Screams strive to respect and protect your privacy. We offer discretion in billing, packaging and shipping to your doorstep. Also buy high quality sex lubricants, water based lubricants, silicone based lubricants, sex creams and oils from our Bedroom Essentials collection to make sure your sex sessions are extra smooth and comfortable. Feel free to contact our customer service team if you need help pick out a perfect pair of sex lubricant applicators or anything else on your website. We are here for your delight!

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