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Swinging and Dogging in the UK - Real Stories from UK Swingers

Swinging and Dogging in the UK - Real Stories from UK Swingers

UK Swinger Adventures - Swinging and Dogging in the UK - Real Stories from UK Swingers

By Ksenia Sobchak

Hot Ride Home

A First - Brenda and Tim

Brenda and I had finished packing the last few items we had left in our old house and we headed north to our new home. It was a long trip. We had left the kids at home and we made this weekend trip by ourselves.

Whenever Brenda is in a playful mood, she will flash me in our car. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I really enjoy it. As we arrived at the outskirts of a major town, I told her how much I had enjoyed it any time she would let me get a glimpse of her luscious breasts when we are driving. She smiled and said, “Is that right?” I said, “Yeah”. She then unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her beautiful breasts for me to enjoy.

I smiled and gently brushed her breasts and nipples. They are so soft and tender and warm. I enjoyed the view and the thought that she was doing this for me. She smiled back and gave a little wiggle. We both smiled at each other and enjoyed the excitement of the occasion. We were both in an amorous mood. Her breasts are a great sight to enjoy on a long ride, or any occasion for that matter. I was no longer tired of driving.

We drove on for about another 28 miles and made a stop for gas and a snack. I started to gas up the car, while Brenda went into the store. I was filling up the car with gas when I remembered that Brenda had had her blouse unbuttoned and her breasts out, and I did not remember her buttoning it. I started to get a semi hard-on thinking about it while I was cleaning the front windshield. I kept an eye on the doors waiting to see if she had remembered. I had almost finished washing the window when she came walking out. She had a large Cheshire cat smile and her blouse was still unbuttoned. I figured that she had just forgotten about the blouse, but with that smile, maybe not.

I smiled a great big smile and enjoyed the view of her luscious breasts and cleavage. We got in the car and I asked her if she knew she had not buttoned up from flashing me. She said that she knew and thought it would be sexy to leave it and see what would happen. Hmmmm... That caught my attention!

I was really aroused now! I asked her to tell all the details, what had happened. She said that as she was walking in, a breeze blew her blouse open as a guy was walking beside her. He just looked and smiled. A smiling police officer opened the door for her as she entered the store. She ordered two small pizzas and chatted with the guy making them while she waited. She was there and available for the viewing and enjoying. She then paid for pizzas and drinks and opened the door to go out to the car.

When she opened the door, I was watching. She was watching to see if I would notice. Hoping that I would notice what she had done for me. There was no problem there, our eyes met as she opened the door. Wow! What a thrill! I was really turned on!

We were driving on the freeway as she was telling me all about what had happened and I was as hard as a brick and I told her so. I told her that this was the sexiest thing she had ever done and I was excited and loved every bit of it! I thanked her for being so sexy. She was really turned on and said it was very sexy to her and that she really enjoyed it also.

She then unbuttoned her blouse all the way, pulled it totally open. “Ahhh” she said and gave them a little shake and squeeze. She smiled a big smile and winked at me as if to say, “There you go! They are out and staying out!” Now she had me harder than I have ever been, and I was just throbbing. “Wahoo Big Time,” is all I could say! I thought to myself, “It don’t get any better than this!” Brenda’s breasts just looked so fantastic and the trip in and out of the store and all that had happened was great! Very arousing!

Then she said, “I have always wanted to do something, but never had the chance and everything work out.” She then got up and reached back between the seats and unzipped a bag. She returned to the seat with two dildo vibrators in hand. Off came her jeans and panties. She had the very large vibrator up between her legs in no time. Her legs were spread as wide as they could go on the dashboard. She had the other dildo on her clit and she was pumping for all she was worth. She got a nice rhythm going and was oughing and ahhing and just really getting into it.

In the mean time, my jaw dropped! My eyes almost popped out of my head! Wow! My dick was so hard it could of cut diamonds. What a Fantastic Surprise!

This was a first! Nothing like this had ever happened, and it was just amazing. Folks on both sides of the freeway had a great view of two luscious breasts and her pussy was wide open and humming to beat the band! She said, “This is a great position and angle,” and rolled her eyes and said “hmmm...”! The two vibrators were doing their thing and she was on one major high just pumping, feeling, oughing and ahhing and really really enjoying herself. I folded her blouse under so I could enjoy seeing her breasts and pussy. I could not believe my eyes! I just drank it all in! I was savoring this Big Time! It was Absolutely Fabulous! I was stoked and hard and just enjoying every moment, sight, sound, smell and feel of it all. I could not believe this was happening! I just rubbed my hard-on as she was enjoying herself and what she was doing for me and herself. There were no inhibitions. No worry about anyone else. If anyone else happened to see her and enjoy her, more power to them, if they didn’t, that was their loss.

One of my major fantasies was just to see Brenda flash another guy. This was way way above and beyond what I had ever hoped for or dreamed of happening. And now, it was happening right now, right before my and anyone else’s eyes. What a major turn on to say the least!

We drove for about 26 miles on the freeway until we came to the next town. Cars and trucks were passing and Brenda was just working it and enjoying it for all it was worth. When we entered the town, Brenda came all over the place. She had the most intense orgasm she had ever had. We are talking major eruption here. I was just about creaming in my pants as she was groaning and screaming and gasping, delirious in her pleasure. Everything had worked together to bring her to this major orgasm. In the car, out in the open, no inhibitions, the vibrators, the timing, the gear, the situation, everything was just right. She blew her wad big time and it was a major highlight of our sex lives together!

Brenda looked so radiant after the explosion of her passions. She looked very satisfied and a little exhausted as she sat there in all her glorious resplendent erotic beauty.

She sat there a few moments just relaxing with the two vibrators in her hand.
All this time, while all this was going on, I was wishing that I could just dive between her legs and just eat her creamy pussy. I love to eat her, it is my favorite thing to do. I would eat her anytime and at any place. All she has to do is ask or hint at it and I am there.

Since I was driving, I didn’t have the option of joining in, besides I was really just loving what I was seeing and hearing. As Brenda turned to put the vibrators away, I asked her to hand them to me. I took the large one and placed it in my mouth and sucked her love juice from it. It was too big to get totally in my mouth, so I just licked the rest of it from top to bottom and licked up all the nectar. I then put the other vibrator in my mouth and sucked it dry. Hmmm... they tasted so good! I love the taste and smell of her pussy. It really turns me on. I love to get between her legs and kiss, caress, lick and suck on her clit and everything else between her sweet warm tender thighs. I could spend the night there. She is just delicious! Talk about a Happy Meal! She is it! She is the Meal and I am Happy!

When I had finished drinking all her juices from the vibrators, I handed them back to her and she just smiled and winked at me as to say, “How was that?” I was totally ecstatic!

This was without doubt, the hottest, sexiest, exotic and most erotic day of my life! Wow!

It is a day and experience that we will never forget! We enjoyed the sensuality and sexuality of it all! What a great day! A fulfillment of fantasies for both of us in a major major way!

Swinger Adventures

Lesbian Action

Me and my mate Chris always had a particular fantasy in lesbians and asked our partners, mine Jackie and Chris’s, Marie if they would ever be interesting in performing a lesbian act for us because we felt it might be the ultimate turn on. Don’t get me wrong our relationships were very strong, based on trust but we wanted to take it to the next level respectively. Me and Chris constantly talked about wouldn’t be great if Jackie and Marie could perform for us one night and planned to leave them together for girl on girl chats to get to know each other at the same time plant ideas in their heads as they are very sexual girls.

Anyway, one night I asked Chris and Marie over for diner but they insisted the girls wanted to be sat together, which suited us fine because we wanted a lad’s chat. We had a Chinese cuisine, drunk lots of wine and after engaged in partner talk. At this point the girls were very drunk and came out with lots of ‘dirty talk’ we could not believe it, they never acted like this before and all of a sudden Jackie reached over and started to stroke Marie’s face, very slowly she moved over to Marie and very slowly started to reach for her breast. Gentle she started to caress her breast, slowly starting to unbutton her blouse, Marie was humming and letting out little sighs “oh “. At this point I and Chris could not believe our luck, we instantly shut our mouths and our jaws dropped.

Anyway back to the lesbian action, at this point Jackie had removed Marie’s bra and started to suck on her tits, Marie was moaning more and more. Jackie worked her way down to Marie’s knickers and Marie asked Jackie to remove her thong with her teeth. As Marie parted her legs her short mini skirt revealed a black thong, with this Jackie started to suck her clit through the material. Marie arched her back and was groaning more and more which was turning Jackie on, Jackie then removed her thong.

Jackie then slid a finger in Marie’s warm wet pussy, then she put 2 fingers in, then 3, while poking Marie, Jackie went down two’s and started licking her bean, while moving her fingers in and out. The juices were warm, sweet and wet Marie was cuming, the orgasm rocked her hold body, which was encouraging to Jackie who licked more and more, just listening to Marie moaning and groaning was enough to arouse anyone. At this point we were very horny watching what was going on but we couldn’t have prepared what was going to happen next.

The girls swapped, Marie started fingering and licking Jackie until she was cuming all over the place, as her clit started to swell and the girls were having lots of fun, the dildo’s came out to play. One was a new one, one which was about 8 inches (that’s nothing on me) and the shaft was in shape of a banana, and also there was a small banana to rub on the clitoris. Soon Marie was squealing with delight has Jackie entered the dilo into her pussy and the pulsating vibration on her clitoris by the small banana this was pure pleasure. With Jackie’s tongue probing around her pussy and sharing with the dildo. Let the sweet warm juices flow and soon it was too much for Marie to hold back anymore. At this point we were even more gob smacked.

Jackie decided to sit on Marie’s face while still playing with the banana, Marie started to lick out Jackie’s pussy, as she was becoming wetter, Marie reached over for the rampart rabbit and entered it into Jackie who squeals with bliss, by now both girls were being fucked by each other and also being licked and sucked, sweet juices were flowing everywhere at this point we could not hold back, we went over grabbed our partners and took them to separate spots in our lounge, I took Jackie to a seat while Chris planted Marie on the table, we unzipped our trousers put our boxers down to our ankles and rammed them both. I had Jackie on all fours, while Chris was fucking Marie in the orthodox position. We took our sexual frustrations out on Jackie and Marie who was constantly in Orgasm; one became two and so on. It wasn’t much longer that I reached climax, I shot my spunk into her and at the same time she reached another climax. Afterwards, all four of us collapsed and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Looking back it was an unforgettable experience and one I will never forget. Me and Jackie are now happily married and sometimes meet up with other girls for a bit of one on one lesbian action as it does spice up our sex lives. We lost contact of Chris and Marie but we believe they did not last due lots of relational problems and maybe we may see them again. Please not I substituted each others names as we wish to stay anonymous.

Swinger Adventures

A bit too much

Me and my partner Rob have been together for 4 years, first out sex life was great we did it in spontaneous places, times and studied the karma sutra but recently me and Rob have been finding our love making to be very repetitive and have been eagerly looking to spice our sex up a bit. I have always dreamed of having threesomes and stuff like that but with no I loved. Me and Rob discussed it found that he had the fantasy of threesomes but was undecided if he wanted one with me or not. Well after this discussion or argument we did not speak a word to each other for 3 days, until one night Rob had been to the pub I expected him back but he didn’t come home alone.

Rob had a few mates with him. I was in bed, naked as I was in bed reading a magazine, Rob came into the room and laid on the bed with me and started to caress my tits, gently stroking my nipples and cupping my breasts in his hands, I started to pant with excitement and also surprise, the tingling sensation through my body was like waves of dirty pleasure.

Rob’s tongue started licking around my bean, (which had surprised me, Rob was not normally into this) as I look down I notice that it is Rob’s goodlooking mate Tony.
Tony was licking me in gentle strokes and was stroking my pussy, Rob then stood over me for me to take his dick into my mouth.
I decided to deep throat him, sucking from the tip down to the base while gently fondling his nuts.

It was hard to my concentration as my fanny was being licked. My bean was swelling up as Tony was licking the tip with his tongue, while I had a mouthful of stiff dick, oh my god the feeling was great and I came and came but that wasn’t the end.

I wriggled my pussy onto Tony’s face, I wanted to be sucked fast and furious which at the same time I sucked Rob cock fast and furious, and that is when I came, Tony drinking the juices from my buttery pussy.

Rob nodded to Tony and they changed positions, Tony’s cock was at least 8 inches, almost choked me as he thrusted it in. What a great time I was having without a care in the world fulfilling my fanatasies.

Tony asked Rob if he could fuck me, before Rob had chance to reply I heard myself repeating “fuck me hard” as he entered I squealed with delight, his cock was big and my pussy was small and tight, I cried with pure pleasure. But I didn’t want him to stop, with a couple of thrusts my juices started to flow and I was enjoying every minute of it.
Tony’s big long cock was thrusting in and out filling up very inch of my body, so I pushed down on his cock so I could feel every inch.

After a while I wanted to change positions and decided to sit on Tony to feel more of his cock,
As I sat on top and gently lowered myself slowly and took his cock inch by inch until he was finally all in, gently I started to ride him, I came and came time and time again, I fucked him hard and furious. It got all too much and the juices just flowed from me all over his hard cock.

Rob who had been watching came over and started to play with my arse. Tony was not in a hurry to leave my warm throbbing, moist pussy and I was in heaven I decided to carry on.

Rob started to caress my arse, then he gently slid his middle finger and very slowly wriggled it around, while gently licking around my arse, by now it was wet and inviting.

My whole body was quivering and before I knew it I was cuming again the juices were hot and wet before I had chance to regain. Rob gently got his cock and very gently enter my arse, very gently I felt the head of his cock in my arse, I started to cume, with this Tony started to thrust as well. Like something you would see in a porn film. Rob and Tony started riding me one fucking my pussy and one my arse.

The feeling was orgasmic having 2 dicks, I couldn’t stop myself anymore I came again and again, then Tony and Rob removed their cocks out and started to wank over my boobs, soon there was a spray shower of hot warm spunk. Little did I know that Rob’s others mate was standing in the corner, watching, I felt his cock when he came over it was hard you would think I would have had enough by now but I was only warming up. I unzipped his trousers with pace, pulled his boxers to the ground and there it was approx 10 inches, god damn I had to have it, I first licked round the base of it, the man started to pant (I didn’t know his name at the time) then I licked his balls while I used my hand to gently wank him off. At this point he grew even bigger must have been at least 12 inches now the man was proper groaning with pleasure. Till I stopped, at this point I got so horny I got onto the side of the bed, bent over and got all fours I begged him to fuck me hard. He came from the rear and inserted his shaft into my throbbing pussy. Just the feeling of this big cock made me cum and cum I kept cuming as I gently rammed me and then when he went faster it happened, another orgasm and I begged for him not to take it out, 1 orgasm became 2 and so on till I lost count I wanted him to cum in me and then I heard him pant and groan he shot his load in me and immediately he took it out and we both collapsed on the bed. I was tired and needed my sleep so I drifted off.

When I woke up I noticed Rob was not in bed, I looked round and looked in the lounge and there he was, sleeping on the couch. I knew from that moment me and him were in trouble. For a couple of days we did not speak and he could not look me in the eyes until I broke the silence and asked him what was the matter? I asked him if he had a problem with what had happened a few days before and he denied it. A few days after this short conversation, I came back home to find a note on the table. It was from Rob, he explained he could not handle no more what had happened that raunchy night and that he had to leave. I rushed into our room and found his stuff was gone. I tried phoning his mobile with no luck and phoned his Mum and Dads house, in which they said they have not seen him. I tried and tried getting in contact with him, phoned his work to find he has not turned up to work. I tried looking for him, reported him to missing persons but no sign. Until, 1 day I had seen him crossing the street when I was shopping in Derby. I ran after him and approached him. I shouted to him, with that Rob looked round and looked at me and then looked away and carried on walking. I guess he could not stand to look at me anymore.

The moral of this story is you must discuss swinging with your partner thoroughly before you even consider doing this as it can destroy your relationship. I should have shown more restraint but I had thought Rob would be ok with it. It hurt him and he was not prepared for the consequences after it had happened, but if you are through and through Swinger there should be no consequences as you would be still in love. Obviously mine and Robs relationship was in decline anyway, that raunchy night had just made the decline a sharper one. You must think I am a heartless person giving you graphic detail about what had happened last night, well a few days ago I had found Rob had cheated on me a few times and as Im also a sexually liberated person why not revenge is sweet.

Swinger Adventures

One night swing

I and my boyfriend of 6 years were getting constantly frustrated with our sex lives, we loved each other but things were just the same everytime. We felt we needed a little something to spice up our lives as we were both still in love each other. Anyway we found this site called Swinger Personals and became addicted it straight away due to its webcam feature. We bought a webcam and started performing sexual acts on the cam. We loved teasing the sex pests on there.

One night we got speaking to a couple only 20 miles away from us, Faye and Steve. They performed sexual acts for us and vice versa till it got too much and we agreed to meet at a pub half way inbetween and booked a hotel for us to explore ourselves. In the mean time, me and Danny talked over a few intimate aspects, we were so near to cancelling but decided to see what happened.

Anyway the night we were to meet we arrived at the pub 30 minutes early so we got the first glimpses. As time went by I was sitting on a chair, I was becoming increasing nervous. Danny was calm, (wish that I had his confident attitude), another couple walked in the pub, was it them, I looked her up and down did not match their profile. Then another couple came, that was them, they went straight to the bar. Danny went over and started to talk to them. Danny brought the other couple back to our table and we all started to talk. I was so turned on at Steve’s appearance; he looked so much better than what he did on the webcam or photos. I was thinking all we need now is for Danny and Faye to be attracted to each other. Me and Steve were constantly flirting and so were Faye and Steve. I was so turned on I wanted all this jibba jabba to finish for some horny fun. Time came, the pub was closing so it was back to our hotel room.

As soon as we entered the hotel room we all jumped on the bed and started to undress each other, we were all very horny and needed to shag each other (excuse my French). I started on Danny sucking his hard throbbing cock, gently squeezing his balls. By this time Faye had started on Steve’s cock sucking it, teasing her tongue around the head while gentle wanking him with the other hand. Now the heat was turning up we all felt very horny, just then I felt some fingers around my wet pussy, one finger slipped in and soon they were finger fucking me, I was so turned on and noticed that Danny was also finger fucking Faye which turn me on even more. Just after I had released some warm cum all over Steve’s fingers, we decided to swap partners. I went down on Steve’s cock and started to suck him off while Faye did the same to Danny. Both men were groaning and letting out little sighs of pure pleasure, we licked slowly all around the head of the cock, then started to lick up and down on their thick cock, started to gently squeeze their balls and started to use our tongue around their balls.

Then we sucked hard and furious before the boys were due to come, by now we were both wet and just wanted cock. Faye and I then lay on our backs, Danny and Steve then entered their big cocks into our wet pussies. Our pussies just ache for these cocks. We were both wet and horny. My pussy swallowed Steve’s thick cock, Steve started to ride me slow and with good rhythm, soon his cock was getting faster and harder. The feeling of his big hard shaft was amazing, the way this guy was having sex with me was amazing, and I wanted lots of it. My pussy’s juices were running down his thick shaft and were soaking his pubic hair. I glanced over to Danny who had entered Faye and I could tell that she was having trouble in taking Danny, Danny was not only big but very wide, but he was being cautious and was riding her slowly, but by now Steve and I had got faster and harder. I wanted to hold on but I could not wait anymore, so I moved faster with Steve and suddenly let go, I flooded Steve’s cock and just held onto the moment for has long as I could that was binding. Then Steve withdraw his cock and started wanking over my breasts, soon his spunk was running down my neck and onto my breasts, has he come I started to rub the spunk into my hard fully erect nipples, what a night.

Shortly afterward we had come Danny pulled his cock out and was wanking over Faye’s face and he showered Faye’s face with his spunk too, good girl half of it she caught in her mouth, then she came over to me and started kissing me and we shared Danny’s spunk. Soon we were fondling each other breasts, now it was our turn.

While Steve and Paul was watching me and Faye started kissing each other we rubbed both Steve’s and Paul’s spunk into us. Then Steve got the dildo out and gave it to Faye. It was a double ender and it was huge she started by laying me on my back and shafting me with the dildo hard, I screamed with pleasure. Then she added herself to the other end and we were fucking each other hard. Soon we were in orgasm when we got the rhythm perfect and then we were warn out and collapsed.

I work up in the future barely able to walk. I walked like a penguin Danny made fun of me, I saw the funny side. And we both went home. Me and Danny decided that once was enough and never again. We performed over the webcam as it was fun teasing the sad lonely men on that website and we in the end got married to this current day in which I am pregnant and we love each other so much.

Swinger Adventures

One that I will never forget

I am a successful nightclub promoter but the truth is my girlfriend at the time wanted an extra something to spice up our sex life. She said it wasn’t anything to do with me its just she has an urge for something but she did not what. So one night I got ready for work there was a massive party going on and she muttered ‘don’t do anything I wouldn’t do’. I thought to myself what the hell is she talking about. Anyway I went to work.

Anyway into the night I was looking around and you know working in the club scene you get to see a lot of horny women about but this night it was different, they were all looking giving me the eye.

All of a sudden a pretty blonde called Lucy came and started talking to me. She was about a size 12 and had small perky breasts. She hung around me like a fly does to shit, but I was pretty cool with it looking around to see if my girlfriend was around as she was around. At the end of the evening I pushed her into a corner and gave her a quick kiss and had a quick grope. She wanted some more, so I asked her to wait outside and would be with her in a moment.

After the club was shut up I went outside and looked for her, I went over and started to kiss her flicking my tongue against hers, her warm tongue was irrestible and she was getting very horny. She needed my hard throbbing erection, so I reached down to her beaver it was warm and moist. While smoothing her warm beaver I started to nibble her neck. Lucy began to pant, she parted her legs and I slid a finger into her warm wet beaver. By now she was becoming very turned on so I started to finger fuck her, she groan “oh fuck me fuck me”.

So I bent her over and pushed my hard cock into her wet beaver, I started to fuck her hard, she scream, I fucked her harder. She squealed with pleasure, soon I was ready to come.
I pumped my come into her pussy. As Lucy left, my girlfriend came over and said to me I saw everything that happened’, I didn’t know what to do I thought that was it till she kissed me and grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy as she had no knickers on (she hated them) so I kissed her a bit confused and I went down on her and made her reach climax. Afterwards I asked her what the hell was going on, she answered you will see and she left then followed by me.

The next morning I kept asking her what the hell happened there and then she told me that she set me up with Lucy (her friend) to do what I did so it would make her horny. I was right, you are a nutter it was completely weird.

After this point I had a week of fun but at the same time I felt it was a climax. My girlfriend said that from now on do what you want I’ll watch and then you have to fuck me. She must have a screw loose and I knew that our relationship was on a decline and this could not possibly last.

Anyway, on Thursday night I met a woman called Paula who after 5 minutes talking to her, I took her to the cleaning cupboard. She grabbed my hard cock and started wanking me, she was manipulating my foreskin over the helmet, and I was getting bigger. She was gently playing with my balls, this was pure bliss. Then she went down and started to suck me off, using her tongue she was licking down my penis to the base and back up to the tip. As she was sliding her mouth up and down, she was doing a twisting motion with her mouth. This was the best head I had in ages. I couldn’t believe my luck, this woman was sucking my cock and I hardly knew her. Giving me the best head, my cock was throbbing hard. I tried to hold back but with great anticipation it happen. I gave in and ejuacted right into her mouth.

After Paula finished, guess who was watching, yes she grabbed my head and I sucked her off paying attention to the clit. By this time I had recovered and I thrusted her with my cock right into her pussy as I had her pinned up against the wall and I had to put my hand over her mouth as she was screaming and soon cuming and reached climax so many times I lost count. When we finished she jumped off and didn’t say a word and walked out of the cupboard, then the office. Went back to work and I saw an old mate called Amy, she look a million dollars. Yes you guessed it I took her into the toilets and started shagging her. I had pulled my trousers down and sat on the toilet, Amy then astride me and started to ride my hard cock. She was wriggling her pelvis around and pushing her pelvis back and forwards. Amy could feel every inch of my cock as it was sliding in and out. Then she lent forwards and started to suck on my nipple. We were both panting with pure pleasure and both reached a glorious climax together, as I shot my load up her juicy beaver, she had come all over my thick shaft. As I looked above when Amy left, my bird was looking over licking her lips. What a weirdo!! It was freaking me out she came over got up on my lap, grabbed my hands and then I was fingering her as she came and came. After she finished she jumped off and went out of the toilets.

When I got home, we had the best sex ever my girlfriend did everything to me and me to her. But after I said even though I enjoy doing this I can’t do this any longer its breaking certain undefined rules. She begged me and I said no normally I get a thrill out of just flirting. A week later we parted company but it’s a relationship I will never forget.

Swinger Adventures

How it started

My wife and I had been married for three years when our first expirience happened. My buddy Mike and i would always talk about what if our wives would get it on with eachother. Latter on we went on a trip to California, we ended up in seperate rooms and one night my buddy called us in our room asking me if I wanted it to happen referring to my wife and his wife getting it on. I turned to my wife and asked her she said ok lets do it. We went over to thier room and started by removing our clothes and then my wife went over to Mikes wife and they started to make out kissing and feeling eachother. My wife (Stacy) laid Mikes wife down on the bed spread her legs then started to eat her pussy out. Mikes wife Tara was moaning and running her hands through Stacys hair as she was really enjoying Stacys toungue on her pussy. My wife had an experience with girls when she was younger and it was evident because she ate pussy very well. Then the ladies were done my wife came to me and Tara went to Mike. Stacy went down on me and gave me such a hot blow job. Then she mounted me and was moaning out loud for me to fuck her harder. We kept looking over at Mike and Tara fuck it was so hot watching them fuck as they were watching us. Both Mike and I came around the same time. We called it a night. Months later we got together with Mike and Tara at thier house. The action started right away with Stacy and Tara undressing eachother and eating eachother out. Then they went to 69 position while Mike and I watched. We were in our underwear. When the ladies had enough pleasuring themselves Mikes wife Tara came to me and pulled off my shorts and started to give me a blowjob I looked over at my wife Stacy she did the same to Mike. Tara was suckin my Dick and she almost made me come but I stopped her and started to kiss her I looked over at my wife and she was almost about to mount mike then Tara went back over to Mike and Stacy came back to me. Each wife mounted her husband and while Stacy was ridding me Tara was ridding Mike and my wife was so close to Tara that the two of them started to kiss. Wow it was so hot I could not control it anymore and came. Mike was not done yet and my wife wanted more dick so Tara reached over and started jacking me off and got me hard with her hand she had me hard in a few seconds. I spread my wifes legs and went back into her pussy one thing about my wife she has a really tight pussy, as I penetrated her she started to come I could feel her squeezing her muscles and it made her pussy even tighter. We looked over at Mike and Tara they were fuckin very hard and fast soon Mike yelled out that he was coming. My wife told me to fuck her harder and I did Tara left the room to clean up and Mike sat in his chair to watch us fuck. I fucked her so fast that I was coming again. Months later my buddy Mike called me at home and asked if it was ok for him to stop by I told him to go ahead. He showed up alone we hung out and it was getting late my wife got into the shower preparing for bed. When she got out Mike and I were in the room and I asked her if she wanted to suck Mikes dick and she said yes she dropped her towel and pulled Mikes shorts off and started to suck his dick. I got right between her legs and started to eat her pussy. The view I as at I could see her mouth around Mikes Dick as she sucked him. I make her come with my toungue. I then pulled my cock out and started to fuck her doggie style. I pulled out to give my wife a chance to fuck another cock other than mine. I pulled out a condom and Mike put it on he sat in the lazy chair and my wife mounted him. Mike has a shorter dick than mine but a little bit thicker. He held his cock right at Stacys entrance and she lowered herself down and his cock went into her she started to moan and Mike said outloud damn your wife has a tight pussy. Stacy told Mike thats right you better enjoy it because you won get to fuck it everyday. Stacy rode him hard and fast. Then they stopped moved to the floor and my wife said I want you to fuck me now I got in between her legs and fucked her she was going crazy i moved so that she could suck my dick Mike laid on the floor Stacy mounted him again and I stood up infront of her so that she could suck me. Mike could not control himself anymore and anounced that he was coming my wife said outloud "I knew you would not last long with my tight pussy" I quickly laid her down spread her legs and fucked her within minutes I pulled out and shot come all over her stomach and chest. Mike was happy and commented on how Stacy had a much tighter pussy than his wife. The next time we get together Stacy wants Mike and I to put our cocks in her pussy at the same time.

Swinger Adventures

Curious Swingers

We were sitting in total silence as we approached Northampton, “are you still up for this” I asked Kerry, Kerry just nodded. A couple of weeks ago we had a few to drink whilst sat at home, we were talking about sexual exploits and what we would both like to have ago at. I told her that although I wouldn’t want to join in, I would love to go to a swingers party, to see what all the fuss was about, over the past couple of years the whole swinging scene had taken off, no longer was is such a taboo subject, with lonely couples inviting like minded people round for fun and frolics in the front room away from twitching neighbours net curtains.

I spent a good deal of time researching on the internet to see if it was as wild and secretive as I thought it was. I got a bit of a shock, far from being cloak and dagger, a lot of people we advertising on the internet for new members to join, and not all of them were expecting you to actually join in with the other members. We set a night that we would sit and look through the choice of locations and venue, eventually we whittled it down to three local organisations that were willing to let novices attend one of their gatherings and have no pressure for them to join in. one was in Nottingham one in Leicester and the one we choose was in Northampton, the reason behind it was that we both thought there was less chance of meeting anyone we knew if we went well away from where we lived.

Kerry contacted the hostess by telephone and explained that it was something we were seriously considering joining, and could we attend one of their gatherings to see if we were making the right choice. The hostess, a thirty two year old woman by the name of Amy said we would be welcomed, she explained the ground rules, reassuring Kerry that if any man approached her for anything other then a chat it was a written rule that should she say no, then they would walk away. I sat and listened as the pair of them talked on the phone for nearly half an hour, Kerry asking questions, and Amy giving her the answers, luckily the answers Amy was supplying were enough to satisfy Kerry’s concerns.

When the pair had finished Kerry picked up her note pad that she had written her questions and answers down and turned to me, “well, they have a meeting at the end of the month, new members can only attend the last meeting of the month, all the other meetings are closed meetings” she explained. Kerry went on to tell me what the protocol was, and the fact that if we wished to attend we would need to let them know in advance, and ring them when we got to Northampton for final directions. “Amy said that although we do not intend to join in , we should still not dress to stick out like sore thumbs, she said we should dress to what we think we would wear if we were members” Kerry told me.

We sat and had a few more drinks discussing what we had learnt, and whether we should go through with it. By the time we went to bed we had agreed that we would attend, and that neither of us would participate in any sexual antics with any other guest. I have to admit by the time we reached the top of the stairs I was as horny as hell, and judging from the way Kerry was towards my advances, she to had got all worked up over our planned adventure, that night we made love like I could never remember doing before, we performed oral sex on each other, causing us both to orgasm, we made love in many positions, and even talked about how it would feel to be doing the same thing in a room full of strangers, who were also making love, we drifted to sleep in each others arms, I had some of the most explicit dreams I had ever had.

The weekend of the 29th soon came round, over the past week or so we had discussed what we were wearing, how we were going to get there, and even planned on what we would do to each other when we got home, all of which just added to the nights excitement. I agreed with Kerry that if we didn’t like what we saw, or either of us wanted to leave, then the other would go, no questions asked.

Saturday afternoon Kerry spent along time in the bath getting herself ready, when I eventually managed to get her out she told me that she was going to wear something different to what we had discussed, and that I wouldn’t be allowed to see it until we got to the party, she suggested that I change what I was going to wear, and that I didn’t let her see either, I was intrigued, Kerry said she was going to wear hold up stockings and a black lace teddy that wouldn’t show to much, but would still look sexy but not too revealing, I was just going to wear a pair of boxers, I went along with what she suggested.

At five o’clock Kerry came down stairs, she was wearing along beige coat that came just below the knee, “go on, open it, let me see” I asked, Kerry just nodded, “no, you will just have to wait and see” she said, “well if you wont show me yours, I wont show you mine then” I replied. I had put on the back stretched thong that Kerry had brought me a while ago, I wasn’t that great but it didn’t look to bad. We climbed in the car and set off. “are you nervous” Kerry asked, “not half, trouble is we don’t know what to expect” I said.

We eventually arrive in Northampton and Kerry gave Amy a ring from her mobile “right, we are only ten minutes away” she told me, Kerry gave me directions and we soon arrived at the address Amy said. I was quite pleasantly surprised, I was a large detached house, parking for about five cars on the drive, yet there wasn’t one car insight “are you sure you have got it right” I enquired, “yes, Amy said the drive would be empty, most guest park on the road or around the corner so not to arouse the neighbours” she told me.

I pulled into the drive and parked the car, “well, are we going in or have you changed your mind” I asked, with that Kerry opened the car door climbed out and headed for the front door. Well she answered that one, I said to myself. I climbed from the car and joined her on the front porch, just in time to see Amy open the door, “Kerry and Paddy, I presume” she said, the pair of us just nodded, “well don’t stand there come on in” she continued. We both stepped into the hall way, Amy closed the door and we followed her into what seemed like a study room, “you can leave you coats in here, if you want to get changed or anything do it in here, when the door is closed no one will enter” she explained.

Amy was about 5’6” dark hair, styled somewhat like Kerry’s, she was a bigger build but seemed to be in proportion to the rest of her body. She was wearing a black satin night dress, with a mesh like panel both in the back and front, she was definitely wearing no underwear as I could clearly see her breast, as well as her pussy, and arse as she turned and left us, “don’t be shy, no one will bite you” she said as she walked away.

I turned to Kerry as she was unfastening her coat, “now I will be able to see what you are wearing” I said, my jaw nearly hit the floor, Kerry was standing there in a fully fitted body stocking, sheer black and totally transparent, it was one of those that covered her arms feet the only part of her that was not covered was her hands and head, I looked her up and down, “bloody hell, I thought you didn’t want to be too revealing” I said, she just grinned and fiddled with her hair, as my eyes traced down her body I noticed I could see no pubic hair, I bent over to take a closer look, “you have completely shaven, you hate being shaved” I told her.

Kerry just told me to strip off and lets get in the other room, “I don’t want them think we are too scared to come out” she said. I did as I was asked, I stripped down to my thong, I felt stupid, I don’t really have the figure to go round wearing a thong. Kerry took my hand and we walked through to the main lounge, Amy walked up to us and introduced her husband “this is Andy, if you want to know anything just ask him” Amy said.

We both took our drinks and sipped them as we looked around the room, there must have been twenty people in there in various states of undress, all of them chatting and laughing with each other. I was please to see that they were not all 6’ tall tanned hulks, it made me feel a lot better about myself,

The ages ranged from early twenties to early fifties I would have guessed, Andy walked up to us and took hold of Kerry’s hand, “let me introduce you to some of our guest” he said, I was just about to follow them when Amy came up and did the same to me. We walked out of the lounge and through to another room where there were even more couples undressed standing and sitting around chatting. Amy walked up to this couple of women who were talking “girls, this is Paddy, go easy on him, its his first time, he is here with his wife, Andy and his wife are in the lounge” she said, before leaving me alone with the two of them.

I discovered that they two were new to the swinging scene, they only joined a couple of months ago, “My name is Lucy and this is Adele” Lucy was a woman of 39 mousy short hair and a little taller then Kerry, Adele was 38, blonde 5’4” we started chatting about how they had decided they wanted to join the swingers scene to me like minded females, the were not lesbians, they were both bi.
I tried to keep turning to see Kerry in the other room, to see what she was up too, I had caught glimpses of her as she and Andy walked around the room talking to others.

Lucy took my hand and said “lets sit on the sofa” the three of us sat on a large brown leather sofa in the corner of the room, I had to admit I was getting aroused, Lucy was wearing what could be described as a bikini bottoms with no top, her breast were much smaller then Kerry’s her nipples were really dark, Adele on the other hand was totally naked, she had huge breast far too large for me, but they were definitely real, her nipples stuck out like pins, her pubic hair was shaved in to the shape of a triangle.

We continued talking about just about everything you could think of. Then Kerry walked into the room, she was now on her own, she looked around the room and I beckoned her over. “is that your wife” Lucy asked, “yes” I replied. Adele lent forwards and looked at Lucy “mmmm, She’s nice” she said. Kerry just smiled and put her hand up and walked over to where two blokes were stood chatting. I watched as she walked across the floor, god she looked fucking great in that body stocking. I watched as she introduced herself and the three of them seemed to be getting on fine. The first hour seemed to sweep by, some people left the room and headed up the open planned stairs, some just made them selves comfortable on the floor and started kissing and cuddling.

Lucy put her hand on my knee, “do you want another drink or anything” she asked, I explained that I would get the drinks, and then I should mingle a little more. I stood up from the sofa and went through to the kitchen to fetch the three of us another drink. When I returned I saw Kerry still talking to one of the blokes but the other had gone. Now she was left with a coloured chap, aged early forties, decent body, wearing only a pair of white boxers. As I reach the sofa where Lucy and Adele were sitting they were already kissing passionately. I placed the drinks on the coffee table and turned to leave the room. As I did I saw Kerry and her bloke being joined by another chap, white late forties early fifties, I was guessing that from his face and grey hair, Kerry shook his hand as he leant forwards and kissed her on the cheek, the coloured bloke then shook his hand before placing it on Kerry’s bottom.

I stood there a minute to see if she would move his hand. He started to rub her bottom with his fingertips, Kerry turned and said something to him and placed her hand on his pushing flat against her arse. I knew she must have told him that she didn’t like her bottom being tickled, as it always made her want to go to the ladies.
I decided that I would be better off leaving the room, I was not sure how I would react to seeing my wife let some bloke paw her, as I walked into the lounge the lights had been turned down low, there were couples on the floor and sofas engaged in all kinds of sexual acts, oral sex, full sex, mutual masturbation. I can honestly say that the whole situation was getting me aroused, naked and half clad bodies strewn everywhere.

I spotted an empty chair in the corner and headed towards it, I felt a hand stoke my lower leg as I passed a couple having sex on the floor, I just continued to the chair and sat down, it was now I wished I had worn the boxer shorts instead of the thong, with my erection growing and the little bit of material was becoming useless my eyes finally became accustomed to the light, I could clearly see a couple in front of me having oral sex, he laid on his back, with his feet near to me and she was on all four on top of him. I watched as she licked and sucked his shaft, I found myself rubbing my own erection laying my fingers flat across the thin material I was masturbating. I was mesmerised watching the forty year old suck this young bloke off before my very eyes, as I looked around the room, there was another couple, her on all fours and him screwing her doggy style.

I continued rubbing myself furiously, I knew I wasn’t going to hold out much longer. Just then Amy walked up to me, now totally naked, she really did have quite a decent body on her, this was only making it worse, having a good looking woman standing naked in front of me was going to push me over the edge “do you want me to find you someone to help you” she asked, I was embarrassed, I had been caught by this total stranger masturbating, I explained that both Kerry and I had agreed to not participate in any of the activities and that we would only look this time, “Well, obviously Kerry has changed her mind” Amy said, “what do you mean” I asked, “well, unless I am mistaken I think your wife is not just looking” she said, I quickly climbed to me feet and stepping over the bodies made my way to the other room.

There was Kerry stretched out on the sofa, she had the coloured bloke one side of her and Lucy kneeling on the floor in front of her, as I got closer I could see that Lucy had her head buried between Kerry’s thighs tonguing her shaven pussy through the bodysuit, the coloured bloke was biting her nipple through the thin material, when I focused I saw Kerry’s had wrapped around his solid cock as she slowly wanked him. My own cock now seemed solid more than I had every felt it, and as I slipped my hand under the band of my thong I knew that I had never felt it this big. Kerry opened her eyes and looked straight at me, rather then looking shocked she patted the space next to her, I walked over and sat down, “I have already got one to deal with, either sort it yourself or find someone to do it for you” she said, “I’d would much rather stay here and watch you” I told her, with that she closed her eyes and went back to masturbating her coloured bloke.

I pulled the material of my thong to one side and let my cock free, slowly I began to wank it, Kerry was tugging on this blokes cock like her life depended on it, all I can say is that what they say about black blokes was true. His cock was a good 12” and a lot thicker than mine, Kerry’s hand was gliding up and down its shaft, running her fingertips over the tip and dragging the pre cum back down his shaft to lubricate it. I moved my eyes down her body to be greeted with the sight of Lucy licking at Kerry’s shaven clit, her eyes opened and she glanced up at me, I could tell from her look that she was smiling, her hand ran up my thigh it wasn’t long until I could see her painted nails drag along my sack. Here we were the four of us, Kerry having her pussy licked by another woman, a coloured bloke chewing on her nipples whilst she tossed him off, me tossing myself of as the blonde between my wife’s legs played with my sack.

I soon felt the familiar feeling as my sack tightened and my sperm travelled along my shaft, jet after jet of hot sticky sperm splashed up over my chest, Lucy could feel the spasms in my legs, she opened her eyes once more just in time to see the last jet of sperm leave my tip, she gave my sack an encouraging squeeze to ensure that it was empty, before running her fingers along my shaft and on to my belly, she proceeded to rub my own sperm into my chest, Kerry opened her eyes and looked at me, “did you enjoy that babe” she whispered I could only nod in acknowledgement, I sat there and watched as Lucy returned to licking Kerry, Kerry placed her free hand on the back of Lucy’s head and encouraged her to lick harder, she lifted her left leg over mine to allow Lucy better access. Lucy went back to concentrating on Kerry, the bloke who was chewing on Kerry’s breast was also nearing his own orgasm as he lifted his head and lent back on the sofa.

Within a few minutes I witnessed his cock beginning to jerk, Kerry continued to glide her hand up and down his shaft, his whole body went into spasms as what seem like gallons erupted from his tip, landing on him as well as Kerry, I wasn’t sure if he was going to stop, as his sperm trickled down his torso, Kerry’s hand was covered with his sticky spunk she wiped it over his chest before placing her hand on Lucy’s head and girding her pussy on her tongue. I then witnessed Kerry having her first orgasm in public. She lifted her bottom from the sofa and pushed her pussy harder on to Lucy’s egger tongue.

As I looked at Kerry’s face her eyes were shut, biting into her bottom lip she moaned and groaned as she gyrated on Lucy’s mouth, little wisp of moans escaping her lips as her orgasm started to take control, Lucy wasn’t holding back either, she was squirming between Kerry’s legs as she enjoyed the experience of eating my wife out.

Kerry certainly had the most fearsome orgasm I had ever seen her have, her breathing was deep and heavy her nipples were pushing hard against the nylon material that encased her body, after several minutes on withering on Lucy’s tongue she relaxed back onto the sofa, her coloured companion had already gone to clean himself up, now only the three of us remained, Kerry and myself on the sofa, Lucy with her head on Kerry’s thigh still kneeling on the floor. “well, are you glad we came” I asked, “yes, all of us came” Kerry remarked jokingly, we stayed on the sofa for a good half an hour before Adele walked up and asked Lucy to go with her, Lucy stood up and bent over and kissed Kerry on the lips, “I hope you enjoyed that” she asked Kerry said nothing more then brilliant, before Adele and Lucy left the room hand in hand.

“well, do you want to make a move, or do you want to stay for more” I asked, Kerry just turned her head and said “lets go home, I have had enough for one night” we got up and found Amy and Andy and thanked them for the evening, “no problem, we will drop you a line for when the next meeting will be and maybe I could get to know you a little better” Andy said, as he kissed Kerry on the cheek. We collected our coats and headed for the car.

As we left Northampton I asked Kerry if she would be interested in doing it again, “yes, but not every month, I wouldn’t mind once in a while” she said, Kerry sat in the front then removed her seat belt, she juggled until she removed her coat, tossing it on the back seat. Kerry pulled the lever on the side of the seat and laid it flat. Within ten minutes she seemed fast asleep, dreaming, I knew she was dreaming because her hands were all over her body, frigging herself, then playing with her nipples then her clit, by the time we reached home I had another raging hard on, needless to say we never made it any further then the front room before I ripped her body stocking open so I could feast on my wife fantastic body for the first time that night.

Swinger Adventures

Curious Swingers Part II

Kerry and I sat in the bar waiting for our guest to arrive, “are you nervous” Kerry asked, “ a bit” I replied. We had both attended a swingers night a few months ago, and we agreed that although we enjoyed the experience we wouldn’t want to do it again. What actually happened was we had both enjoyed a great sex life since we attended, and now we were looking to add another bit of spice to our lives by meeting up with a couple from the party. Whilst we were at the party neither of us had full intercourse, but Kerry had indulged in having her pussy licked by a woman named Lucy, at the same time she had tossed a coloured guy of by the name of Grant, the three of them had exchanged numbers and now we were about to meet up in a hotel for a little more fun and frolics.

We sat sipping our drinks watching the clock, Kerry was dressed in black sheer hold ups, black mini dress, that really did fit her perfectly and a shoulder cardigan, topped of with her knee length black leather boots. “do you want another drink” I asked, “go on one more before they get here” Kerry replied, I went to the bar and ordered our drinks, as I walked back to the table Kerry was removing her cardigan, it was plainly obvious that she was not wearing a bra, “bloody hell, that’s not like you not to wear a bra” I remarked, as I placed the drinks on the table. Kerry never uttered a word, she took hold of my hand and put it on her leg, “that’s not the only thing I am not wearing” she said, I slipped my hand up her leg, over her stoking top, my fingers were met by her shaven clit, I couldn’t resist probing it with my index finger, her shuffled on the seat to allow her legs to open a little wider, I took it as an invite to slide my fingers into her pussy.

I was shocked to feel how wet she was, Kerry was already completely moist, I slid two fingers in effortlessly. “I take it that you are up for this then” I asked, “yes, I can feel Lucy’s breath on my pussy lips already” she said, as she began to close her legs, I removed my fingers and immediately licked them clean. The lounge door swung open and in walked both Lucy and Grant, a quick look around the bar they soon spotted us and made their way over. After the formal introductions I went to the bar and ordered us another round of drinks. When I got back to the table both Lucy and Grant were sitting either side of Kerry, I plonked myself down next to Lucy to join in the chat.

Lucy was telling us that we should have attended the last party at Amy’s, “it was a female night,” she told us, apparently they have these theme nights where they set the rules and all the party goers have to abide by them, it turns out that a female night comprises of an all female orgy where they choose one man at a time to do what ever they please to him. Grant told us that he was one of the blokes chosen and had a line of ladies on all fours that he had to fuck, every time he took one from behind the previous conquest was to climb between his legs and lick and suck his balls until he had made the woman come. “trust me to miss out” I said, “never mind you, trust me a good fucking and ball licking would have done me nicely” Kerry remarked.

As I looked at Kerry I could see her face was already flushed, her nipples were pushing at the black dress, trying to escape, as I lowered my eyes I could see her dress had been pulled up above her stockings, both Lucy and Grant’s fingers were exploring her clit and pussy, Grant had three of his huge fingers buried inside her up to the knuckle and Lucy was pulling and tweaking her swollen clit. I placed my hand on Lucy’s knee, my plan was to work my way up her leg slowly. Lucy was wearing a pair of tight fitting black trousers tucked inside knee length boots, and a white blouse. Far more clothing then when I last met her, as I rubbed her inner thigh she grabbed hold of my hand “don’t fuck about, just get there” she said as she forced my hand between her legs. Seemingly like Kerry, Lucy was already wet, the black material was sodden “let’s drink up and go to our room” Grant ordered.

We placed our empty glasses back on the table and headed upstairs to our pre booked room. Grant and Kerry walked in front of Lucy and myself up the stairs, as soon as we were away from prying eyes Grant put his hand on Kerry’s arse and pulled her dress over her buttocks, and began to squeeze her pert arse. From that point on I knew this was going to be one hell of a night. As we entered the room Kerry was already pulling her dress over her head to reveal her naked body, she threw it to the floor, grabbing hold of Grants belt she pulled him towards her, before dropping to her knees in front of him. Lucy bent over in front of me and peeled down her trousers, I could not resist running my finger along the crack of her arse.

Within seconds Lucy was naked as well, she knelt in front of me and undid my zipper, pushing her hand inside my trousers she released my cock. I couldn’t help looking over at my wife, she was slowly wanking Grants cock and had both his balls in her mouth, I was soon drawn back to Lucy when I felt the warm sensation of a woman’s mouth wrapped around my swollen cock. As I looked down Lucy was sliding my full 8” in and out of her mouth, framed by her dark red lipstick. Again, I looked at Kerry, she was struggling to get Grants cock in her mouth, I had remembered that it was a good 10 or 11”inches from the party, what I didn’t realise was how thick it was. Grant was holding Kerry’s head and slowly edging it side her mouth, Kerry would take so much before removing it and treating his swollen tip to some expert tonguing.

I was not being neglected either, Lucy was now deep throating my solid cock, dribbling and licking it before treating me to an amazing throat fuck. I grabbed a handful of her hair and my whole body started to shudder, rather than pull away Lucy left me buried deep in her throat as I emptied my sack down her throat. My knees were weak as the final drops of my man juices drained from me, “mmm, that was good” Lucy said as she ran her tongue over the tip of my cock. I turned just in time to see Grant explode in Kerry’s mouth, his own sperm running down Kerry’s chin as she seemed to struggle to cope with the amount, Lucy not wanting to waste any was licking Grants come of Kerry’s face, when he was finished the two girls locked mouths and swapped our sperm, Lucy and Kerry’s hands exploring each others bodies. We left them there for a little while as Grant and myself enjoyed the show.

Lucy got to her feet and walked over to the bed, turned to face us and laid down on her back with her legs hanging over the edge and wide open. I was just encouraging my cock to life, thinking I was going to fuck her where she lay, when Kerry crawled on all fours across the floor to her and started licking her inner thighs, “my turn to return the compliment” she said as her face became level with Lucy’s pussy, I sat in the chair and watched my with eat Lucy out, it was not long before she was screaming with delight at her first orgasm. As soon as Kerry pulled away Grant knelt between Lucy’s legs and slid his full length inside her, it was greeted with loud screams as he reached up and squeezed her breast.

Kerry did no more then lay flat on her back and wriggle between grants thighs and began to tongue both is shaft and bollocks as the slid in and out of Lucy. Not wanting to miss out on the fun I first laid between Kerry’s legs and licked her out, it was obvious that she had had at least a couple of orgasms, from what I was able to taste and smell from her inner thighs. My head was pushed to one side as Kerry’s own fingers began to explore her hot swollen clit, pulling and tweaking the already oversized swollen flesh, I clambered to my knees and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy, just rubbing the boiling tip over her clit as she held the swollen flesh apart. I knew this was turning Kerry on, she liked nothing more than to hold her pussy lips apart for me to spurt my first few jets of spunk onto before slamming her deep, only this time she wasn’t getting any outside, I was going to empty my whole load deep inside her. All I could see of my wife was from the shoulders down, her head still between Grants thighs sucking on his balls.

We spent the next few hours fucking and sucking each other, Lucy took both Grant and myself as Kerry sat on Lucy’s face, the highlight of the night for me was seeing Grant fuck my wife on the bed whilst she was on all fours and licking Lucy out, I knelt at the side of Lucy and she treated me to one of her deep throat fucks. I only managed to screw my wife once that night, I think Grant managed to do her three times and Lucy licked her out on numerous occasions. The four of us promised to get together again, and Lucy asked in her partner Adele would be able to come, which we all agreed to.

Since that night our love making has got even better, Kerry has become a lot more demanding in the bedroom and loves nothing more the a bit of double penetration with me and her favourite dildo, she says she can’t wait till the next time so she can have me and Grant inside her and Lucy and Adele to feast upon.

Swinger Adventures

The perfect start to swinging

My wife and I have been happily married for fifteen years or so and still have great sex, albeit not as often as we would like. Recently I came back from a business trip to Paris where I bought a couples magazine, which I hid in my suitcase. After getting back from the airport, I was having a shower when Julie walked into the bathroom - holding the magazine in her hands and staring at me. Oh god, I thought, Im finished. I couldnt think of a single face saving excuse. "Dont say a word to me" she said crisply, and I braced myself for the biggest fury ever...but instead, Julie pulled back the door and stepped fuly clothed into the shower, the water immediately soaking her clothes and making them cling to her tight body. I was completely confused and disoriented, still expecting the scene to become like the shower scene in psycho. But instead she pushed me closer to the wall, bent to kneel down, and immediately took my cock deeply into her mouth. I stiffened like a broom, and gasped as Julie frantically swallowed my cock greedily and worked her fingers over my balls. After no time at all, I was ready to come and held her head to let her know. "Hold it, I cant hold any longer" I warned her, but she just carried on, though more slowly, making it clear she had decided what she was doing and was getting ready to take my load without dislodging her head. Suddenly a surge of energy rushed along my penis and it began to pulsate powerfully with hot cum, flooding her mouth and circling my cock with sticky fluid. I relaxed my hands by my sides as Julie gently withdrew her lips, then she looked up at me, her chin dribbling with cum, and smiled. In a flash, she opened her mouth to show me the white liquid covering her teeth and gums, then theatrically swallowed , blinked, and showed me her empty mouth.

"How dare you think Im not a match for anyone in that magazine!" she challenged. "You dont need to waste all that spunk wanking, just ask me and I will wank you anytime and swallow it all. I want to fuck a lot more than we do now, so dont waste it!"

"Wow - I thought youd be livid!" I responded, in a dream

"Well, I was for a minute, but then I thought of you wanking that big cock and I thought it wasnt fair. And then I thought of you reading about fucking some stranger, and I thought, well, I could do that too !"

"Are you serious ? Youd like to fuck someone different ?" I asked, intrigued

"Well, why not ? Clearly it turns you on, and I could keep my hand in without wearing you out - and save you for special occasions. But only if we do this together. Heres your task - find us another couple, watch me suck his cock like I just did yours... and I will help you fuck the arse off his wife"

"Ill see what I can do!"

So a week later, we are booked into smart country house hotel for the weekend, somewhere anonymous but upmarket. We have been drinking with Rod and Debbie, a thirty-something couple who are relaxed and good looking. Debbie is blond with a fantastic arse and great tits showing through a tight shirt, and Julie has been flashing enthusiastic looks at the impressive bulge in Rods pants.

"I think Ive had enough to drink" said Julie, quite sharply. I was disappointed, sensing that she had lost the atmosphere and was backing off. But then she followed up with "I think I need something far more substancial in my mouth". She smiled at Rod, and held his hand "Shall we head upstairs ?" Rod leapt out of his seat, smiling delightedly, and Debbie winked at me and said "perhaps we should join you - I feel a little thirsty myself".

We opened the door to our suite and I walked briskly to the CD player which I had already loaded. When I turned round, Julie was sitting on the edge of the kingsize bed, with her hands on Rods hips. Deftly, she undid his pants and tugged them to the floor, to reveal his boxers which hardly concealed his enormous cock.

"Mmmmm" she said "that looks nice !", and she leaned forward to take his firm erection between her lips. Slowly, she moved her head back and forth, each time taking more of his prick into her mouth while Rod leant back in delight.

"You taste different" Julie remarked as she gasped a second for breath before continuing. "Clean and musky - I could quite get a connoissuer". I watched amazed as my wife self-consciously let herself go on another mans prick, starting to do the things she correctly thought would drive him wild. She pulled back, and spat on the tip, ribbing in her saliva over the velvety length. She gobbled him deep, thrusting his cock into her cheeks so that it pushed out her cheeks. Then she started to make gagging noises like in the hardest porn film, short sharp moans, rapid and deep from her throat as though the huge cock was choking her. And my god, it was sexy. My wife was the slut, mouth fucking another man, ready to do it all for a stranger.

By now I was stiffer than ever, and Debbie silently moved in front of me and let her mouth do the same for me. I had the biggest cock Id ever had, as she also started to gag on its impressive length, her head bobbing furiously back and forth. Never before had I had such intense sexual pleasure as I watched Julie suck down another cock and then Debbie close her mouth round my cock.

Without leaving Rods cock, Julie signalled me to her. It was clear she wanted me to fuck her as she sucked his dick. As Julie knelt in front of this new man, I moved behind her and suddenly pushed my huge cock hard and deep into her cunt which was wetter than Id ever known. For a second, she stopped and gasped as she got used to the feel of this double fucking, then she stuffed his prick back into her willing mouth. Each time I thrust harshly into her, Julie was pushed forward and had to swallow still more of Rods stiff cock. By now, the gagging was so loud, and I could tell she was going to have the most spectacular orgasm. Debbie sensed this too, and came to stand to my side, pushing her cunt into my face so that I rubbed her clitoris with each movement. It was incredible, we were all working in rhythm like a fantastic machine, each on the tip of massive orgasm. Then Debbie pushed us over - as I licked her cunt, she leant forward to stroke my balls expertly, and suddenly I started to erupt in jets of cum. As Julie felt my prick explode inside her, she lost control and yelled in ecstacy, and knelt hard into Rod whose cock penetrated deep into her throat. Rod too let out a groan, and began to pump cum hard into Julies mouth. Julie rocked as two hard cocks burst powerfully into her at the same time, mine pushing deeper than ever into her vagina as Debbie milked my dick perfectly and Rods filling her face with hot cum. Her moans softened as she came down from the ceiling, and after some minutes, she collapsed in a heap, cum leaking from both orafices. By this time, Debbie had moved her fingers from my cock to her own cunt, and was masturbating furiously as I went back to lick around her inserted fingers. In seconds, she was also coming, loudly joining in the fun.

All four of us had attained the greatest orgasm. Swinging was certainly double the fun, and as Julie looked up exhaused I knew it wouldnt be long before she started again on her two cocks.

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