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6 Reasons You Should Try Sex Swings

6 Reasons You Should Try Sex Swings

6 Reasons You Should Try Sex Swings

By Ksenia Sobchak

Getting to enjoy some adventurous sexual encounters is always a challenge especially if you have no idea where to start. Role play gets boring after a while and this requires reinvention every so often. There is something that may have your blood pumping and heart pounding just by thinking about it; the sex swing. Normally associated with crazy sex maniacs, the sex swing is nothing but boring and the good thing is the versatility of the different designs, giving you endless options when it comes to choosing your own. If you are still considering if it is a good idea to invest in one, here are a few reasons to get you going.

6 Reasons You Should Try Sex Swings

Embrace the Contortionist in You

The swing allows you to twist and bend yourself in positions that wouldn’t be possible on the ground. Take this chance to find your inner contortionist and try out how far you can bend and twist as you and your partner enjoy the new spots that are accessible in these different positions. Be careful to always ensure that you keep communicating to avoid bending too far.

6 Reasons You Should Try Sex Swings

Up in the Air

There is always a thrill when it comes to swings. Being held comfortably in place as you rock back and forth allows you to enjoy the joys of letting the rocking motion propel you to your partner and back. This keeps an interesting tempo that lets you enjoy every moment of brief separation as you complete a full swing. Take the chance to put on a show for your partner as you hang around. You can masturbate as they watch, giving them a glimpse of your wild side as you lay it all bare for their amusement and arousal.

Comfortably on Top

Taking the top position can be tiring and exhausting especially since you have to rely on your leg muscles to keep you going. This may have you experiencing leg cramps and your tempo slows down because of the exhaustion setting in. Sex swings keep your legs in the air and hold your body comfortably in place making sure you can stay on top for longer and keep your tempo for as long as you need to.

Interesting Foreplay

Take the chance to give your partner a great time before embarking on the penetrative action of a lifetime. As they hang in the swing, use the opportunity to lavish their body with the kisses, touches and tickles that keeps their fire burning bright as they anticipate the main action. The swing is a great chance to indulge in some mind blowing foreplay that leaves your partner smiling ear to ear. You can also take the chance to give each other some awesome oral stimulation. By taking the time to switch positions and alternatively please each other, your foreplay takes a new and interesting adventurous twist.

Hit the Sweet Spot

As you indulge in the main event, the swing lets you hit the same spot over and over again. The swing keeps your partner in place, restricting their movement and this prevents them from wriggling out of place. In that position, your thrusts hit the same spot for the entirety of the session or at least until you decide to change or switch positions.

Enhanced Sensations

Sex using a sex swing is very adventurous as it lets you indulge in something so new that is outside your comfort zone. The excitement and the zeal add fire to your arousal, making the whole game a lot more interesting. Keeping the game going allows you to hit the spot from a different angle, making the sensations experienced feel new and different. This experience ensures that even the consequent mind blowing orgasm feels a lot more enhanced.

Getting your sex life to take a more adventurous turn is as easy as investing in a sex swing. The swing opens you up to new possibilities and makes the session a whole lot more interesting and fulfilling. Swings are easy to mount and take down once the session is done, making it possible to keep it out of sight whenever you have guests. Take a plunge into this adventure and watch as your sex life attains a new level of greatness.

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