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A Guide to Sex Toys for Men

A Guide to Sex Toys for Men

A Guide to Sex Toys for Men

By Ksenia Sobchak

Masturbation is something that is universal and for men a little more acceptable as a normal activity. With the advancement of sex toys, there are so many types dedicated to the provision of pleasure for the male species. Some have been around for ages while others are innovative and creative tweaks to make the old school toys even better than before. When it comes to choosing an accessory for your solo play, you need to keep in mind the basic functionalities of every category. The categories have a high number of toys that may have different features but the baseline remains the same for most of them. Some of these toys are listed below.


A Guide to Sex Toys for Men

Cockrings pride themselves in their simplicity that delivers the most profound of sensations. The cockring is usual made from silicone, rubber, stainless steel or plastic. The difference is usually in the flexibility, with the stainless steel cockrings being completely rigid and reserved for those with experience and a penchant for extreme adventure.

Cockrings constrict the blood vessels at the base of the cock, holding blood in the cock. This increases the sensitivity of the penis while also enabling you to have the maximum erection level possible, allowing you to reach your maximum girth and length. This combination makes the penetrative session even more intense and fulfilling than ever before.

The cockring is a great complementary toy as it can be combines with other toys or even incorporated into the penetrative session with a partner.


A Guide to Sex Toys for Men

Fleshlights are great for solo sessions and encompass both beginners and the experienced. The beauty of the fleshlight is in its discreet easy to grip case that ensures you are in total control of your strokes. The fleshlights come in so many designs, with various openings ranging from mouth to anal openings.

The tunnels come in different textures and designs, with some having been molded directly from the intimates of your favorite pornstar. Fleshlights are made from soft and supple material, giving them a realistic feeling that goes a long way into ensuring your session is as stimulating as possible.

Fleshlights come with different features and functionalities, ranging from product to product. This ensures that you never get bored and you can always collect as many as possible to cater to your diverse needs.


A Guide to Sex Toys for Men

These are generally very flexible sleeves designed to swallow you whole, with the strokes massaging every inch of your cock to give you the time of your life. These masturbators come in different sizes, colors, textures, materials and shapes. Designed for manual stimulation, the masturbators ensure that you are in total control of the pressure and the stroke tempo, allowing you to stroke yourself into orgasmic bliss.

The masturbators also have an option of vibrating sleeves, created for those who prefer a bit of automated stimulations to keep things spicy. Different masturbators come with different functions and controllers, but the bottom line is that the orgasmic experience will be unlike any other you have ever experienced.

Penis Extensions

These are toys designed to help you increase your length and girth without resorting to pills and creams or even the extreme surgical procedures. Penis extensions are easy to slip on, instantly increasing your dong size. The sleeve is made thick and with an extra length at the tip, allowing you to engage your partner in some deep action that is bound to have them in orgasmic bliss.

The extensions may have a textured surface for increased stimulations while others may be smooth for a smoother and slicker glide. Whichever your choice, the penis extension allows you to experiment with various sizes.

Sex Dolls

A Guide to Sex Toys for Men

These are blow up dolls that range from full size to those that feature the required anatomical parts. Depending on your needs, these dolls range from the light and portable to the bulky non discreet toys. The toys are made from silicone, a high quality material that is generally body safe (depending on the manufacturer). These dolls require extensive maintenance to keep them supple and long serving, but the effort is well rewarded as they are created to feel like the real thing. Sex dolls make great masturbation companions as they allow you to indulge in your favorite positions at any given point in time.

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