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Beginner’s Guide to TENGA Sex Toys

Beginner's Guide to TENGA Sex Toys

By Elena Ognivtseva

TENGA is Japanese sex toy manufacturing company that has revolutionized the sex toy industry by producing toys that get the job done with ease and high efficiency. The toys take mechanics to a whole new level, making anyone who crosses paths with these toys get addicted. The TENGA toys encompass so many different types, but the fundamental purpose of these toys is to provide the user with the intense sensations that will lead to an orgasmic finale unlike any other.

Beginner’s Guide to TENGA Sex Toys

Some of the toys that have made waves are listed below;

TENGA Onacups

This masturbator has a feature that ensures you will make the most of your session. The onacup is a staple TENGA toy that is designed to indulge your penis in massively intense sensations. The stroker features a tunnel that is lined with nubs and ripples, ensuring that every inch of your penis receives the intense stimulations through the intimate and intense massage. Every stroke slides your penis against the textured wall, slowly building up the tempo that will have you blowing off your load.

The opening of the onacup is unlike any other, designed to ensure that you get to feel sensations so powerful that you do not want them to stop. The onacup features a one way valve and an air hole, providing a vacuum inside the toy. As you stroke, the vacuum provides suction so powerful that you feel like you are on the receiving end of the greatest blowjob. The entry of the onacup features a lotion reservoir, giving you the lubrication you need to slide smoothly through the session.

The onacup is designed to be used only once, so ensure that you make the most of your session. Otherwise, use a condom to ensure that you can get a piece of the toy again.

TENGA Air Tech Vacuum Pumps

Created as an upgrade to the onacup, the air vacuum pump is a toy created to give your penis the powerful attention that it requires. The internal structure of the toy gives a strong suction, making every stroke feel like a deep throat session that is bound to have you losing your mind. Unlike the onacup, the air vacuum pump has no sponge in the tunnel, making it reusable and thus will serve your dong for as long as you need it.

This toy has the tight and super tight option, letting you choose the level of grip that the toy will have on your dong. If you plan on lasting long, ensure you can handle the powerful sensations because you might be shocked at how soon you lose it. Paired with the TENGA lotion, you will enjoy a ride unlike any other.


Beginner’s Guide to TENGA Sex Toys

The eggs come in nine different varieties, each with its own special feel and purpose. The eggs are made from a super stretchy material, capable of fitting most dick sizes. To start off, just open the egg and use the lube sachet to get the toy slick and ready. Stretch the egg over your penis and enjoy the sensations that flood your body.

TENGA 3D Masturbators

Beginner’s Guide to TENGA Sex Toys

Made from antibacterial elastomer, these strokers are super flexible, making them compatible with various dick sizes. The strokers feature so many different texture designs, giving the penis some powerful and intense sensations with every stroke. Some strokers can be turned inside out, allowing you to experience new sensations from the same stroker. To start you off, just apply lube generously and enjoy every dip and stroke until your final orgasmic end. These strokers provide unique sensations that will have you craving for more.

The eggs are created for single use, but you can just as easily clean them up and reuse. To get the toy clean, just run warm water over it. Never use hot water as it would cause the egg to melt. The egg is very easy to maintain, making it a great accessory.

TENGA Lotion

The TENGA labs have formulated their own lubricant, designed to be used with their high tech toys. The lotion is compatible with all TENGA toys, ensuring that you have an easy time finding the right lube for your toys.

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