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Care and Maintenance of Sex Toys

Care and Maintenance of Sex Toys

Care and Maintenance of Sex Toys

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Like any good tool, your sex toys will require some maintenance to make sure they continue delivering awesome orgasms. If you want to ensure it a regular stream of orgasms, then you should pay close attention to how to keep your vibrator buzzing like a ..well….vibrator.

There are three main steps involved in Vibrator Care

  • Cleaning
  • Storage
  • Power
  • Cleaning

We cannot stress this enough. The first thing and most important task in maintaining your sex toy is to keep it clean. Cleaning methods for your toy relies heavily on the material that the sex toy is made of. Vibrators come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, and are also made from a wide variety of materials. Some of the most common materials and their cleaning methods are:

Plastic toys – for plastic vibrators as well as other hard plastic sex toys, you can use any antibacterial cleanser and a washcloth.

Silicone/ Latex/ Elastomer Toys – Sex Toy cleaner is readily available for use alternatively you can just apply a little soap and water to clean your toy after use. Rinse carefully so that all soap residue is washed off.

Glass and Acrylic Toys – Using alcohol to clean your glass and acrylic toys is one of the best options, although if you don’t have any alcohol, you can use any sex toy cleaner.

Life-like supplies – these are also well-known as virtual skin and are prepared from materials that imitate reality. Cleaning is easy just use warm water and toy cleaner.

The best method of cleaning a vibrator or sex toy starts with not getting it too dirty in the first place. Using a condom on your toy makes clean up a breeze, a once you’re done simply roll off the condom and dispose of properly. Condoms are also great for solo play and needed when sharing toys with your partner, or when switching between anal and vaginal penetration. Better still use two vibrators equipped with condoms. One designed for anal penetration and the other for vaginal penetration. Obviously, don’t try and use the same condom for both!

Sex Toy Power

Most sex toys give pleasure by producing some vibrations. These pleasure inducing vibrations aren’t free, so it’s always a good idea always to have an extra pack of batteries lying around close by. It’s no fun possessing a slowly dying vibrator or having it suddenly die on the spot.

Sometimes we’re in such a good mood that we have our vibrators on for hours. If you enjoy lengthy sessions, again, spend a few bucks on extra batteries and possibly have another vibrator handy if the first one struggles to reach the finish line.

Sex Toy Storage

After you have finished playing with the toy, the first step is to thoroughly clean it. Always read the labels to see if the toy is waterproof or not. Otherwise, take extra care to keep water away from the battery bay. Once clean, we recommend that you remove the batteries and store them and the toy in a cool, dry (and possible secret) place. High temperatures and humidity don’t make for a good storage environment.

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