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CyberSkin: Sex Toys Feel More Real Than Ever

CyberSkin: Sex Toys Feel More Real Than Ever

CyberSkin: Sex Toys Feel More Real Than Ever

By Tatyana Dyachenko

The aim of sex toy manufacturers, from the beginning of time, has always been to duplicate the feelings and sensations of real sex. This is why Cyberskin toys developed by Adult Toy Company Topco are such a breakthrough in adult toy technology. These toys have been manufactured to feel like the real thing and to give people a simulated sexual experience.

What is Cyberskin and How is it Made?

Cyberskin is considered the most realistic material for sex toys commercially available. What makes Cyberskin feel more realistic than traditional sleeves and dildos is that it warms to a person’s body temperature through friction. Furthermore, Cyberskin also has the elastic quality and soft touch of real human skin. Most Cyberskin toys also look very realistic, and may even come with realistic perks; i.e. veins on penises or pubic hair on vaginas.

In addition to its natural feel composition, Cyberskin toys are flexible in movement, feature “spring-like bonds” so that they bounce back like real skin, and actually have memory recovery. The science behind these toys is that each toy’s atoms bond with high resiliency, making it easy for the toy to keep its shape. The Dual Density moulding process is what makes the toy feel soft and yet erect, simulating the firmness of bone and erectile tissue. This process is made possible by computerized injection, and this fact also explains why Cyberskin toys feel more realistic in shape; there can be different skin densities throughout the toy.

With proper care, CyberSkin toys are said to last a lifetime. There are plenty of cheap Cyberskin imitations; but real toys of this technology can be washed with liquid anti-bacterial soap and water. Oil is not recommended during use.

The Best Cyberskin Sex Toys

Now comes the “hard” part—choosing which one of these realistic toys does it for you! Depending on your preference, for penis or vagina, there are many categories of non-discriminating sex toys that never say no. If you are into vaginas, then you can’t go wrong with the multispeed vibrating Taylor Vixen Cyberskin Pet Pussy or the Heather Vandeven Cyberskin Pet Pussy with remote controlled micro-stimulator for its vagina and anus orifices. There is also a Hairy Pussy Anniversary Edition, which celebrates the 1970s porno trend of unshaven intercourse!

For the ladies or guys who love guys, the realistic dildo vibrators are actually more impressive than the vagina toys. The Featherweight Cyberskin Cock and Ass is the premium model and is sure to leave you amazed at the design. This is a lightweight male pelvis that not only feels real but also allows for hands-free penetration. It comes with a touch pad controller with seven functions. This is one of the best male penises ever made, as it allows lovers to use the piece for realistic sexual positions.

The Vibrating Cybercock with Balls 6in and Cyberskin Cock Flesh Vibe are both less expensive than the Featherweight model, but still pack a “pump” thanks to realistic Cyberskin, vibrating motion and realistic penis details like balls, veins and hand painted detail.

Feel the difference with Cyberskin toys!

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