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Dirty Britons Don’t Wash Sex Toys After

Dirty Britons Don't Wash Sex Toys After Use

Dirty Britons Don't Wash Sex Toys After Use

By Elena Ognivtseva

There are hundreds of different sex toy cleaners to choose from - ranging from the standard anti-bacterial spray to specialised sex toy cleaners that are designed for toys like the fleshlight. There are sprays and washes and creams, rubs and lotions and soaps. So why, oh why, are 65% of Britons not washing their sex toys after use?

A recent study reported on digitalspy.com revealed that only 35% of Brits clean their sex toys after every single use. 53% said that they washed their sex toys regularly but not after every use, and a further 12% said that they never, ever wash their sex toys.

Whether you're a solo player or you're sharing your toys with a partner, it's essential to clean them after every use to prevent the growth and spread of harmful bacteria. Your sex toys get covered in natural lubricant which contains yeast and other bacterias, and these live on your sex toys long after you're done using them, unless you give them a good clean using an anti-bacterial cleanser. Failing to do so can result in infections, unpleasant symptoms like itchiness or discomfort, and other conditions.

In addition to natural bacteria that your toys pick up from internal use, there is also the bacteria and other nasties that they'll pick up from being stored. Sex toys are made from different types of materials, and they don't always get along. This can result in disintegration, spread of bacteria across sex toys, and accelerated wear and tear. They should always be stored separately, or at the very least, not touching.

Cleaning your sex toys after each use is definitely best practice as it helps to eliminate bacteria and germs. A simple anti-bacterial spray allows you to quickly mist over the anti-bacterial solution which can then be wiped off - it couldn't be easier! You can then put your toys away for next time, safe in the knowledge that you're playing safely with your erotic aides.

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