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Full Guide: How to Buy Sex Toys Chargers and Adaptors

Full Guide: How to Buy Sex Toys Chargers and Adaptors

Full Guide: How to Buy Sex Toys Chargers and Adaptors

By Tatyana Dyachenko

For as long as you are using rechargeable sex toys, chargers and adaptors will always be an important part of your preparations. Normally, your sex toy will come packaged with a charger. But like most other chargers, it might get lost, spoil after some time or you find that the charger head is not compatible with your wall socket and needs a power adapter. But in most cases when this happens, you are more likely to look for a backup from assortments of battery chargers, HDMI cables, A/V cables and a whole lot bunch at home. But just because it works does not mean it is really working effectively with your sex toy. Sex toy connections are not standardized and different manufacturers use different connectors. Therefore, to perverse the battery life of your sex toy, it is important that you get the right charger and adaptor.

While it might seem simple to walk into the store and get a charger, buying the right charger and adaptor for your sex toy demands much more. Here are a few factors to consider when buying sex toy chargers and adaptors.

Factors to Consider when Buying Chargers and Adaptors

Charger Head Design

Different countries in Europe have different standard charger head designs. Make sure you get a charger or adaptor that is compatible with your wall charging system. If your toy came with a charger designed for a different country, the charger adaptor must have one port that is compatible with your charger and the plug-pins compatible with your wall systems.

Voltage and Amperage

Not all chargers charge the same. The voltage (input) and amperage (output) determine the charging rate of your charger. So, you need to make sure the voltage and amperage of your new charger is compatible with your sex toy. In simple term, voltage is the energy going into your device. If it is too high, you risk blowing up your sex toy due to overloaded circuits. The voltage is usually written on the user manual or imprinted on the battery itself or the battery compartment. Amperage, commonly known as amps are the currents that are supplied to your toy. The amps regulate how much power goes through your toy from the power supply. Amps are usually imprinted on the power supply. For example, you will see the adaptor imprinted with 2.7A or 1A. The amps on your power supply should match or exceed the amps required by your device.

Number of Toys you need to Charge

When buying chargers and adaptors, think about how many of your toys you need to charge. Some chargers have more than one cable allowing you to charge several toys at the same time. There are also adaptors that have more than one port that you can insert several chargers simultaneously. If you have several devices with the same power amperage, a multi-cable charger will be a better option to save you money and time. For multiple devices with different amperage and voltage requirements, a charger adaptor with several ports will be more ideal.

Please note that when choosing a multi-port charger, the total output must be higher than the total output required charging each device to the fullest. This will make sure the charging rate is not slowed down.

Quality and Durability

This quality depends on the quality and brand you choose. There are hundreds if not thousands of chargers and adaptors in the market, with most of them being counterfeit. You may have experience with a phone charger picked from the discount counter at the convenient store, only your phone took more hours to fully charge than usual. You also need to pay attention to the brand to avoid buying counterfeit products. Some indicators can include spelling errors on the packaging, incorrect abbreviations on the product description such as MA instead of mA. You might also notice UL listing symbols. An omitted brand name may also be a warning sign for counterfeit products. Price can be a good indicate of the quality of a product. Make sure to choose high quality sex toy chargers from reputable retailers like Peaches and Screams to ensure durability.

Additionally, the quality of the charger cable also determines how quickly your sex toy is charged. High quality cables charge much more quickly. It also protects your toy from overheating and harmful power surges. Some chargers come with detachable cables while others have hard-wired pack which prevents loss of the cable.


A warranty is a great document to authenticity a product. It is a guarantee of both quality and durability on the part of the manufacturer. Unless absolutely sure about the quality of the brand, avoid buying sex toys chargers without a warranty. Also make sure that the warranty document is signed and stamped, for ease of claiming in case the charger is faulty. This ensures that you preserve the lifespan of your sex toys.

Don’t use the wrong charger for your precious sex toy. Browse through Peaches and Screams for high quality sex toy chargers and EU, UK and USA power adaptors. One of the most important aspects of vibrating sex toys is batteries. Enjoy longer-lasting pleasure with your vibrating cock ring, magic wand, anal vibrator and all other electronic sex toys to the fullest; choose the right charger here at Peaches and Screams. We understand different countries have different port plug standards. Don’t leave your toy behind when touring just because you don’t have a country adaptor. Buy power adaptors for your electronic sex toys from Peaches and Screams. Discreet packing and shipping on all items with utmost protection to your privacy.

A big thank you goes out to Creative Bear Tech, a tech company, for their insight into different types of charges and adapters.

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