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Lottie’s Guide to Buying Sex Toys for your Partner

Lottie's Guide to Buying Sex Toys for your Partner

Lottie's Guide to Buying Sex Toys for your Partner

By Ekaterina Mironova

So, your significant other has never experimented with sex toys and you’re dying to introduce them to the world of brightly colour, vibrating, pleasure inducing adult toys…but how should you go about it? As this situation is most often experienced by men wanting to buy toys for woman, I will base this post around that set up. However, all of my advice is relevant for both sexes who want to introduce their lover to the world of sex toys.

Take a look below for my tips…

Surprise or Not?

First of all you may be wondering whether to surprise your lady with a toy, or whether to discuss the idea with her first? My advice would be to casually drop it into conversation when you’re getting frisky one evening to gauge her reaction. If she pulls a face or announces that she’d never consider using a toy then you’re very unlikely to change her mind, so I would drop the issue for now and perhaps try again in a few months once she’s considered the idea a little more. If she seems interested or even keen then you’re golden! Feel free to search the Peaches and Screams website for your first toy and get cracking!

Keep it Simple:

It is best not to dive in and buy the most unusual, striking and expensive toy on the market as you cannot be sure how she will react. Keep it simple by opting for a small and friendly-looking toy such as a bullet vibe, or a small vibrator as these toys have almost no ‘shock factor’. Installing a sex swing or buying her a huge dildo with spikes on is not the way to go! Once she has gotten used to the small and less imposing toys you can then start pushing the boundaries.

When to Introduce the Toy:

Once you have decided on a toy you will need to have a think about when to introduce it into your steamy between the sheets session. Personally I wouldn’t wait until you are in bed and the passion is already flowing as you don’t want to interrupt this. Why not wrap it and present it to her as a gift? This added spark of romance will win you far more brownie points!

Keep it Laid Back:

Following on from your first foray with the toy you may be tempted to ask her opinion and start planning your next sex toy purchases, however this full on approach may do more harm than good. Perhaps give her a few days to mull over the experience and then drop it into conversation by asking her what she thought. The chances are that she will bring the issue up before you, which then gives you licence to ask questions to see how she found the experience. The door is then open for further experimentation.

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