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Top Ten Sex Toys for Women

Top Ten Sex Toys for Women

Top Ten Sex Toys for Women

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Ladies, we have come a long way since the days when we were too embarrassed to talk about our sexual demands and desires. So its time we discuss sex toys for women. We know what we desire (or at least what we would like to try) and we’re not afraid to go after it. We cannot always wait for the night of arrival. I do not know about you, but amidst the travel schedules, children and different work and sleep schedules sometimes a woman just has to take care of herself. We’re certainly not saying you can’t use these “toys” with your lover, but you don’t always have to wait for them!

Below are our top selections for the ten best sex toys for women to help you achieve a mind blowing female orgasm.

Sex Toys for Women

Number 1 – Advanced Waterproof Jack Rabbit

Top Ten Sex Toys for Women

This revamped version of the Jack Rabbit boasts the classical shape that makes it a favourite of women everywhere. A supple, non-detailed phallic shaft with a thick row of rotating massage beads gently caresses those inner erogenous zones perfectly, whilst a silky soft double eared rabbit tickler positioned at clitoris-level lavishes attention on this all-important orgasmic hot spot. This model offers 6 speeds of independent rotation with flickering bunny ears, and 7 functions of independent vibration, pulsation and escalation.

Rating: 5 Stars

Pros: waterproof, mid-range price, multi-functional, quiet

Cons: None!

Number 2 – Hula Beads

Top Ten Sex Toys for Women

Hula Beads are the world’s first remote controlled pleasure beads that rotate and vibrate at the same time. If you insert the rotating head you’ll experience wonderfully powerful vibrations around the ultra-sensitive labia area and up to the clitoris. Or take things a little further by wearing them discreetly inside, so that the top bead rotates against the G-spot, while the lower bead delivers powerful vibrations through 8 stimulation patterns, each adjustable via wireless remote. For some added excitement, let your partner have the remote! Please not this toy is designed for vaginal use only.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Pros: strong vibrations, portable, battery life, luxury brand, waterproof

Cons: price, the remote control itself is noisy so turn off the vibrations when out of the house

Number 3 – The Womanizer

Top Ten Sex Toys for Women

The womanizer is spruiked as the new revolution in sexual pleasure. The womanizer is NOT a vibrator and is design for external use only, primarily for use on the clitoris or nipples. The womanizer provides a totally unique sensation of vibration and suction, however is limited in its versatility. There is a silicone nozzle that sits over your clitoris which provides both vibration and suction leading to a very intense organism. Most people boast of orgasms in under 60 seconds and multiple times. Pressing the gemstone button increases the intensity of the vibration (5 options available) and suction however the intensity can be quickly reverted back to the lowest level by pressing the power button which is particularly useful if you want to continue the sensation following climax. This will either bring you back to a delightful Zen state or build you up for another climax. The Womanizer is more likely suited for sole use and for women who don’t require thrusting or deep penetration for climax.

Rating: 5 Stars

Pros: new unique sensations, multiple orgasms, easy to clean

Cons: not waterproof, difficult to use with additional stimulation (penetration)

Number 4 – Picobong Transformer

Top Ten Sex Toys for Women

Despite appearing like those things sold in museum gift shops, this vibrator is pretty unbelievable. Two vibrators on each end make this baby a rabbit vibrator, clitoris massager, G-spot Stimulator, prostate massager, cock ring, and more, all in the one package. This amazing sex toy is perfect for her, him, him and her, him and him or her and her, basically everyone!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Pros: USB rechargeable, near silent, 10 vibe patterns, waterproof

Cons: Vibrations on the higher levels can be too much for anal penetration for some people

Number 5 – WeVibe Tango 2

Top Ten Sex Toys for Women

WeVibe has a fabulous reputation for high quality products and the Tango 2 is no different. Providing 8 vibration modes with up to 2 hours use on a single charge this massager will meet all your and your partners needs. The massager is pocket sized (20 mm in width and 90 mm in height), is light weight and made entirely of plastic making it easy to store or travel with. With the smoother surfaces and tapered head the massager is perfect for targeted areas like the clitoris. The is powerful, yet petite massager is designed for external stimulation.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Pros: waterproof, 8 speeds, quiet, travel, rechargeable

Cons: external use only

Number 6 – WeVibe 4 Plus

Top Ten Sex Toys for Women

The WeVibe Plus is part of an extremely popular line of couple’s vibrators. The shape is perfect for stimulating the G Spot and clitoris whilst still allowing penetration. The WeVibe Plus is made from silky smooth silicone, is waterproof and is controlled via remote or smartphone app. The remote controls the levels of intensity (10 levels) and cycles through the various vibration patterns. The amazing smartphone app even allows you to create custom vibration patterns. A full battery charge will take about 4 hours and gives you up to 3 hours of play time.

Rating: 4 Stars

Pros: waterproof, couple’s sex toy, 10 speeds, 6 patterns, rechargeable, smart phone app and remote control

Cons: may not fit all body shapes

Number 7 – Ina Wave

Top Ten Sex Toys for Women

Another high quality Lelo product which carries the traditional streamlined rabbit vibrator design. Inspired by the caress of a lovers fingers, the Ina Wave has a wave like motion which stimulates the G Spot whilst massaging the clitoris. The Ina Wave has 10 unique vibration and wave settings although some (not myself personally, I was fully satisfied) have noted a decrease in wave intensity under some settings. A full battery charge will allow up to 2 hours of pleasure.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Pros: waterproof, rechargeable, unique waving motion, moderate vibrations

Cons: inflexible arm for clitoral stimulation

Number 8 – Iconic Smoothie

Top Ten Sex Toys for Women

The Iconic Smoothie is an unintimidating and inexpensive beginner’s vibrator. The Iconic Smoothie’s 18 cm long and 3 cm thick elongated shape is designed for both internal and external use. The sleek design is excellent to stimulate the clitoris, labia or G-spot and you can vary the vibration level by simply twisting the cap. The Iconic Smoothie is made from body-safe and Phthalate-Free ABS plastic which is waterproof and extremely easy to clean. A one year limited warranty is also provided.

Pros: waterproof, easy to clean, variable speed, price, batteries included

Cons: noise level, too thin if you prefer a full feeling

Number 9 – Bendy Beads

Top Ten Sex Toys for Women

This elastic chain of anal beads is made of elliptically shaped elements of varying sizes which can be inserted one by one and slowly removed for passionate stimulation. Bendy Beads are made of 100% gentle to the body silicone and are a premium toy with an elegant design. Length is 26 cm with an insertable length of 18 cm.

Pros: price, waterproof, great material, excellent for beginners to advanced

Cons: doesn’t come with a storage container

Number 10 – Tinglers III

Top Ten Sex Toys for Women

The curved, gently shaped plug is perfect for exploring anal stimulation. The anal plug is a perfect size of 10 cm and has anal beads varying from 0.5 to 2.5 cm in thickness. The flared base allow for safe insertion and removal which is a must with all anal stimulants. The Tinglers III allows for ten unique pulsation patterns with on/ off vibrations and wave pulses. This toy is perfect for solo use and is easily inserted.

Pros: waterproof, price, pleasing shape, varying vibrations and speed

Cons: requires batteries

So there you go, our top 10 sex toys for women. Too be honest it was difficult to only pick 10 as well all have different desires and needs so don’t be afraid to try something new

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