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Why Every Relationship Needs Sex Toys

Why Every Relationship Needs Sex Toys

Why Every Relationship Needs Sex Toys

By Ksenia Sobchak

When we mention the topic of sex toys, it would appear that almost everyone is quite open to talking about them and how they use them. Today, about 45% of women ages 18-60 use vibrators! Followed by approximately 78% of those women use a vibrator with a partner.

Some people still question the use of adult sex toys. We have found from recent studies this is generally due to lack of knowledge and education on what their purpose is and what they can actually do to the body.

When it comes to sex and relationships, as much as you may think things are 100% perfect? Nothing ever is. There is always room for improvement, change, the opportunities to try something new. By using variations of adult sex toys you can be sure to add a little excitement to your relationship that both you and your partner will enjoy.

Sex Toys Promote More Sex

Who doesnt want more sex? Clinical studies have already proven the benefits of sex. Longer life, healthier heart and immune system, helps reduce pain and stress and helps you have a better nights sleep. When you introduce sex toys into your sexual play with your partner, there are so many variations of sex toys that if you enjoy them and trying new things, you will want to come back time and time again sooner rather than later to see what else you can experiment with in the bedroom.

Women’s Orgasms

It is common knowledge that during sex woman do not achieve orgasm! In-fact almost 75% of woman do not. This may seem unfair when up to 90% of men reach climax through sex. By introducing sex toys into foreplay and sex this will help stimulate blood flow in the female and help increase the odds of achieveing orgasm. So why not get your self a G-spot vibrator or a male cock ring next time you have sex to help the situation?

Faking Orgasms

Recent studies have shown that if you ask a majority of men that they will tell you that every woman they have ever been with has never faked an orgasm. All men are supernovas, Right? The truth is that as much as 50% or more generally have to fake their orgasm. Not because they want to, but because they love their man and want him to always feel good. Guys, even though your girl wont admit to ever faking them for you, by introducing sex toys and hitting her sensitive spot you will notice an instant change when she climax’s for real, vs her old fake orgasms. The feeling and reaction will simply be amazing and mind blowing.

Some of the best sex toys for increasing the odds of her climaxing for real include clitoral vibrators, g-spot vibrators, male cock rings that stimulate her clitoris during sex and more specific the world famous rabbit vibrator.

Premature Ejaculation

Unfortunately when it comes to sex, statistics are against most for climaxing or premature ejaculation coming to the scene before you want it to. In fact as many as 1-3 men experiance premature ejaculation! One way to help men to overcome premature ejaculation is through the use of sex toys. The number one toy we have come across is the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. The STU by Fleshlight, is a sex toy for men specifically designed to help train and educate men on controlling premature ejaculation. It has been said, if you can last 15mins with the STU, you could last up to 20 minutes with a real woman. This is a must own sex toy for any man struggling with his stamina in the bedroom. Other great sex toys to help men control PE can be the male cock ring. By restricting blood flow from leaving the penis, this can help men stay erect longer, and prolong orgasm until a later date.

Like any sex toy however, stopping premature ejaculation is not an instant thing. It takes time and practice to train your body. To learn more on how to control premature ejaculation, we have created this great article for your reading pleasure.

Orgasm Together

For many men and couples alike, when it comes to sex it would appear that the goal is for the guy to climax and the job is done. From recent studies and polls we have found that couples that both reach orgasm during sexual encounter enjoy not only longer sex, but sex on a more regular occasion. Sex becomes much more enjoyable and an activity that you both look forward to each time you jump in the sac.

We have talked about many benefits to using sex toys during sex. Sex toys should be fun and enjoyed by all. It is important that you both have open communication and are open to hearing both positive and negative feedback from the novelties that you both try. There is a chance you may not like them, and that’s perfectly fine. Respect each others choices and most importantly have fun and continue to love each other.

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