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Women Love Sex Toys! Beware!

Women Love Sex Toys! Beware!

Women Love Sex Toys! Beware!

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Women love adult toys. It’s true! Statistics show that most women have at least one or two battery operated sex toys hidden in their drawers. Not only that but the majority of mothers have all raided their children’s toys for a replacement power source when their vibrators lose their buzz! Dildos, rabbits and portable clit stimulators rank as favorite play things for women! Chances are that lovely lady of yours would also watch in delight as you pleasure one of your favorite sex dolls but she probably won’t admit it!

Did you know that for most women, the size of your penis isn’t that interesting? Although a nice penis is always a welcome site! What makes a woman want more of you in the sack is all about how she feels. That’s right. That dreaded word that results in more men bolting for the hills than any other. Feelings! Oh perhaps there are a few other mutterings that would also make a man high tail it like the wind!

Women are complex creatures for sure. Many a male has tried to crack the code to release the sex starved vixen that often lays dormant until the magical switch is detonated. Where is this switch located? Not where most men believe it to be that’s for certain! What’s the secret to you delivering the goods that will result in rewards that are worth their weight in orgasmic gold for both of you? The answer is indeed very simple. If you want to give her powerful orgasms, you need to get into her head. Set the mood with a little foreplay. Ask her nicely and she may even be happy to show you a thing or two that she can do with her sex toys that will get you all hot, bothered and horny!

Sex Toys Aren’t The Only Thing On The Menu!

If you have a powerfully large tool it may have to take a back seat while you allow something a little less intimidating excite her first, in readiness to welcomingly accommodate all of you! Lots of hot lustful passionate sex will definitely be on the menu if you start with a little entrée before the main course. Play it right and she’ll be back for dessert, coffee and supper as well!

Using sex toys will assist in creating magnificent sexual tension. Don’t limit your adult play time to sex as it should include simple erotic lotions or oils to actual intimacy massagers, ticklers, vibes, dildos and even a couple of sex dolls if you like. Is that a male or female preference? Well that depends! Sex toys usually result in orgasms lots and lots of them, from those that are gently teasing to full blown momentous melt downs!

Don’t Forget The Power Of Sexy Lingerie!

Getting back to the heart of the matter playful teasing, erotic massage and lots of TLC should be on the menu. This goes for both partners. Men usually love confident women that intimidate without being scary, if that makes sense! The way to create an atmosphere of confidence is to know your own body and what you like, where you like it and how you like it! Also plan a few sexy surprises, a strip tease, and erotic evenings at home in your sexy lingerie.

Don’t forget a good tongue lashing with a Tongue Joy massager on the tip of your tongue. She certainly won’t object as you give her a complete lashing like she’s never experienced before. How about getting your partner to reciprocate? Oh and by the way this fabulous particular little sex toys also fits on your toe or finger as well. They are great used simultaneously for countless multiple stacking orgasms that will certainly set the stage for some amazing sex! Then you’ll show her how well you can use your equipment.

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