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MUST READ! Practical Guide: How to Buy Ball Dividers and Stretchers

Enjoying sexual pleasure is both an art and a science. It is a game that requires both emotional and physical preparation for life aweing moments. And for men who understand this, ball stretching is an essential exercise to enhance your sexual pleasure moments.

Ball stretching is a sexual procedure in which ball stretchers (weights) are placed on the scrotum so that the muscles and tissues are stretched letting the testicles hang low. It is an exercise meant to make your scrotum more sensitive even to the lightest of touch. The stretched skin becomes so sensitive that it magnifies every tantalising touch or tickle giving you a leg shaking sensual satisfaction. Besides the orgasm, your playmate will enjoy the visual and feel of a warm adorned sack of balls swinging and slapping against them during sex. Wearing your stretcher during sex will also delay ejaculation making for a longer powerful and toe-curling orgasm. It is a definitive way to improve your stamina, performance and sensual gratification.

Ball stretches and ball dividers combine fun, pain and pleasure for an erotic BDSM game. These toys are designed not only to challenge your pain threshold but to also pleasure you in sensationally unique ways. Wearing one visually stimulates your playmate to torture and please you in a kind of dark excitements that you like.

For men who fancy solo play, you can wear a ball stretcher while in the bathroom and savour the tightness sensation and tickling pre-climaxes as you give your testicles a soft massage. Be a naughty boy, wear your ball stretchers and take a walk to the park. Enjoy the tightness thrills chilling up your spine with every step you make, it will be ultimately sensational.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Ball Stretchers and Dividers

Size: Diameter, Insertable Length and Width

Ball Stretches and dividers come in different sizes on the diameter. Go for a ball stretch that has an adjustable diameter so that you can be able to adjust for extra tightness or realise during play. Too small stretchers can cut blood flow from the testicles which can cause permanent damage. On the other hand, too large diameters will not give you the desired tightness and stretch. Start with small insertable length and widths and increase as your scrotum gains elasticity and gets used to the feeling of tightness.


As with many other sex toys, ball stretches and ball dividers have different designs and operations to make them as comfortable and sensual as possible. Some are made as single rings that can simply be inserted or strapped on the scrotum, while others have a balls divider that increase both the stretch and pleasure. There are others that are designed as pegs. Whatever design you choose, make sure it is easy to insert and remove especially when you need to remove it quickly (in case of extreme pain and discolouration).


Ball stretches and ball dividers are made from different materials including leather, silicone, rubber and steel. Leather stretchers are more popular because they are fitted with flexing buttons which allow you to increase or reduce the size of the stretcher to your desired tightness. Rubber and Silicone stretcher are also very pleasurable when you want to restrict contraction of your testicles during sex for prolonged ejaculation and orgasm. However, they should not be worn for long periods of time because these materials are elastic and may cut down blood supply to the scrotum. On the other hand, metal materials are great for those people who want a permanent stretch because they are naturally heavy hence, an increased pull-down capacity.

Lubricant Compatibility

The compatible lubricant is mostly determined by the type of material you choose. For silicone materials or hybrids materials that contain silicone compounds, use water-based lubricants as silicone lubes react with silicone toys. All other materials are compatible with all types of lubricants, so be free to use your favourites.

Ball stretching is among some of the most delicate sexual pleasures ever practised. It’s therefore important to play gently and safely to avoid injuring or permanently damaging your testicles. Here are a few safety and guidelines tips you should consider when using ball stretchers and dividers.

Safety and Guidelines Tips

Warm Up Your Body

A warm and relaxed body is important to gain the first natural stretch to allow an easier insertion of the ball stretcher. Take a warm shower to warm and relax your body, as the body warms up the scrotum naturally pulls downwards to prevent the testicles from extreme temperatures. This will give you an initial distant to start with. Make sure to dry your skin thoroughly before insertion to prevent infections.

Promote Body Relaxation and Blood Flow

Before sliding in your ball stretcher, relax your body and underlying scrotum tissues by massaging and stretching them gently with your hands. Using your thumb and index finger, make a circular divide between your penis and testicles. Then cup your testicles gently with your hand and pull them away from your body. Hold the pull position for at least 30 seconds before realising. Repeat these for at least five minutes for relaxation and increased blood flow. You will also want to trim your pubic hairs to avoid tangling during insertion and removal.

Slide in your Stretcher

Once you are relaxed, give your body a few breaths, lubricate both your stretcher and balls and gently slide it in. This moment will extremely pleasurable. Never force in the balls into a tight balls stretcher or divider. Remember that this is one of the most sensitive parts of the male body; brutal twists and pulls can permanent destroy your genitals. If you experience any pain, discolouration or extreme discomfort, remove the stretcher. Pain and discolouration means there is not enough blood flow to your testicles which can be dangerous.

Savour the Moment

Balls stretching and dividing is intensely stimulating. Play it skillfully and sensibly to savour the erotic moments of heightened body sensitivity with body arching insane orgasms. Enslave your partner and make them moan with every penile trust twined with a slap of your dangling balls.. Peaches and Screams have all the tools you need to re-dreams your erotic fantasies and spice up your bondage games. Enthrall your partner for life, you know you want to. Visit Peaches and Screams online shop for cock and balls dividers, stretcher and lubricates.

Why Cock Rings with Ball Dividers Feel so Good?

Both the Halter and the Bridle are cock rings designed to not only enhance your erection and keep you harder for longer, but to provide pleasurable sensation on the scrotum and testicles.

Cock Rings and Stimulation

For most guys, as part of the arousal process and prior to orgasm, your balls (testes) will retract – often drawing up into the body.

Many men enjoy the sensation of having their testicles stimulated, massaged, sucked and gently pulled. Lots of guys will stimulate the balls themselves during solo masturbation play too.

A cock ring that is designed to stimulate the testes and scrotum can provide this kind of stimulation just by wearing it. This is done by holding the scrotum and testes in position using a strap or pouch, thereby providing a slight pulled sensation.

In addition some styles will have a strap the separates the balls providing additional pleasure.

Cock Rings with a Strap

The Halter is often described as a leather cock and ball muzzle! It has a strap that sits under the scrotum, creating a pouch for the balls to sit in. It also has a strap that separates and retrains the balls, adding to the pleasurable sensation.

The Bridle also has a strap that separates the testes along with a leather cock strap AND an additional rubber ring for extra penis stimulation.

If you are new to scrotum and ball stimulation, we recommend that you experiment to see what type of sensations you enjoy. A stretchy silicone Magic ring can be worn just around the scrotum, as can a ring from the 3 pack silicone cock rings.

Using a leather cock strap just around the balls can be a great option using the adjustment to see what kind of pressure rocks your world.

For added pleasure try using a vibrating cock ring around your scrotum on top of the cock strap…

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