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The classic sexy Bunny Girl costume takes on a whole new meaning with our range of sexy bunny girl outfits. Most people think that bunny girl outfits are only for use at Easter but this is definitely not the case. A truly sexy bunny girl costume can make any fancy dress party memorable. Just imagine turning up at a party in one of our sexy bunny girl outfits and the eyes of every man in the room turn and look at you! Bunny girl costumes also make ideal outfits to wear in the bedroom. One look at that fluffy tail and your partner will not be able to resist your charms!

Buy a Bunny Girl Costume - Sexy Bunny Costumes & Outfits

Bounce around in one of our Sexy Bunny Costumes, and look cute as well as sexy. Channel Hugh Hefner’s Playboy girls with these classic costumes. Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween, a house party, or a sexy night at home, these Sexy Bunny Costumes are sure to get your man hoppin’ to your demands. For more furry ideas, take a look at our Sexy Animal Costumes or Sexy Cat Costumes. Be sure to also check out our Hosiery section for stockings to match your sexy costume.

If heading to a fancy dress costume party, why not rock in a bunny girls costume. One can order for their girlfriends online and can be assured that she will be looking hot in such a costume. Have her tease you by being playful in the bedroom in such a fancy dress outfit. Also perfect for some intimate role play, where it is a combination of a fluffy tail, white ribbon crosses in the front and the bunny ears is a complete set that will tease and enthral your lover begging for more.

You’re obsessed with her and the mere thought of her is enough to get you hot. Her full lips, perfect jaw line and subtle breasts make her just so perfect. She has one of the nicest bodies you’ve seen in recent years and the finest set of legs that are simply awe-inspiring. Her skin is as smooth as silk. You almost don’t want her wearing shorts in public but want her to appear sexy and lovely. But, you compromise and allow her to do what she wants; you want to keep her happy, after all. You also want her to look her best at all times of the day because she is gorgeous, and you always want to give her the chance to feel like the princess that she truly is even in front of other people get-together parties with friends and old classmates. But it’s difficult to find the right clothes. You don’t want her to wear just anything; it needs to accentuate her mouth-watering figure while also being high quality. You don’t want anything but the finest quality materials touching her buttery flawless smooth skin.

 Well, luckily for you, we here at Peaches and Screams have some fine options that are guaranteed to make her feel beautiful while making you rock hard. This here is one of our sexiest options of a cute bunny outfit, of Passion Magnetica Black and White Cute Bunny Set with Body Suit, Fluffy Tail and 2 Ears Headband; which is made with a silky type of material enough to stretch to fit the body sensually and very attractive enough to keep him closer and snugly every moment.

The passion Malloy Set is also brilliantly comfortable, strikingly sexy and ideal for all manners of erotic occasions as well as making it the perfect fancy costume to wear in a costume dress party.

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