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French Maids and Butlers

French Maids and Butlers

Sexy French Maid Costume - French Maid Outfits - French Maid Fancy Dress Costumes

Maid’s costumes are ideal if you want to wow your partner and feel sexy at the same time or pick out an outfit for a fancy dress party. We stock a range of maid costumes that cover a variety of sizes that all capture the look of a maid or wench in slightly different ways. The traditional image of a maid’s costume is black and white. However, not only do we stock traditional maid-style costumes, but we also offer maid outfits in a range of other colours. Our racier maid costumes come in sheer mesh, leaving little to the imagination. Dress to impress in the bedroom or at a party of your choice. You won't have to clean up anyone's mess while wearing a sexy Maid costume. From French Maids to Gothic Maids as well as Deviant Housewife Maid costumes, you'll be the ones they clean up after. Add a feather duster and a pair of gloves to make your Maid costume stand out.

Black and white never looked sexier, especially when you throw in a feather duster. Seduce the boss in one of these Sexy French Maid Costumes, and make him do all the dusting and cleaning instead. After all, just because you look the part doesn’t mean you have to play the part of a French Maid. For other sexy occupations and costume ideas for adults, be sure also to check out our Sexy Chef Costumes, Sexy Cop Costumes, Sexy Nurse Costumes, or Sexy Uniform Costumes.

Maid Costumes

What is it that makes a costume so sexy? Is a real French maid that sexy? The answer is…..

But where did it originate? And why does it drive men so crazy? This popular male fantasy originated from the taboo of being with your maid. He watched her clean his house, but she was off limits.

The French Maid outfit is classic and caters to that male fantasy. The short black dress with a frilly white apron sets any man’s heart afire. Today’s costumes are adorned with vinyl, mesh, chiffon and cotton.

Depending on how sexy you want to be will be determined by the length of your skirt and your shoes. And carry a little feather duster. It will add to the mystique.

Various occasions bring out the crazy nature in people that propels some unusual but exciting behaviours. Halloween and anniversaries are some of the events where people wear costumes. These costumes bring out the wild nature of humans. There are different types of costumes. Some are scary, while others are sexy and flirty. Sexy french maid costumes are ideal for various occasions. This unique sexy wear is great for erotic bedroom games. They transform a lady into a sexy and attractive character to entice a lover. Here is everything you need to know about the French maid outfit.

What Are French Maids and Butlers Outfits?

This is one of the multiple sexy costumes you can find in the market. French maid outfits spice up the bedroom game in an unimaginable way. It is a black and white-coloured outfit with a cup-less bra, and the lower part has a white lace ribbon to add to the decoration. They can be designed differently, such as lace fishnet or opaque costumes. The French maid's fancy dress costume is a decorative and lovely costume to seduce your lover. They are endowed with various sexy features like a sexy apron and a cute neckline. This flirty outfit is a mini dress allowing you to show off your sexy figure and legs. Several accessories, such as pantyhose, are included to spice things up more if the need arises. Turn things around in the bedroom by seducing your lover with this amazing costume.

Why You Need a French Maids and Butler Costume

This sexy outfit adds life to the bedroom and turns your love-making into a wonderful role-play moment for erotic pleasure. This is also a great outfit choice when attending parties that involve costumes. You can be creative with the sexy French maid costume and execute crazy ideas of what you want to do inside that dress. You can rock this different costume to steal the show and attract attention.

Different Styles of the French Maid Outfit

This amazing outfit is designed multiple ways to ensure everyone gets a perfect style that fits their physique. The 3-piece set of an apron, mini dress, and garter is one of the incredible designs to excite your sex life. There is also the sexy mini dress with a white collar and garter. Some of these costumes are sheer for when you feel daring. With a sexy stocking added and matching closed shoes, one commands attention from their lover or onlookers.

What To Consider Before And After Making A Purchase

French maid outfits are sexy and fun costumes to include in your wardrobe. However, it is essential to avoid making the wrong choice. Below are factors to consider when selecting a french maid costume.

Consider the Size

Finding a fitting size requires having full knowledge of your body size. Also, when purchasing the costume as a gift, find out about the sizes of the recipients. There are various sizes of these costumes, from small, to medium, large, and XL for the regular category. The plus-size category has a different range. To be certain, take your body measurements and compare them with the size chart. The French maid's fancy dress costume is only sexy when it fits perfectly. It should accentuate your features for an attractive look.

Material of the Outfit

Different materials have specifications that make them unique and suitable for different events and environments. Heavy material such as cotton is ideal for an open party since they are warm, while light material such as lace is preferred for indoor or bedroom action. Step out in the appropriate material for your comfort.

The Color of the French Maid Outfit

Black and white are the traditional colour combination for the French maid's fancy dress costumes. This colour combination looks good on everyone as long as the costume is a good fit. However, there are different patterns of black and white to select from.

The Style of the Costume

There are numerous choices of French maid outfit designs buyers can consider. Therefore, do a thorough check to know which design suits you best. Get the best design that complements your body shape and height and reveals your best parts to turn on your lover or get attention at the party. Consider the occasion you are attending and what your lover likes.


Having a cheap costume doesn't make it poor quality. There are high-quality sexy French maid costumes that are affordable. However, if you can, splurge to get something that is mind-blowing.


There are different items you can include in your French maid outfit. Such items include matching sexy stockings, tights, and closed shoes, preferably black or white. When including these items, ensure they blend perfectly with your outfit.

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