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Suspender Belts and Garters

Suspender Belts and Garters

  • Sexy Black Crotch Suspender Tights With Open Sides - Peaches and Screams
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    Original Price £23.65
    Current Price £18.19

    Sexy Black Crotch Suspender Tights With Open Sides

    Only 2 left!

    Infuse a touch of seduction into your lingerie collection with these Sexy Black Crotch Suspender Tights featuring Open Sides, a captivating ensembl...

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    Original Price £23.65
    Current Price £18.19
    Save £5.46
    Only 2 left!
  • Abierta Fina Black Pearl Bra Suspender And String - Medium Peaches Screams
    Abierta Fina Black Pearl Bra Suspender And String - Small Peaches Screams
    Save £22.81
    Original Price £98.85
    Current Price £76.04
    Abierta Fina

    Abierta Fina Black Pearl Bra Suspender And String

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    Buy black sexy abierta fina bra suspender and string from Abierta Fina and spice things up in your sex life with sexy and appealing looks. This sus...

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    Original Price £98.85
    Current Price £76.04
    Save £22.81
    Only 1 left!

Sexy Suspenders and Garter Belts for Women

A suspender belt, also known as a garter belt, is a piece of lingerie worn around the waist to hold up stockings. It typically consists of a band of elastic material that sits at the natural waistline and has straps or garters that clip onto the tops of the stockings.

When choosing a suspender belt, it's important to consider the size and fit. It should fit snugly around the waist without being too tight, which can cause discomfort or restrict movement. It's also important to consider the length of the straps or garters, as they should be the right length to comfortably hold up the stockings without causing any sagging or bunching.

When wearing a suspender belt, it's important to ensure that the straps or garters are attached securely to the stockings and that the stockings are pulled up snugly to the top of the thigh. It's also a good idea to ensure that the stockings are not twisted or bunched up in any way, as this can cause discomfort or make the suspender belt less effective.

Many suspender belts are designed to be worn with specific types of clothing, such as dresses or skirts. Some can be worn discreetly under clothing, while others are designed to be more visible and are often worn as part of a lingerie set.

Garters are similar to suspender belts but are not as wide as suspender belts. They are typically worn with bridal lingerie or special occasion lingerie like prom dresses. They are worn around the thigh and have a clip-on end to hold the stockings up. They are not as versatile as suspender belts but are considered sexier.

It's important to note that suspender belts and garters are not the same things, although they serve a similar purpose. Suspender belts have wider straps and sit at the waist, while garters have thin straps and sit higher on the thigh.

How Do Suspender Belts and Garters Work With Stockings?

Stockings are a pair of lingerie that covers only the leg. You need suspender belts and garters to hold the stockings in place. Suspender stockings are designed with belts and garters to give you a sexy look. They are made in different sizes and lengths to satisfy the needs of everyone. Women's garters and suspenders have 4 to 6 straps that hold the stockings in the desired position. They are designed with high-quality clips to hold the straps to the stockings leaving you with a sexy look. Most of the suspender belts and garters are made from sturdy metal. Whether the suspenders are made in soft mesh, silk, or lace, they always come in a pair of coordinating lingerie sets. Ensure that you have the right suspender belts and garters for your stockings. Consider choosing what matches your luxurious stockings for a seductive look.

What To Consider When Buying Suspender Belts And Garters

Various suspender belts and garters are available, making it difficult for buyers to settle on the right one. You should always buy garter belts that will offer enough comfort. Also, consider the following guidelines to get the right suspender belt and garter.


Choose sexy suspender belts based on your body size. The right size will make you feel comfortable and look sexy in a revealing stocking. For a bedroom garter belt, consider one that is breathable to avoid sweating during the intimate period.


Sexy suspenders and garter belts for women are designed in various lengths to suit different heights. Therefore, consider your height when shopping for a pair of suspender belts. This will ensure your stockings stay in their right position.


For durability, choose suspenders and garters made from high-quality material. You can use vinyl, silk, lace, nylon, polyester, or mesh. However, for a better experience and performance, go for mesh fabrics. They are light, revealing, and seductive.


Styles always show an individual's personality, especially when it comes to bedroom vibes. Having a sexy outfit when in the bedroom with your spouse will determine whether they will be interested sexually or not. Since there are different fashion styles, be careful when shopping. Stick to sexy suspender belts with a seductive appearance.


Budgeting for a pair of suspender belts and garters ensures you don't spend much on an outfit. The prices of suspender belts and garters differ according to quality. Generally, you can also purchase suspender belts and garters in pairs to avoid spending much on one outfit.


Suspender belts and garters are designed for different purposes. Therefore, suspender belts and garters depend on the couple's or individual's interest. For bedroom vibes, choose an outfit that will satisfy all the requirements of bedroom wear. Choose suspender belts and garters that are more revealing and appealing to your partner.

How to Find the Perfect Type of Suspender Belts and Garters?

There is always a reason to have the perfect suspender belts and garters in the wardrobe. Consider the following if you are looking for the perfect suspender belts and garters for your stockings.

Understand why and when you want to put on the garter. For instance, you may want sexy, stunning garter belts for bedroom wear. Consider the shaping effect of the suspender belts and garters.

The garter belts should not be too stretchy for your stockings to be secure when moving or sitting.

You should consider discreet garter belts with some decorations to make them sexy and beautiful. Subtle women's garters & suspenders could be the right choice for you.

When choosing a perfect garter belt, consider one that matches your skin tone. This should also be the case when it comes to stockings.

Consider buying belts with thin straps to hold the stockings for men better.

Other Types of Stockings 

Lace Top Stockings

One type of stocking to consider is the traditional lace top stocking. These come up over your thigh, providing good coverage while showing off some skin. They also have an elasticized band at the top, which helps prevent slippage when walking around. This style provides sensual appeal yet offers complete support whilst walking due to its comfortable waistband design.

Fishnet Tights

Fishnet tights are another option that adds texture and interest while keeping things subtly sexy simultaneously. You can pair fishnet tights with a dress or skirt for maximum effect.

Hold-up Stockings

Hold-up stockings have become increasingly popular thanks to their convenience factor, taking away the hassle of fiddling around with straps which can sometimes cause discomfort depending on one’s proportions.

Plus-size Stockings

Plus-sized stockings offer more coverage than traditional tights. They give added support due to their clever elastic bands at the thighs, creating an even greater sense of security throughout long days spent out or dancing through parties without worrying about slipping straps by nightfall.