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Lace Top Stockings

Lace Top Stockings

  • Rimba Sexy Black Fishnet Lace Top Stocking - Peaches and Screams
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    Rimba Sexy Black Fishnet Lace Top Stocking

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    Stockings can certainly make an outfit sexier than it would be without stockings. These Rimba Sexy Black Fishnet Stockings with Floral Lace Top are...

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    Original Price £28.72
    Current Price £22.09
    Save £6.63
    Only 2 left!

Buy Sexy Women's Stockings Fishnet Thigh High Lace Top Stockings - Lace Top Hosiery

Stocking can never be out of fashion. Today, different stockings are available in the market, including lace top stockings as the epitome of femininity. They come in different designs, with some bearing suspender belts. You can wear these stockings under skirts, undershorts, or long dresses to build your sexual expectations.

When using lace top garments, it is a cool idea to make sure the two laces' pattern blends. You can still play with different colours if you are in for a unique ensemble. Most women find a flash of their thighs enticing, so they prefer such stockings. Always ensure your stocking is snug and comfortable. For more information about these beauty-enhancing pieces, read about lace top stockings.

What Are Lace Top Stockings?

Lace top stockings are classic hosiery that can be used to add a taste of elegance to your outlook. They hold a special place in women’s fashion, featuring a special feeling when worn. They feature a lace that helps in putting the stocking in place. They come in different designs suitable for different groups.

Why Use Lace Top Stockings

Stockings have various benefits apart from adding a taste of class to your outfit. These benefits include boosting your circulatory for those who need a good and healthy circulatory. You will get your veins, and leg tissues squeezed, making the blood in the veins return to the heart. This will further improve the flow of lymph fluid, reducing tissue swelling.

Stockings also prevent sweatpants from sticking whenever your legs are sweating. They reduce friction, giving you an easier time for movement. As if that is not enough, people who always put on stockings are at lower risk of getting varicose veins caused by gravitational pull that puts more pressure on the veins. A silk stocking might do you wonders in certain conditions and make it a story of the past.

Types of Lace Top Stockings

Thigh-High Lace Tops Stockings

These stockings stay above the thighs and can add a taste of elegance to your outfit. They can be worn under lingerie and come with a built-in hold-up garter. This is one for you if you are looking for something cool underneath your wedding gown.

Nude Stockings with Lace Tops

Are you looking for something sexy and more erotic to supplement your style? Well, your prayers are already answered. These amazing stockings are made of super stretchy material and can be paired with sexy lingerie or worn with different ensembles.

Fishnet Lace Top Stockings

These stockings hold a special place in women's fashion lives. This not only adds class to your outlook but can also be used to seduce your lover. They can be worn with a G-string to seduce your partner or under your clothing for a business look. They are sexy from the toe to the thigh and are of high quality giving more to enjoy. They are stretchy enough to fit different body sizes

How To Buy Lace Top Stockings

Below are a few factors to consider before purchasing your favourite stocking.

Consider The Welt and Suspender Belts

The welt can be thick, flat, or thin. They are vital for the attachment of the suspender belts. If you want to rock around in a short dress or skirt, you need to consider them for a perfect look. The amount of comfort you get when putting on the stocking is determined by the quality of your suspenders. If you need a more secure feeling, then go for the ones with multiple straps with a perfect metal clasp for long day wear.

When To Wear It

Stocking can be worn for occasions such as work, parties, or having good times with your partner. A more glamorous pair of stockings will work best if you wear them during evening hours. In this case, you can go for the seamed pair. Sheer stockings, which are the most popular, will do best if you need something cool to rock with at your workplace. You should avoid wearing a too-short skirt that would show off your stocking tops. To avoid this, ensure you adjust your suspender belt straps or go for the ones with no welt.

Type of Material

Stockings are made of different materials. Some do stretch, while others do not. Some of these materials are of high quality, while others are of low quality. Materials like nylon and silk are the most common, but you need to order the right size since they do not stretch out. Due to its natural fibre, silk material will give you a luxurious feeling. If you need something smooth, then nylon will solve your problems.

How to Use Lace Top Stockings

Putting on stockings for the first time can be challenging since you do not know exactly where to start. Luckily, with this information, you can put on your stocking and take it off easily. You first need to wear suspender belts and ensure they sit on your waist and not your hips for the great support. You may consider wearing hosiery gloves when putting them on. These gloves prevent snagging of the stockings. Sit down on a chair and gather up the stockings, ready to put them on.

Start by placing one foot inside and start pulling up gently. In other cases, you can use your fingers to straighten up. If not, you can roll them back to the bottom and pull them again. Follow the same procedure for the other leg and finish by pulling up the stocking. You can determine how you would like it to sit since everyone has their style. Let the stocking sit her up the thigh if you wear suspender belts. The final stage is to attach the stockings to the suspender belt. Ensure you have separated the rubber from the metal clip. Slip the rubber under the thicker stocking top and the metal clip. Let the rubber piece stay within the clasp. You can make any adjustments if needed.

Safety Tips

  • Do not wear your suspender belt under your underwear
  • Wash your stockings after use
  • Ensure your nails are trimmed and your legs shaved before putting on stoking.
  • Moisturize your hands and feet to ease up the process of putting on.

Frequently asked questions

How can I stop my stocking from snagging?

Ensure you shave your legs and trim your fingers before putting on your stockings.

Is it possible to extend the life of my compression stockings?

Yes, all you need to do is follow the right procedure of putting on and taking them off. Also, wash them carefully after every wear.

Other Types of Stockings

Plus Size Stockings and Hosiery

For those with a curvier physique or who wear larger sizes, plus-size hosiery provides an extra layer of style without worrying about too-tight garments that may leave you uncomfortable all day long. We suggest opting for something more supportive than sheer materials; look for lace top thigh highs in opaque fabrics or a pair of full-length patterned leggings instead.

Crotchless Stockings

When looking for something slightly sexier, opt for crotchless styles. These types of stockings have an open crotch. These are great when paired with lingerie sets due to their risqué nature, and they also come in various colours, so you can mix up your look each time you wear them. 

Fishnet Tights and Stockings

Fishnets have been around since medieval times but remain popular today thanks to their edgy yet stylish appeal. Team them up with a pair of high-waisted shorts or a skirt. When it comes down to wearing this trend, less is more. If you want something even bolder, try out brightly coloured ‘fish net’ tights instead. They’re a surefire way to brighten up any dull wardrobe piece instantly.

Hold-Up Stockings

Hold-up stockings could be the perfect solution if you aren't a fan of wearing suspender belts or garters with your lingerie set. This type of stocking is held up without needing additional clips as they have silicone strips along the back seam that keep them securely attached to your leg throughout wear time. They can even be used with accessories like garter straps, making them versatile enough to suit any outfit.


A lace top stocking is perfect for adding elegance to your outfit. You need to be keen when putting on and taking them off since they are made of soft material that can easily get damaged if not properly handled. When selecting a stocking, it is always a good idea to go for the one that will easily fit.  Ensure you wash them after every use.