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Sometimes all you want is to look smart and striking but also have the advantage of a cool breeze “down under”. The sexy crotchless tights worn with a stylish short skirt for a day out will leave your lover breathless at the end of the day when you undress to reveal easy access and no underwear. Welcome the winter chill with a selection of silk or nylon hosiery. During King Henry VIII’s time men of nobility turned a leg in the finest of tights made from wool or silk. Designed to cover the waist to feet, men wore them for horse riding but had to cover the open top part for modesty with a pouch or cod piece. This was a complex ornamental item constructed to accentuate the genitalia as well as cover the family jewels. These items of underwear termed pantyhose in America are referred to as tights in the United Kingdom. There are however varying types of tights depending on the level of support and weight of fabric used. The luxurious sheer, fishnet or lace ones usually cover waist to toe, are worn to work, out for fun or during play in the games room while the heavier ones normally cover the waist to ankle and can be worn for athletics or the gym. Since women took over the wearing of hosiery from men we have seen celebrities Selena Gomez and Emma Roberts gamely step out in seamless and sheer tights worn with stunning carefully selected outfits. Drapper James has been known to coolly wear cropped leggings to the gym while Khloe Kardashian kills it with ravishing workout tights. Jenna Dewan-Tatum has proved sheer tights can be smoking hot day wear when she brazenly wore some on the last day of filming on the set of Supergirl Season 1. Women’s open crotch tights have gained popularity and now come in enchanting styles and amazing textures.

What you choose to wear under your clothes can determine the quality of desire you ignite in your lover. Stir your partner’s loins with heart-stopping sexy hosiery. Execute an inviting finish to your unique dress sense. Wear stockings sans panties and watch your lover reel with lust. Enhance the bond between you and your partner with intimate hosiery that encourages play and exploration. Put a spark back in your foreplay wear these products and stimulate your lover for lengthy erotic games. Wear them to banish embarrassing and annoying panty lines. Improve the fit of your clothes wear body hugging crotchless tights. Invest in these and increase your confidence as a sensually beguiling temptress. Pull out the stops and set a new record for yourself as the most irresistibly dressed or near naked woman your lover has ever laid eyes on. Select from the wide variety of steamy and attractive styles and start a new lingerie tradition. Set in motion a seduction plot that ignites your lover’s sexual sensory nerves. Create a space for your personal erotic development through artistic deployment of evocative and trend-setting cheeky stockings. Highlight your luscious curves with these chic products.

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