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Chastity Belts

Shop Female Chastity Belts - Buy a Leather Bondage Chastity Belt

Chastity Belts are the perfect devices to prevent your partner from straying away from home and the perfect accompaniment in bondage play. You may associate chastity belts as something a man wears, but women can also wear them. Male chastity devices usually take the form of metal, leather or plastic tubes into which the man inserts his penis into. They make it virtually impossible for a man to achieve an erection, so there is no way he will be able to have intercourse with someone else! Female chastity belts function similarly, providing only enough room to urinate through. By locking male and female chastity devices, the wearer will be unable to remove them. Some chastity devices also allow removable spikes to be inserted at different points along the length of the tube, making it incredibly painful should a man start to experience any hint of arousal! Browse our chastity belts to find the perfect device for your partner.

How to Buy Chastity Belts

In the medieval age, chastity belts were used to prevent women from cheating or rape. Nowadays, they are a popular sexual device used to enhance sexual play and control for BDSM purposes.

For both men and women, genitalia bondage is one of the most intensifying forms of BDSM experiences. Imagine stimulating your submissive to points of body-burning arousal yet denying them the gratification of sexual intercourse. It can be a painfully exciting experience.

Why Wear a Chastity Belt?

Teasing and Denial

Stimulate your partner by teasing and sensational sensitivity, yet deny them sex by dressing them in a chastity belt. A man will not attain a full erection, and for a woman, there can never be penetration. Reduce them to begging yet pleasure yourself by riding the hot wave of tormenting pleasure.

Torture and Humiliation

Imagine the pain of not being able to ejaculate, orgasm or touch your burning hot penis or vagina. Being tortured and humiliated by a key holder in this way can be erotically fantastic because the moment you are realised, you will be howling with jet-shot ejaculations and orgasms.

Control and Stimulation Games

As the key holder, you can own and control your submissive. Train them to respect and bow to you by deciding when and how they are released. Lock him up, stimulate him and make him obey you all day with a promise of good behaviour award of a screaming sexual night. For the wearer, the knowledge that their orgasm depends on you is sexually electrifying.

Rekindling Desire in a Relationship

Although not common, wearing a chastity belt can shake things up in your dull, lacking relationship. Teasing and denial build up sexual arousal that gives to explosive sexual performance. The anticipation of release and delayed orgasms create feelings of heightened desire, lust and love that might have dried up from your relationship. It takes you back to when you met, and all you could think about every time your hands touched was an intense lovemaking session.

Wearing a chastity belt is a personal step to sexual stimulation and eroticism. Before you purchase one, there are several factors you should consider. These include material used, size, and ease of cleaning.

Things to Consider when Buying Chastity Belts

Short-term or Long-term play

Chastity belts can be worn for a short period or extended for days or even months. For short-term wear, you can choose belts with butt straps for more stimulation. Hard and heavy materials like metal can also be erotically stimulating, reminding the wearer of their bondage.

For long-term wear, you need to consider body functionality. Forgo the butt straps to make the butt accessible. Pick easy-to-clean and body-friendly materials that work well with body fluids.


Some materials are more comfortable and easy to clean than others. Some work well with skin oils and sweat.  You must consider how long you need to wear your chastity to know which material best suits you. Here is a material breakdown and their advantages


It is beautiful to look at and flexible for comfortable wear. In case of emergencies, the straps can be cut. However, it does not work well with body fluids and needs to be removed for bathroom breaks and showering.


This material is light in weight and can be worn discreetly for long periods (days, weeks or months at a time), as long as you have good cleaning and hygiene.


Stainless steel is the most popular. Metal chastity belts provide a greater sense of confinement. They are heavier, although some people like this as a constant reminder that they are bound and under the mercy of their key holder. Metal is also easy to clean and body-safe. They are more difficult to escape, so you might need to keep a metal cutter close.


It is lighter and body-safe than polycarbonate. The material also warms up the body petty quickly and allows flexibility. You can cut the belt with scissors if you need to release it quickly or if you lose the key.

Consider the Size

Most chastity belts come in different sizes and shapes. Pick those that are adjustable for a good fit. For men, you can measure the penis to get the right ring and girth. A firm fit will prevent erection and orgasm, which is the basic point of wearing a chastity belt in the first place.

Consider Unique Features

Different manufacturers come up with unique features to give each belt a particular erotic edge. Some have wrist restraints on the sides. Others are designed to cuff around the thighs. Some strap-on harness has insertable anal and vaginal dildos, while others are fitted with electro-sex devices for shock training. All these features will add some intensity and excitement to your chastity games and make for an incredible sexual experience.

Consider the Locks

While most chastity belts are lockable, many people prefer the artistic appeal of using metal locks. You can pick a lock with your chastity belt from Peaches and Screams or purchase a small, durable piece from a hardware store. Just make sure to confirm the quality and safety of the lock. You don’t want to call the firelighters to sort you out (punch intended). You may also use plastic locks, which are easy to cut during release. The plastic locks are numbered to ensure the wearer does not break the rules.

Where to buy Quality Chastity Belts?

Peaches and Screams is an adult online shop in the UK. We offer high-quality chastity belts and BDSM toys for your pleasure. Once you and your partner age on the material, design and features of your chastity belts, cock cages and other BDSM devices, add to the cart and relax. Peaches and Screams will be delighted to package and ship discreetly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chastity Belts

Can I wear my male chastity device out in public?

Many people find wearing their male chastity devices discretely out in public to be both thrilling and empowering. There are certain things to consider when doing so. Comfort levels are key since these items tend to be bulky and potentially uncomfortable after extended periods. Make sure that clothing choices allow access should emergency removal become necessary. Be aware that rules regarding visibility may exist depending on local laws. Always exercise caution before wearing one such item.

What materials make metal chastity lock belts?

Metal lock belts usually consist of stainless steel rings attached with leather straps or plastic ties secured by padlocks. The rings come in various sizes depending on the size and shape of the person wearing them. They range from small sizes suitable for children all the way up to larger sizes designed for adults.

Are there any risks associated with wearing metal restraints?

Wearing metal restraints over extended periods can pose health risks, including skin irritation due to friction against the skin or possible nerve damage caused by tightness around areas containing nerves like wrists or ankles. To minimize health risks, ensure that any restraint used fits properly without being too tight, uncomfortable or restrictive while providing sufficient security during playtime activities.

Should I wear protection under my device?

You can wear protective clothing like cotton underwear beneath any male-chastity device to prevent chafing against sensitive areas such as the genitals or inner thighs. Using longer-lasting restraint systems like penis plugs and restraining belts can also decrease discomfort.

How often should I clean my belt after use?

Regularly washing your belt with mild soap (preferably unscented) after each use will help maintain hygiene standards. Leather care products specifically formulated for leather items should also be used periodically following manufacturer instructions.

Other Male Chastity Devices

Ties and Padlocks

Ties and padlocks offer temporary restrictions when used correctly. Once fitted properly and ready for use, ties and padlocks are often necessary for secure confinement to prevent tampering or removal by accident or otherwise without prior permission from both partners involved. Make sure each tie is long enough to fit around both sides of the device, allowing room for fastening securely with multiple knots should extra security be required. Padlocks can also provide added peace of mind during wear time. If using one, keep extra keys handy in case access needs to be granted quickly due to unforeseen circumstances.

Cock Cages and Penis Plugs

Cock cages and penis plugs are common in BDSM. A Cock Cage is a device designed for male genital bondage that encloses the penis to impede sexual activity or stimulation. These can come in many shapes, usually a ‘cage-like’ shape with bars around your penis to prevent erection. They may also include ties or padlocks for extra security. Penis plugs are small cylindrical objects designed specifically for insertion into the urethra. They are often used as relaxation tools during BDSM play to achieve heightened pleasure during activity. This must be done cautiously and properly sanitized before use to ensure a safe experience.


Male Chastity becomes an important aspect of BDSM, especially for the dominant person in his life. Confinement often needs to go beyond the bedroom. A dominant can control the male submissive with chastity belts, harnesses, and devices. Don’t want him to touch himself? Lock up his treasures only to come out to play when you are ready. If you desire to ensure he doesn’t masturbate, look at all the devices we have to keep your submissive minding you and your rules. Male chastity devices are meant to please both the dominant and the submissive. They create a wanting for what is locked up and inaccessible. Delaying that orgasm builds expectations and desire for as long as you are in a cock lock. Tamper-proof locks keep your submissive from breaking your rules and others from opening the treasure box you’ve been waiting to open. Chastity within BDSM is a learned activity. There are real expectations of male chastity.

Peaches and Screams have great products for beginners and those well versed in the joys of holding out for the purpose of pleasing a partner. Once you and your partner know your collective levels of comfort, look through all the Male Chastity items we offer at Peaches and Screams. You’ll find harnesses, chastity belts, and cages made from high-quality metals and stainless steel with locks and keys. Find other products at Peaches and Screams to support your BDSM lifestyle. You will find many products to keep him under your control, such as leather whips, chains, cuffs, and flogging tools. Whatever your desires are seeking, you can find it here at Peaches and Screams. We have everything you need for BDSM, dominants, submissives, and male chastity.