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Practical Guide: How to Buy Bondage Ties and Padlocks

Since the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, sexual bondage is now a favourite practice for many people. While bondage is associated with BDSM Play, nowadays, it has found a place in vanilla bedrooms and solo players. The thought of not being able to move or access your genitals while you are being stimulated is arousing by itself.

Bondage ties and padlocks are used on chastity devices, bondage cuffs, rope bondage, bondage collars, and bondage spreaders to enhance restraint bondage. Once locked up, your bottom is completely at your mercy; they either obey the rules or get punished. If he is being naughty and sharing your treasure box with someone else or his own hands, cage his cock and keep the key. Leave him bounded for a few days, to remind him who is the boss.  If you like revamping your games tie her up on a cold metal bar. Insert an anal/vaginal vibrator and make your partner scream your name with pleasure. Lock up his hands and legs to a doggie style and give him a body quivering prostate milking. With bondage ties and padlocks, you will simply change how pleasure is appreciated in your home.

Bondage ties and padlocks come in different designs, shape, materials and quality crafted to fit different types of plays. Here are a few things you need to consider when shopping

Choosing Bondage Ties and Padlocks

Consider your Type of Bondage

You need to start with the end in mind. How do you want to use the bondage ties and padlocks? Are you practising self-bondage or playing with a partner? If self-bondage, pick ties and padlocks that can be easily locked and unlocks. While you might still want to experience positions such as hogtie or frogtie, pick ties made from stretchable material to facilitate hand movement especially during release. Another thing you need to consider is the term of wear. Are the padlocks for long-term chastity devices or short-term cuffs? If you are buying for a long-term chastity device, pick small and light padlocks. If for a short sexual escapade, hard inflexible ties and large padlocks can be sensually intimating and erotic.

Consider the Size and Shape

This mostly applies on the padlocks. Some shapes such as hearts are more feminine than square or round shapes. Shape and size will also determine where you use the padlocks. If planning to use the lock for a neck chain (collar), a little heart or round- shaped padlock will be more practical. If you are using it as short-term chastity lock and ball stretcher, a heavier lock will be more effective. A larger size may also be more effective when used with cuffs and bondage ties to add weight to the experience. These will also be easier to hold and open during realise.

Consider the Materials

While some bondage ties may incorporate leather wood and metal, padlocks are mostly made from metal or plastic. Don’t buy padlocks from the hardware store, these might be lower quality and may jam in case there is excessive tugging. Some may also rust if in contact with water which can cause infections especially for long-term wear. Pick padlocks made from premium grade stainless steel to make sure they are body safe and rust free. If you have metal allergies, you can consider plastic locks which come with serial numbers to make sure your partner is not playing naughty while away. Plastic also makes for a good water play; you can play in the shower without risking the padlock jamming. Make sure you get the highest quality of bondage ties and padlocks from reputable sex toy retailers like Peaches and Screams.

Consider Possibility of Escape

As you consider the materials, think about the possibility of escape. Can the bondage ties and padlocks be escaped easily in case of emergency? No matter what type it is, bondage is risky and sometime the different between a fatality and safety is how easy you can release yourself or your partner. Consider ties and padlocks that are easy to cut or pick. If you are a beginner to bondage ties and padlocks, leather, rope and plastic are a good place to start because they can be cut with a kitchen scissors. Also consider padlocks and ties that use electronic timers. The release is guaranteed once you switch on the lights.  If you like the hardcore kink of having a heavy-duty padlock on, always have a metal cutter close by and learn how to pick locks. It can be a lifesaving skill.

Safety Precautions when Using Bondage Ties and Padlocks

While bondage is fun, it is also risky. You need to practice it with extreme care. Here are a few rules you need to observe when playing with bondage ties and padlocks.

  1. Only play with someone you trust. Once who are tied up and locked, you cannot escape in case things turn sour.
  2. Discuss boundaries and establish a safe word before play. The safe word should be something you don’t use during sexual plays and once used all play must stop.
  3. Don’t assume bondage positions that restrict breathing, blood flow or exert pressure on the joints. This can easily cause fatality.
  4. Never leave a bounded person alone. Be keen to observe their vitals and check with them frequently if they are comfortable.
  5. Finally, always have an escape strategy. Have a pair of scissors, a spare key or a wire cutter nearby in the case you need to release yourself or your partner quickly

Bondage is extremely fun and erotic. Loosen up and allow a little locking into your bedroom. Add some security to your restraints, buy and use bondage ties and padlocks. Browse through Peaches and Screams for metal and plastic, padlocks made in different size and shapes. Consider metal, rope and leather ties from Peaches and Screams and restrict movement as you pleasure your lover to hedonistic orgasms. Add to your bucket list vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, E-stims and all other essentials you will need to keep your games intensely erotic. Make your order now and Peaches and Screams will be honoured to discretely package and deliver to your destination.

Even with male chastity, a dominant might sometimes need to play even more, or sometimes less. If they have requested their lover lock his cock away or have locked his cock away themselves it’s because they have other plans for much later. A dominant can control the male submissive with chastity belts, harnesses, and chastity devices. Don’t want him to touch himself? Lock up his treasures only to come out to play when you are ready. Many male chastity devices often need to be secured with locks. Peaches and Screams carries a pack of ten plastic locks made especially for male chastity devices. Lock away the goods you want to keep for yourself. Ensure no one can break in and play with the cock meant for you by protecting the goods you’ve earned. With serial numbers on each plastic lock, you will be satisfied knowing he will return to you in the same lock, untouched, or possibly be punished. These locks are made for plastic cock locking devices. Set him free within the confines of your rules and be confident he is not playing while he is away from you.  Delaying that orgasm builds expectations and desire for as long as you are in a cock lock. Tamper proof locks truly keeps not only your submissive from breaking your rules but also others from opening the treasure box you’ve been waiting to open. Chastity within BDSM is a learned activity. There are real expectations with male chastity. Allow the aspect of cock blocking be a part of the BDSM lifestyle you are so proud of. Just be sure to let him out in a reasonable time so he can work on the task of keeping you pleased. But until that role is his, keep your man’s cock locked up with cock locks and cock rings from Peaches and Screams. Add to the security of those locks with our superior plastic lock for male chastity devices.

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