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Feather Ticklers

Feather Ticklers

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BDSM Feather Ticklers - Bondage Ticklers & S&M Sex Toys

Buy the best BDSM Feather Ticklers for sensory play and S&M Sex Toys at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop. Discover the best Bondage sex toys right now!

What Is A Feather Tickler?

BDSM feather ticklers are a popular and versatile tool used in BDSM play for sensation play. They are typically made of feathers or other soft materials and are used to gently tickle or tease the skin, creating a pleasurable sensation. Here is a guide on how to use and take care of a BDSM feather tickler:

  1. Communicate with your partner: As with any BDSM activity, communication is key. Make sure you and your partner have discussed your limits and boundaries before using a feather tickler.

  2. Choose the right tickler: Feather ticklers come in a variety of sizes and materials, so choose one that feels comfortable for you and your partner. Some ticklers have long feathers, while others have short feathers, each can provide a different sensation.

  3. Start with a light touch: Begin by lightly running the tickler over your partner's skin. Start with a non-sensitive area such as the arm or leg, and gradually move to more sensitive areas such as the neck or inner thigh.

  4. Experiment with different pressures and speeds: The sensation of a feather tickler can be adjusted by applying more or less pressure and by moving the tickler at different speeds. Experiment with different techniques to find what feels best for you and your partner.

  5. Add in other elements of BDSM play: Feather ticklers can be used alone or as part of a larger BDSM scene. They can be used in conjunction with other BDSM gear such as blindfolds, ropes or restraints to enhance the experience.

  6. Clean and store the tickler properly: Clean the feather tickler after each use with a soft brush and mild soap. Store it in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.

  7. Practice Safe BDSM: As with any BDSM activity, it's important to practice safe BDSM. Make sure you and your partner have a safe word and stop immediately if the safe word is used.

In conclusion, BDSM feather ticklers are a popular and versatile tool used in BDSM play for sensation play. They provide a unique and pleasurable sensation when used correctly and in a consensual manner, and can be used alone or as part of a larger BDSM scene. It is important to communicate with your partner, practice safe BDSM, and clean and store the tickler properly.

Types of Feather Ticklers for Sensory Play

Nothing makes foreplay better than running a feather tickler on your partner's weak zones. They are designed to target sensitive areas like the neck, back, armpits, and between things for sexual arousal. You can also find a feather tickler made from wood, plastic, or a metallic handle with feather lashes at the top end.

A feather tickler is applied with other bondage accessories such as masks and blindfolds. These implements enhance excitement by depriving the senses and increasing anticipation and mystery. Essentially, feather ticklers perform the same sensory play. Depending on their material and suitability for specific sexual scenarios, feather ticklers are classified into different types, including the following:

BDSM Feather Ticklers

The BDSM aspect of ticklers was borrowed from the Han Dynasty of Ancient China. It was used as a torture activity to tickle, humiliate, and harass prisoners and violators of the law. A feather tickler can work perfectly alone, but when paired with sensory deprivation using blindfolds and masks, it can elicit mind-blowing pleasures, as is the case in BDSM.

If you are looking for extreme bondage pleasures, BDSM feather ticklers are perfect. Based on their purpose, this type of tickler is often paired or attached to bondage impact tools such as whips and paddles. Unlike regular ticklers, it is designed with fewer feathers or brushwork that targets specific erogenous zones.

Handy Feather Ticklers

Handy ticklers are reminiscent of those held by cheerleader girls during the entertainment. Besides being suitable for shows, handy feather ticklers are also applied erotically during foreplay to bring pleasure to your partner and are easy to use.

Fetish Frisky Feather Duster

This type of tickler is designed perfectly for extreme sensual stimulation and comes in fetish materials such as rubber, leather, and latex. If material fetishes physically arouse you, a fetish frisky leather duster is the best choice.

Strand Ticklers

These ticklers are made with silicone strands at the feather end of the handle. They are quite versatile because they double up as whips beyond offering a tickling feather sensation.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a bondage feather tickler:

Personal Preference

Are you looking for a stranded type, unconventional, or realistic feather tickler? When making a purchase, opt for a tickler that suits your personal preferences and skill level.

The Material

The feather tickler handles are made from different stiff materials such as wood, plastic, fibreglass, or metal. On the other hand, the feather-tickling lashes could be crafted from soft linen, leather, etc. All these materials have different textures and elicit unique tingly sensations.

Type of Sexual Activity

You can pair a BDSM feather tickler with other bondage gear that contributes to sensory deprivation, such as blindfolds and masks. If you need to toy with your partner in the comfort of your couch, you wouldn't want to pair your feather tickler with anything else. Match your feather tickler to purpose because different types are designed to suit specific sexual scenarios.

Material: Faux Fur or Real Feathers

Some feather ticklers are made from faux fur while others are from real birds’ feathers. Depending on the material used, they vary in price and durability. Determine if you have an allergic reaction to real feathers before buying feather ticklers. Some people with sensitive skin may experience skin irritation. Reputable adult stores like Peaches and Screams will always list down the type of material used in the product portfolio.

Pick a Travel-Friendly Feather Tickler

Consider picking a feather tickler with a short flexible stem and a plume of feathers for easy packing. The shorter flexible stem prevents the tickler from breaking while the plume feathers keep a soft erect feel even after being stuffed into a bag during travel.

Consider a Smaller Bunch

Most feather ticklers are made of several soft feathers held together at the tip of a stem. Unless you have a particular preference, consider a single feather or a small bunch. This makes it easier to stimulate smaller erogenous zones such as the balls or clitoris for intense arousal. It also makes for seamless precision with every stroke.

Pick a Colour That Excites You

Erotic feather ticklers are made in different exciting colours such as red, purple, and black. Go for a colour that excites your mental sensors and sets you up for sexual gratification. Bright colours can add a sensual feel to the bedroom when left on the bedside table. It is thrilling to know that those surprising curling strokes are just an arm stretch away.

Consider Unique Features

This mostly applies to the stem. If your aim is sensory play, why not pick a glass or metallic stem to spice things up with temperature stimulation? Use the feathery tip to tickle and tingle your partner and climax it by placing an ice-cold glass on their tummy. Run it through a hot tap for a warming sensation under the inner thigh. These sensations heighten the sensation to roof-topping arousal.

Consider the Cleaning of Feather Ticklers

Before picking a feather tickler, consider the cleaning procedures required to keep the feathers soft and in good condition. Depending on the material used, some are simply washable in warm water and soap. Others especially those made from real feather may require using a mild conditioner to restore the smooth feel of the feather. Check out the user manual to know which cleaning method is required for your toy.

How to Use a Feather Tickler

Taormoni (2012) revealed that feather ticklers are one of the most common sex tools, especially in the intense world of BDSM. They are also common sex tools because of their versatility and ease of use. One must ensure that the tickler is tightly held and the feathers gently passed through the submissive body. The impact of a feather tickler depends on the dominant partner's creativity and the type of feather tickler. Feather ticklers are ideal during foreplay sessions. The user can opt to combine the tickler with candles or a set of sex toys like vibrators and dildos to heighten sexual pleasure. There are tons of moves one can incorporate into sensory play sessions. One can choose to rest the feathers gently on the skin and then lightly twist the feathers to give a more intense sensory pleasure. The tickler is also usable on the face in conjunction with soft kisses to the lips for a heightened level of pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Feather Ticklers

What are the Benefits of Using a Feather Tickle During Intimate Moments?

Feather tickles offer an exciting way to explore new levels of sensation play during your intimate moments with your partner(s). The softness and pliability of feathers provide a tantalizingly sensual experience while also allowing you to experiment with different types of pressure-based stimulation like teasing tickles or spanking strokes. Plus, because it’s not too intimidating (compared to other bondage items like whips or paddles), beginners may find it easier than some other materials for their first foray into BDSM fun!

How Do I Use a Feather Tickler?

When using a feather tickler, always start slow and gentle. Begin by lightly running the feathers across your lover’s body paying special attention to sensitive areas such as the nipples, inner thighs and genitals for added stimulation. You can also move onto harder movements if desired, flicking or tapping around sensitive spots on your body with more force than before. Do not overdo it since too much intensity may cause discomfort. Focus on building up arousal through teasing caresses in order to create heightened pleasure sensations without any pain involved.

Why do People Use Feather Ticklers?

There are many reasons people enjoy using feather tickers but primarily they serve two purposes: pleasure and exploration. On the pleasure side, these toys create intense sensations without causing pain as other forms such as spanking may do. For exploration, combining feathery touches with power exchange roles creates an opportunity to experience something new that both partners can learn from.

What Types Of Bondage Are Best Suited To Using A Feather Tickler?

Feather tickers can be used in almost any type of bondage activity that requires control over position or restriction including rope play techniques. It is also a great tool to experiment with sensory deprivation where covering eyes and ears adds an additional dimension to feeling helpless yet trusting at the same time knowing your partner has full control over the situation. Another option could involve blindfolding the submissive before slowly teasing him/her to feel freedom within bounds set by yourself or your dominant partner.

Other Bondage Whip Tools to Consider 

Spanking Paddles

A BDSM spanking paddle is basically a flat piece of material used for impact play. This could be anything from leather or fur to wood or even metal- as long as it's able to deliver an enjoyable sting upon contact with skin! The goal is not pain, though some may enjoy that sensation, but pleasure through stimulation. Depending on the type of paddle chosen and its material properties, it can create sensations ranging from light tickling to intense stinging depending on what interests you most.


BDSM paddles are sex toys used to administer pleasurable pain during a consensual sexual act or role-play scene. These paddles come in many shapes, sizes, and materials including metal, silicone to wooden varieties. A traditional BDSM paddle is usually made of leather with one side being longer than the other with fringes or flurry at each end for added sensation play. The longer side is usually used for light strokes while the shorter end is reserved for more intense strikes and pleasure/pain sensations.


Floggers are one of the most common types of bondage tools seen in fetish clubs or used by practitioners during private sessions. They consist of a handle connected to many long thin strands which when swung create an intense sensation against the skin depending on their force and intensity.


Feather ticklers are sex equipment designed to give the submissive sensory pleasure. One of the most renowned ways to enjoy bondage is through sensory pleasure. Most people view feather ticklers as a standard form of harder-impact play. Feather ticklers perform when coupled with other sex objects like paddles and whips. Feather ticklers are the best sex equipment for newcomers learning impact play. Feather ticklers can produce a variety of feelings, especially if the dominant partner delicately touches the skin. Various feather ticklers are available. Each is designed with different add-ons to give the submissive partner an intense sensory impact play. Additionally, feather ticklers are one of the easiest tools because they do not require training or previous knowledge.