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Fetish Collection

Fetish Collection

  • Black Leather Dog - shaped Hood And Ring With Studs - Peaches and Screams
    Black Leather Dog - shaped Hood And Ring With Studs - Peaches and Screams
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    Fetish Collection

    Black Leather Dog-shaped Hood And Ring With Studs

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    The Black Leather Dog-shaped Hood with Ring and Studs is a distinctive and edgy BDSM accessory designed for those exploring the kinkier realms of f...

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    Original Price £64.21
    Current Price £49.39
    Save £14.82
    Only 5 left!

Fetish Collection - PVC Orgy Bedsheets and Masks

Buy your Bondage Gear and Sex Bedsheets from Fetish Collection at Peaches and Screams UK Sex Shop today. Browse PVC Orgy Bondage Bedding and BDSM Bed Coverings

Buy your Bondage Gear and Sex Bedsheets from Fetish Collection at Peaches and Screams UK Sex Shop today. Fetish Collection is one of the leading manufacturers of sexy bedroom garments that aims at giving the best sexual deviations and symbolic expression of eroticisms. The company also targets to get couples out of the shadows and celebrate their sexuality. Enjoy a new version of bedroom games with Fetish Collection tonight.

The term BDSM seems to be growing every day, with people ready to explore its different meanings and how it can do wonders in the bedroom. It has been around for a long time, but do you know what It means? According to differentsex experts, BDSM has various meanings depending on who is using it. However, the universal full meaning is Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism. Therefore, for a couple to enjoy the sexual fantasies driven by BDSM in the bedroom, there has to be a submissive and dominant partner. The couple also needs the right equipment to explore this erotic bondage, which calls for high-quality and safe bondage gear such as Fetish Collection.

Are you ready to enjoy a whole night full of pleasure and sassy games? What are you waiting for? Fetish Collection will definitely turn your dream to be true by urging you to revive your fantasies into total lust. The brand has been manufacturing the best bondage gear and PVC Orgy Bedding to give you a good and erotic time with your partner. The collection comprises bondage masks, bed sheets, and other bondage garments.

Fetish Bondage Face Masks

Fetish bondage face masks come in a wide range of materials, colors, and designs.  They are suitable for both submissive and dominant lovers who want to show they are in charge of everything in the bedroom. You can get your first bondage mask from the Fetish collection at Peaches and Screams UK Sex shop and surprise your partner tonight. However, before rushing to buy or order one today, there are a few things you need to know about Fetish bondage headgear. First, you need to understand their functions, how to use them, and how to shop for the best products.

Why Do You Need Bondage Headgear?

BDSM pros would tell you that sex feels better when you don't see it coming. Covering your eyes and ears not to hear and see what your partner is up to makes things steamier in the bedroom. Bedroom bondage helps to lock out the world and lets you concentrate more on things that bring more pleasure. Bondage also restricts the wearer's ability to speak, see, smell, and hear anything around them, and increases sexual arousal. Even a simple tongue lick will feel explosively intense, which helps you fit into your darkest sexual fantasies. Therefore, as a newbie in bondage games, you should understand why you need bondage headgear before buying one.

How to Choose the Best Bondage Headgear

Peaches and Screams UK sex shop sells a variety of BDSM garments such as Black Imitation Leather Fetish Bondage Dog Mask from Fetish Collection. This means you can get everything you want under one roof. However, how do you identify the best products for your sexual fantasies? Here are three major factors to consider when buying your first bondage gear;

Understand Your BDSM Interest Levels

Bondage headgears are designed for a different purpose; you can wear them to restrict one sensory and heighten the other, for aesthetic reasons, or to let your partner inflicts pain on you without seeing them. Whichever the reason pushing you to use bondage headgear, consider your BDSM interests and how well you understand the actions. For instance, newbies are advised to stick to simple and less restrictive hoods and headgear such as masks and blindfolds. They should also avoid anything that restricts their breathing or speaking and let their partners know when it hurts.

Intermediaries and advanced users already know their crazy fetish levels and can choose anything that gives them joy like gags, hoods with hollow mouths, air mask hoods, penis gags, leather, and metallic open mouth masks. However, they should stick to flexible gear that can be easily removed in case of any issue.

Consider the Material

Bondage headgears are made from different materials like leather, latex, rubber, metal, and neoprene. Some headgears are made with pure material like metal and leather while others will combine different materials to give visual appeal and functionality. Since nobody can dictate the type of material you choose, remember to stick to those that feel comfortable to your skin, easy to clean, and durable. Additionally, choose headgear with adjustable straps or buttons.

Check on The Headgear Safety

Whether you are a newbie or an advanced user, you should consider the safety of any headgear before buying it. Does it have well-defined breathing spaces? Is it easy to slip in and out? Is it made with non-toxic material, especially if it is going in your mouth? Remember, you are looking for something to increase your pleasure and not send you to an emergency room.

Fetish PVC Orgy Bedding

Fetish PVC Orgy bedding are used in places of your standard bedsheets to prevent your juices from soiling the bed. If you feel your standard bedding cannot withstand the level of your bedroom games, including lubes, party sex, or ointments and oils used during your sex sessions, buying a PVC orgy bedsheet could be the best solution. Fetish orgy bedsheets such as Purple PVC Orgy Bedsheets are designed to withstand your wildest nights, can support many people without tearing, and can prevent all types of sex lubes from reaching your expensive sheets and mattress.

How to Choose the Best Orgy Bedsheets

Choosing the best orgy bed sheets depends on your sexual fantasies and the material. If you are looking forward to having adventurous sex, the type of sex you have dreaming about such as party sex or using body oils, getting a durable and high-quality orgy bedsheet should be your choice. However, getting a high-quality bedsheet that can withstand many people also calls for a lump sum of money.

The best orgy bedsheets are also determined by the material used. For instance, most sex bedsheets are made of PVC material that prevents sex juices and lubes from leaking to your standard bed sheets and mattress. PVC bedsheets are also easy to clean and durable. You can cum and cum over it without worrying about the underneath sheets. However, they are not best for sleeping due to their slippery nature.