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Linx Kinx Minx

  • 7-inch Black Emperor Penis Sleeve For Him - Peaches and Screams
    7-inch Black Emperor Penis Sleeve For Him - Peaches and Screams
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    Original Price £13.51
    Current Price £10.39
    Linx Kinx Minx

    7-inch Black Emperor Penis Sleeve For Him

    Only 3 left!

    The 7-Inch Black Emperor Penis Cock Sleeve for Him is a stretchy, comfortable solution to an instant size boost. This sleeve doesn and rsquot just ...

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    Original Price £13.51
    Current Price £10.39
    Save £3.12
    Only 3 left!

Buy Linx Kinx Minx Sex Toys at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop. Discover Cock Rings, Vibrators, Dildos, Penis Enlargers, Male Masturbators, Butt Plugs, Nipple Clamps, Anal Beads

Most life activities require the best equipment or tools to help get there. The same applies to sex. No matter what you wish for, either experiencing solo play or sex encounter with a partner, the right sex objects will do the work perfectly. That’s why the Linx Kinx Minx sex toys at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop is here with the best sex toys ever in the market. Visit the Linx Kinx Minx sex toys website today for more information and sample products.

What are sex toys?

A sex toy can be described as a tool used for primarily facilitating human sexual gratification. In the modern world, sex toys are becoming a household necessity. Yes, why not? The new technology has also developed a lot of them, more so the vaginal vibrators, penis strokers, and anal plugs, among others. If it’s your first time in the world of sex toys, simply go through this guide to find more information on how to buy and use them.

Tips for buying a sex toy

What are you looking for in a sex toy?

Among the most important things is what you want to acquire from the toy. For instance, is it orgasm from the clitoris, G-spot, or treating your partner? Maybe you’ve never experienced clitoral orgasm or internal and want that satisfaction through a sex toy. You, therefore, will go for toys particularly meant for such works or even more. Let’s say you wish for a;

  • Clitoral stimulation- This can be utilized through bullet vibrators, magic wands, and rabbit toys that specifically sensitize the clitoris. Individuals that are extra sensitive can use toys causing pulsation or sing air suction to stimulate the clit.
  • G-Spot or internal stimulation- The best choices are dildos and classic vibrators that can penetrate the inside of your vagina and increase sensations.
  • Double simulation (Clitoral and vaginal) - Especially the rabbit vibrator which stimulates both the external part and internal at the same time.
  • Simulatory sex toys- This category contains toys like fleshlights, dildos, boobs, real-feel butts among others.
  • Prostate sensation- Prostate massagers are the best for increasing pleasure at the prostate area.


Think about any allergy kinds to your body. Do you react to rubber or silicon? Look for a toy with easier to clean materials and feels great on your body.

  • Rubber and plastic  – In most cases make dildos and toys that are inexpensive. They come in numerous shapes, color, and texture. While you can save in buying them, plastics made with a mix of chemicals are likely to irritate your skin when they come into contact. Rubber mainly is porous, thus likely to store or trap dirt and bacteria that could affect your health.
  • Silicon - This is a great material for sex toys. It feels like actual skin, has high flexibility, and is soft. Getting a toy made of 100% silicon serves wonderfully because it’s safe, non-porous, and easy to clean. They might be costly, but easy to maintain and likely to last longer. Just be keen not to clean in boiling water as high temperatures cause melting.
  • Stainless steel - This material is non-porous, temperature sensitive, and durable. People love it for the longer service it gives. It’s great for massaging and penetrative sex. The only downside is that it’s heavier.
  • Glass - Glass is fragile and heavier, but plays a wonderful role in penetrative sex. Their ability to retain heat gives an advantage for keeping warm and adding more pleasure when in use. Being non-porous, it’s easy to sanitize and has high durability. Please avoid hot water as it can disfigure it.

Quiet or noisy?

Different vibrators, masturbators, and massagers produce sounds differently. It may be a concern during usage to your apartment dwellers, neighbors, or any other people around. Therefore, look at the description given and find out the extent their sound can go, either quiet, moderate noise, or too loud. You can as well check it for yourself before accepting to take home for use.


We’ve got waterproof rabbit vibrators for use in the shower and bathroom. Getting a waterproof vibrator suits individuals with the urge to expose sex when showering or bathing.


Sex toys plugged on the wall are known to work better, vibrate more, and last longer. Nevertheless, most of them are noisier. They also play multiple functions like rubbing your back. If you buy a rechargeable or battery operated toy, it can serve you from anywhere. No need for an outlet. But, mostly the battery powered toys never last as long as the others.


What hand or tongue stimulation kind do you prefer? Mild or intense. It can be a bit hard to realize it when buying. It’s the reason we recommend that you buy one with adjustable speed ranging from low to high. Also, the vibration type matters a lot. It can either be buzzy- sensation is felt on the skin surface, and throbby whereby it gets deeper into the skin providing deep tissue massage.


Do you like an internal stimulation, external, or both? On the lips, clit, or inside the vagina? Well, until you get to it, you may never know your real preference. Some ladies feel extremely stimulated closer to the body’s outside, leading to an orgasm. These group needs a vibrator reaching one to three inches in the vagina. Those looking out for vaginal penetration, get a shaft-shaped vibrator. Additionally, to know the best size, insert your fingers inside the vagina and know how many feel comfortable. Then, find the width taken by those fingers as your toy size for ladies. Men too should look for a toy that fits properly, especially if it’s a sex doll, stroker, or sleeve.

How to use a sex toy

Begin by determining and choosing the best vibration speed and pattern for you. Make the area slippery by applying some lube, then start moving the vibrator around your labia and clitoris until you find that spot, where it feels superb. You can further move to applying the vibrator all over your body surface. The thing may seem small but you won’t believe how great it works beneath the labia surface and around your clit for women and around the prostate area or penis for men. Later on with more experience, you’ll be amused by how you can reach a precision level of fantasy with a good toy. Women who’ve gotten into it for longer say their clits have a specific side that’s more sensitive.

There’s a technique called edging. It’s the practice of taking your body near the orgasm edge but not getting to it just yet. Continue doing that until you reach your optimal arousal level that a simple touch will leave you exploding. This plus more other techniques get realized especially after a long time of using the sex toy. Also, understand that most toys have various settings. They range from settings for timid beginners who’ll be interested in the gentlest movements to those in need of solid smashing with great intensity. Each feeling is worth giving a try to get to know what you’d never imagine.