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Keep your gag reflexes in check buy Oral Enhancement Sprays and Throat Desensitizing Spray from Peaches and Screams. Oral sex is highly intimate and if done properly it brings couples closer and makes them want to explore and play more. Some women struggle with orally pleasing their male partners because they find it hard to comfortably accommodate the penis in their mouth. Peaches and Screams have a sensuously delicious platter of sprays and gels to desensitise your gag reflexes and make it easy to perform oral sex. From wild cherry to mystical mint flavoured sprays the selection extends to luscious gels and lip balms for hot wild kisses. Oral Sex Enhancement Sprays and Blow Job Numbing Sprays are just what the doctor ordered for sexy and deeper oral sex. This category of sexual goodies also brings you exciting rimming sprays. There is an art to giving oral sex and with practice you can become an expert. The trick is not to dive in but perform other forms of stimulation as you make way to the penis or vagina. Throw a pillow or cushion on the floor and kiss your way up to your man’s penis and with the minty flavour in your mouth give them enhanced tingling sensations. Alternatively kiss lips and other sensitive parts of the body and caress them and once the heat starts rising head for full oral sex. Return the favour and put a pillow under your woman’s bottom to raise the pelvis for easier access to the clitoris or pull up a chair and let them offer themselves up in a sitting position from the edge of the table. Successful oral sex rests on trust and the ability to sensually communicate your needs to each other during play. When you perform oral sex on your man they will almost always want to return the pleasure. Oral Sex Enhancement Sprays and Blow Job Numbing Sprays will help you take charge and control your gag reflexes in a safe and soothing way. Buy and experiment with various products from this category and master the art of orally pleasuring your lover. Oral sex is more thrilling after you have shared a bath or shower and are both, smelling heavenly fresh. Select sprays and gels that work well with latex condoms or dental dams for safe protected oral sex. Fill up your shopping cart with a variety of these products and make oral sex a vital part of your sexual intercourse. Give and receive stunning oral sex. Buy and use these and make your desire known the oral sex way. Dim the lights, turn on some romantic music, add body chocolate to your play or some electro stimulation and expert sensual touching and transport your lover to new gratification heights. Let your tongue thrill and hold your lover’s attention. Invite steamy sex into your life indulge in some wild and wet oral sex in the shower. Lubricate, tease and tantalise with your oral sex skills. Drive your lover wild with desire let your tongue take them to toe curling orgasms. Buy products from this category from Peaches and Screams and add to your drawer of bedroom delights. Improve the quality of your orgasms add well-executed oral sex to your erotic games. Enjoy and exercise the power of oral sex on your lover and be their only go to person for intimate pleasure. Strengthen your relationship and bond with your partner put oral sex on the table. Make sensual waves with your tongue. Unleash your wet naughty tongue and watch your lover pant and moan in unrestrained ecstasy. Strengthen your gag reflexes and bring down the house with hot oral moves. Experience the power and erotic adrenaline of giving explosive oral sex.


Oral Sex Enhancement Sprays and Gels make oral sex better for you both. From desensitizing spray to gently numb your throat to tasty gels and sprays to freshen your breath and give your body an added sweetness, Peaches and Screams has everything you need to turn up the excitement in your mouths. Oral sex is amazing for men and for women. You’d like to please your partner with the bed oral sex you can offer. Make it better with oral sex enhancement sprays and gels from Peaches and Screams. Blow Job desensitizing sprays give your mouth a sweet or spicy taste while gently numbing your throat so you can fit more of him inside your mouth. If you can fit more of him in your mouth and he can trust deeper into your throat, he will have more pleasure and have larger, more powerful orgasms, possibly even faster than without these yummy desensitizing sprays. These great sprays are available in different fruit, mint, or cinnamon flavours. Choose your favorite, spray, and go down on him the way he craves. Oral sex can be fun for anal play as well. In this section of our Bedroom Essentials Collection, you will also find great tasting gels for anal oral sex as well. Spice up all your oral sex desires with these delicious gels. Some offer fun sensations such as warming or cooling as well. Enhancing oral sex only make oral sex better. You can also find incredible balms in our sex sprays and gels Bedroom Essentials collection. Add these balms to your lips for a tasty surprise for your lover. As you kiss, lick, or suck your lover’s skin, the balm from your lips will leave a tingling sensation on their skin. Entice your lover with incredible oral sex balms for exciting mouth play. Oral sex enhancement sprays can enhance the feeling your lover receives while you use these fantastic and fun products. Oral sex enhancement sprays can also enhance the feeling you feel in your own mouth as you are performing oral sex on your lover. With incredible tastes like refreshing mint, your mouth will feel clean and refreshed while your lover will feel the minty tingling sensation. After oral sex, you can use enhancement sprays to freshen your breath and give your mouth a minty or cinnamon taste. Gel or oral sex sprays can be used to make your surfaces more slick and tastier. All of these oral sex enhancement sprays and gels here in our Bedroom Essentials collection at Peaches and Screams make oral sex more fun and exciting for you both. Oral sex lotions, gels, and spray make oral sex more exciting. These work well with dams and condoms too. Give your mouth an explosion of taste with the fun, exciting, and tasty oral sex enhancement sprays and gels from the Bedroom Essentials Collection here at Peaches and Screams. Mix and match to please you both. We provide full discretion with your orders from billing to discreet packaging to your door.

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