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Oral Sex Enhancement Sprays and Gels


Keep your gag reflexes in check. Buy oral Enhancement sprays, and Throat Desensitizing sprays from Peaches and Screams.

Oral sex is highly intimate, brings couples closer and makes them want to explore and play more. Some women might struggle with orally pleasing their male partners because they find it hard to accommodate the penis in their mouth comfortably. Peaches and Screams have a sensuously delicious platter of sprays and gels to desensitise your gag reflexes and make it easy to perform oral sex. From wild cherry to mystical mint-flavoured sprays, the selection extends to luscious gels and lip balms for hot wild kisses. This category of sexual goodies also brings you exciting rimming sprays.

There is an art to giving oral sex, and you can become an expert with practice. The trick is not to dive in but perform other forms of stimulation as you reach the penis or vagina. Throw a pillow or cushion on the floor, kiss your way up to your man’s penis, and give them enhanced tingling sensations with the minty flavour in your mouth. Alternatively, kiss lips and other sensitive parts of the body and caress them once the heat starts rising head for full oral sex. Return the favour and put a pillow under your woman’s bottom to raise the pelvis for easier access to the clitoris. Pull up a chair and let them offer themself in a sitting position from the edge of the table. Successful oral sex rests on trust and the ability to sensually communicate your needs to each other during play and return the pleasure. 

What Are Oral Sex Enhancement Sprays and Gels?

Due to gag reflexes and the unpleasant taste of the natural fluids, there is a need to sweeten things and curb the urge to throw up. Oral sex enhancement sprays and blow job numbing sprays will help you enjoy giving and receiving oral sex. Wild cherries and mystical mint are special compounds added to the oral sex sprays to make the game more comfortable. Sweetening compounds like lip balms and other flavours are essential in making the oral game successful. These flavours have different sensations, such as warming, tingly, and numbing effects. The game can be mutual and used by both partners to enjoy oral pleasure.


Desensitize and Numb

Oral sex enhancement sprays and gels make oral sex better for you both. From desensitizing spray to gently numb your throat to tasty gels and sprays to freshen your breath and give your body an added sweetness, Peaches and Screams has everything you need to turn up the excitement in your mouth.

Oral sex is amazing for men and women. Make it better with oral sex enhancement sprays and gels from Peaches and Screams. Blow job desensitizing sprays give your mouth a sweet or spicy taste while gently numbing your throat so you can fit more of him. This will give the man more pleasure and more powerful orgasms, possibly even faster than without these desensitizing sprays.

Good for Anal Sex

Oral sex can also be fun for anal play, and you can find great-tasting gels in the Bedroom Essentials Collection. Spice up all your oral sex desires with these delicious gels.

Cool and Warm Sensation

Some offer fun sensations such as warming or cooling as well. Enhancing oral sex only makes oral sex better. You can also find incredible balms in our sex sprays and gels Bedroom essentials collection. Add these balms to your lips for a tasty surprise for your lover. As you kiss, lick, or suck your lover’s skin, the balm from your lips will leave a tingling sensation on your skin. Entice your lover with incredible oral sex balms for exciting mouth play. 

Taste Enhancement

These great sprays are available in fruit, mint, or cinnamon flavours for one's choice. Oral sex enhancement sprays can also enhance the experience in your mouth as you perform oral sex on your lover. With incredible tastes like refreshing mint, your mouth will feel clean and refreshed while your lover will feel the minty tingling sensation. After oral sex, you can use enhancement sprays to freshen your breath and give your mouth a minty or cinnamon taste.

Gel or oral sex sprays can make your surfaces slick and tastier. These oral sex enhancement sprays and gels here in our bedroom essentials collection at Peaches and Screams make oral sex more fun and exciting for you both. Oral sex lotions, gels, and sprays make oral sex more exciting. These work well with dams and condoms too. 

Reduce Gag Reflexes

Oral sex has been used for pleasure for a long time. People are constantly accepting the sensation of this amazing sexual activity. Although oral sex is highly pleasurable, some ladies have found it difficult to please their partners because of gag reflexes. However, your trouble is as good as gone with the different oral sex enhancement sprays and gels available. These oral sex enhancement sprays offer a great and comfortable oral sex session.

Using Throat Desensitizing Sprays

Before indulging in oral sex, thorough cleaning is required. If you are into protected sex, use condoms and dental dams. When using these protective gears, find oral sex sprays that are compatible with the material of the condoms. After selecting the needed products for the game, make the room set for the pleasure moment. Reduce the light in the room, and make them as dim as possible. Music improvised to make the mood romantic may be necessary if you prefer. The game might as well start in the shower. These stimulating sprays for your throat provide a good bond between you and your partner.

Although the mouth is wet with saliva, oral sex enhancement sprays are great for smooth and slick penetration of the penis in the mouth. More spray in the mouth helps produce more saliva for lubrication. The sweet taste encourages uninterrupted, safe, and fun play. Other flavours, such as mint, provide freshness in the mouth and a tingly sensation to the sensitive parts of the penis and the labia. With these, you are assured of sensation. Oral sex is part of the pleasure and should never be overlooked as bad or unnecessary. When the session is done correctly, the relationship improves too.

Choosing the Right Oral Sex Sprays

Oral sex enhancement sprays and gels come with different specifications and effects on the mouth and throat. For this reason, consider the following when selecting oral sex enhancement sprays and gels.

The Ingredients

Throat-desensitizing sprays and gels are healthy extracts from natural products, such as fruits. With these extracts, the oral game is natural and safe. However, various contents may cause irritations and burning sensations. The enhancement game is taken to the next level with the right ingredient.

Additional Flavors of the Oral Sex Enhancement Sprays And Gels

Oral sex sprays are added with several agents to enhance their flavours and performance. These include numbing agents that make the session more comfortable by desensitizing the throat, making the gag reflexes gone. You may also enjoy the warming effects additives that make the game warmer and sensational. This provides intense heat to the penis making the man feel extra stimulation. Some throat-desensitizing sprays have cooling effects that bring erotic chills to the action. The tingly sensation from the mint flavours makes the penis and clit itch in pleasure and sensation.

Colours of the Sprays And Gels

The sensation is more pleasing when your favourite colour is used. Make the game as colourful as possible using the various shades of oral sex enhancement sprays available.

Other Products Related to Oral Enhancement Sprays

Sexual lubricants and oils are used similarly to oral enhancement sprays to add another level of sensual pleasure. There are different types of lubes in our collection:

Water-based Lubricators

Water-based lubes are among the most popular types due to their affordability and wide availability. They are generally less sticky than silicone-based ones, making them ideal for sex toys as they won’t damage any materials like some other lubricants might do.

Flavoured Lubricants and Oils

From mango, banana, and strawberry to raspberry,  flavoured sex lubes gives the gliding required while also enhancing the smell and taste of sex. These can be great for oral sex and foreplay. 

Silicone Sex Lubes

For those looking for a longer-lasting lubricant or one with extra slickness, silicone-based lubes may be the best option due to their durability and slippery texture. Remember that silicone lube should never be used alongside silicone sex toys. It will degrade them over time resulting in damage.

Warming and Cooling Sex Lubes

Warming and cooling lube options are great additions when looking for something different sensation-wise when wanting heightened arousal in specific areas. The effects can range from mild warming to cooling tingles allowing you to enjoy extended pleasure.

Massage Oil

Erotic body massage oils are the best to have when giving a partner a sensual rubbing which can lead to sexual pleasure. Massage oil is also great for setting the mood before things get steamy between two bodies. It smells amazing and feels divine against the skin. Certain oils have natural aphrodisiac properties, which could be just what you need when trying out something new in bed.

Masturbation Lubes 

Masturbation lubes in our collection offer added smoothness and slickness needed when giving oneself pleasure. Specific lubricators are used for anal and toy masturbation. 

Sex Lube Applicators

For the best lubrication, sex lube applicators are essential. These help one apply the lube safely and hygienically. 


Buy and experiment with various products from this category and master the art of orally pleasuring your lover. Oral sex is more thrilling after you have shared a bath or shower; both smell heavenly and fresh. Select sprays and gels that work well with latex condoms or dental dams for safe, protected oral sex. Dim the lights, turn on some romantic music, add body chocolate to your play or some electro-stimulation and expert sensual touching and transport your lover to new gratification heights. Let your tongue thrill and hold your lover’s attention. Invite steamy sex into your life and indulge in wild and wet fellatio and cunnilingus with the help of oral enhancement sprays.