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There is no better way to a great sex session than having a perfect foreplay session. At Peaches and Screams we have the Kama Sutra Intensifying Gel made from natural herbs and high quality safe ingredients that will give fantastic warming arousals thus enhancing the sexual enjoyment and satisfaction. As the gel begins to  warm, the bodies begin to feel an exciting arousal as one feels the warmth spread across the skin, necessary for increasing pleasure an triggering multiple incredible orgasms.   

Has the incredible spicy scent of cinnamon turns up the heat and entices all the body senses. This intensifying gel with arousing sensations by Kama Sutra enhances the sexual experience by focusing your senses on sensual satisfaction. The Kama Sutra brand stems from the ancient Kama Sutra texts. Kama Sutra is a well-known ancient practice based on ancient text on aspects of life from all angles, philosophy, and sexual behaviours of human beings. Kama Sutra has grown to a movement for sexual desires, positions, endurance, and incredible sensations by way of thinking, feeling, and the use of exciting products. Check out the entire line of Kama Sutra products on our portal and choose the best products to accompany them with in order to create the perfect experience all night long. Out of the wide variety of choices, one could add oils and massage lotions, aphrodisiac products, candles, game, toys, and more to the bucket list along with Kama Sutra in order to have the most connected experience as couples.

The Astroglide Water-based Personal Lubricant created by an aerospace chemist while he was working on the Space Shuttle, Daniel Wray, formerly in aerospace, experimented with 300 different formulas before finally perfecting Astroglide Water-based Personal Lubricant by Daniel Wray. With extraordinary lubricating and moisturizing properties, Astroglide mirrors your body's natural moisture and body fluids to its best actually almost to perfection. This water-based non-toxic formula is unlike many other personal lubricants, it has retaining properties for hours without drying or becoming sticky. Add moisture right where some is required to avoid dryness; add to ease gliding and penetration process to avoid unnecessary frictions where moisture is limited.

To achieve the best results, one has to focus on their erogenous zones and all the pleasure one can gain from using Astroglide Water-based Personal Lubricant by Daniel Wray and having a smooth rhythm with their partners is just massive. Reach over for a quick lube before sex to make sure just where parties involved may it be gay sex or normal man woman sex that bodies are completely ready for penetration. Check out all the Astroglide products Peaches and Screams carries for incredible comfort and easy glide with your partner.

Durex has been trusted for sexual products and protection for a very long time now. Durex is a trusted brand name in lubricants, sex protection condoms, and sexual pleasures. Give each other the gift of added pleasure with Durex Play Heat Water Soluble Warming Lubricant. All individuals involved irrespective of sexual orientation would appreciate and love to have the added warming sensation when they are together. Durex aids in creating pleasurable moments for more intimate couples thus enhancing the lovemaking sessions with a very warming sensation. Enhance the sex life and add extra pleasure and sensations by building strong sexual bond with Durex Play Heat Water Soluble Warming Lubricant in the bedroom environment. Durex makes incredible products designed to bring partners closer together at every intimate moments all the time. Imagine that warming sensation on your body as you penetrate your lover’s body who is also feeling an incredible warming as well, such feelings and contact can be perfected by use of Durex Play Heat Water Soluble Warming Lubricant, you and your lover can have amazing sensual time and a better sex together. Durex Play Heat Water Soluble Warming Lubricant turns the bedroom environ into a place of sexual pleasure. Add warmth, enjoyment, and incredible glide with added sensation by using Durex Play Heat Water Soluble Warming Lubricant. Connect with each other in the bedroom and spend special, intimate time together creating enjoyable and hot erotic moments. Focus on intimacy with your land turn up the heat with Durex Play Heat Water Soluble Warming Lubricant. Designed for pleasure, this is a non-greasy formula. Amazing Durex Play Heat Water Soluble Warming Lubricant is odourless and safe to use with condoms and your toys. It is water soluble and gentle for your skin. You will both fall in love with Durex Play Heat Water Soluble Warming Lubricant.

WET warming, is an amazing new experience product and the hottest new member in the family of fun and sensual products found on our online portal. Wet warming intimate lubricant gently heats on contact giving a great transition from hot foreplay to a session of erotic penetration that no one would want to end at any point. WET Warming is silky smooth, long lasting, water soluble and does not harm latex materials. WET products are doctor recommended for enhancing your most intimate moments and can be ordered very comfortably online with the other warming lubes at very high discreet levels and perfect delivery services. 

Kama Sutra Intensifying Gel: Warming and Arousing £13.50
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Durex Play Heat Water Soluble Warming Lubricant £8.50
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System Jo Warming Super Long Lasting Latex Compatible Massage Glide £16.99
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Pjur Myglide Water Based Stimulating and Warming Sex Lube 30ml £9.99
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