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Warming Lubes

Warming Lubes

Warming Lube for Sex - Buy Intimate Warming Lubricant to Intensify Sex

Buy warming sex lube at Peaches and Screams, UK's favourite ❤️sex shop. Warming sex lubricants increase stimulation during erotic play. When applied to sensitive parts, the lube warms up the skin, increasing blood flow to the applied area. This heightens your sensitivity and arousal, giving you longer sexual stamina.

There is no better way to have a great sex session than having perfect foreplay. The Kama Sutra intensifying warming gel is made from natural herbs and high-quality, safe ingredients that will give fantastic warming arousal, thus enhancing sexual enjoyment and satisfaction. As the gel begins to warm, one feels exciting arousal as the warmth spreads across the skin. This warming gel with arousing sensations by Kama Sutra enhances the sexual experience by focusing your senses on sexual satisfaction. Kama Sutra is a well-known ancient practice based on the ancient aspects of life from all angles, philosophy, and sexual behaviours of human beings. Check out the entire Kama Sutra products and choose the best products to create the perfect experience all night long.

What are Warming Lubes?

WET warming is an amazing product and the hottest new member in the family of fun and sensual products found on our online portal. Warming lubricants gently heat on contact, transitioning from hot foreplay to a session of erotic penetration that no one would want to end at any point. This lube is silky smooth, long-lasting, water-soluble, and does not disintegrate latex materials. Their gentle heating effect helps bring both partners closer by providing smooth and sensual sensations throughout intimate moments.

Why Use Intimate Warming Lubricants

Increased Arousal

Through the added warmth on contact with skin, warming sex lubes increase arousal, which leads to more pleasurable sensations during lovemaking.

Longer Lasting Lubrication

The combination of slickness from regular lubricants plus the warmth from the temperature enhancers increases staying power, meaning less time is spent reapplying throughout intimacy sessions!

Easier Penetration

Warming sex lube makes it much easier to penetrate or insert toys due to its slippery nature and softer nerve endings caused by enhanced blood circulation.

Heightened Sensitivity & Better Orgasms

The improved blood flow enhances sensitivity, unlocking heightened pleasure points - something both partners can enjoy equally!

Variety & Choice

Warming Sex Lubes come in various textures and consistencies so that users can find their perfect fit depending on their desired experience. Whether you’re after silky smooth buttons or a thicker option designed specifically for anal play, there is something for everyone.

Full Guide: How to Buy Warming Sex Lubes

Tingling lubricants increase sensation during erotic play. When applied to sensitive parts, the lube warms up the skin, increasing blood flow to the application area. This heightens your sensitivity and arousal giving you longer sexual stamina. For women going through menopause, warming sex lubricants can be a great way to regain optimum blood flow and sensation to the genitals.

Depending on the strength and brand of the lube, the warming sensation can last for a few minutes or hours after sexual stimulation. If you love feeling your partner long after intercourse, longer-lasting warmth will be a golden addition to your experience. Warming sex lubricants are awesome for self-stimulation or partnered play. Some, especially water-based warming sex lubricants, are flavoured and edible, allowing you to take your games to new heights. With the many lubes in the market, consider the following aspects to get the right one.

Consider the Different Types

Warming sex lubricants are silicone-based, water-based, or oil-based. The former have a higher constituency hence, are long-lasting. They are also silkier and can be used in showers and pools. Water-based warming sex lubricants are thicker than silicone, though they tend to dry out quickly during intercourse. Oil-based warming sex lubricants provide a longer-lasting slide. They are best for non-penetrative sexual plays such as male masturbation and massage. This lube is not recommended for vaginal penetration because oil can cause pores blockage, increasing the risks of infections.

Consider the Ingredients

With any lubricant, always pay attention to the ingredients used. While most are harmless, some can cause skin irritations or severe allergic reactions. Propylene glycol and capsaicin are the most common ingredients in warming sex lubricants. Other natural minty or peppery ingredients, such as cinnamon, spearmint, and ginger, also provide the burning effect. Ensure that none of the used ingredients is known irritant to you or your partner. It is also advisable to perform an allergic test before using the lube to ensure there won’t be any unexpected consequences.

Consider the Extras

Warming sex lubricants are designed to intensify your sensations and heighten your stimulation. Some water-based sex lubricants are flavoured and edible, making erotic play even more sensational. Apply the warming lubricant on your partner’s most erogenous areas and lick them up. The wet sensation will be extremely sensual as the cool air swipes over them. You can also choose from various scents and flavours like lavender, mint, rosemary, and ginger to relax your mind and add some erotic twist to the ambience. It all depends on how creative you are in the bedroom.

How to Use Warming Lubricants

  • Ensure everyone involved has open and honest communication about what they like or don’t like. This provides an understanding of boundaries, so everyone knows their limits.
  • Choose the ideal warming lubricant for sex. Go for silicone-based lube if you desire long-lasting sessions. For those with skin sensitivity, use water-based lubricants for sex.
  • Apply enough lube on sex toys and orifices for easier insertion.
  • Clean up after use to prevent infections.

    Safety Tips When Using Tingling Sex Lubricants

    1. Pay extra attention to the ingredients; avoid any ingredients known to irritate you or your partner. It’s important to buy from reputable brands to ensure quality.
    2. Warming sex lubricants are designed to create a reaction. Before using them on your genitals, apply a small amount on the inside of your wrist to gauge how your body responds. If you are comfortable with the feeling, it will feel the same in your genitals. 
    3. If you are experiencing any vaginal irritation or have just completed your monthly periods, avoid using warming sex lubricants. These lubes can worsen the irritation, making you more susceptible to infection.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Warming Sex Lubricants

    Does Warming Lube Increase Sensitivity?

    Tingle gels increase blood flow to the applied area. This can make the nerves more sensitive to touch, enhancing sexual pleasure.

    Is Warming Lube Safe?

    Intimate warming lubricants are safe. However, if you have skin sensitivity, steer clear of this lubricant unless your dermatologist approves it.

    Can I Use Warm Lube with Condoms?

    You can incorporate condoms into your play using water-based or silicone-based tingle gels. However, oil-based sex lubricants are not ideal for use with latex condoms. They may cause breakage, leading to exposure to infections or unplanned pregnancies. 

    Which is Better, Cooling or Heating Sex Lubricant?

    This is a personal choice based on the desired sensations. If you want a numbing or tingly feeling, go for cooling lubricants. However, warming lubricants are ideal if you want warm sensations, particularly on cold days.

    Other Lubricants for Sex Worth Incorporating into Your Sex Life

    Oral Sprays and Gels

    Oral sprays and gels come in different varieties – some offer flavoured options while others provide lubrication or are designed specifically for enhancing sensation – so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

    Cooling Lubes

    Cooling lubes might be just what you need if you're looking for a way to stay fresh and comfortable during intimate activities. This lube provides an intense but not overwhelming sensation, making them great for increased arousal during foreplay or intercourse. It has an excitingly refreshing feeling which helps bring something new and different into the bedroom. Furthermore, some users report that cold lubricants are especially helpful with providing additional stimulation in areas such as genitalia or anal regions since they may be more sensitive due to heightened blood flow during sexual activity.

    Massage Oils

    Every couple can benefit from taking a break and unlocking their partner's inner calm state with erotic massage oils. These natural ingredients can help soothe tense muscles and bring couples closer together by allowing them to explore new sensations through intimate touch. Couples can slow down and relax using these special oils, which help create an atmosphere of trust and understanding for even more enjoyable experiences in bed.

    Flavoured Lubricants for Sex

    Are you looking for a way to inject more fun and romance into your lovemaking? Are you ready to experience the pleasure of flavoured lubricants? These tasty treats can take your intimate moments from great to extraordinary!

    Flavoured lubes offer an exciting twist on traditional lubrication. While offering all of the moisture-enhancing benefits of conventional lubricants, they also tantalize the taste buds with delicious flavours like strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Whether used as part of oral play or added as a special touch during intercourse, flavoured lubes are sure to add an extra element of pleasure that will leave both partners wanting more.

    These lubes also have numerous other benefits that may be surprising. Using flavoured lube minimizes vaginal discomfort caused by friction during intercourse due to its natural moisturizing properties. The lube is designed not to leave any sticky residue after use, so there is no need for post-sex cleanup!

    Masturbation Lubes and Oils

    Are you looking for a way to enhance your solo sexual experience? If so, masturbation lubes and oils are excellent places to start. With slippery satisfaction awaiting you, learning how to use these lubricants can help you achieve epic results properly.

    Perfectly formulated with natural ingredients, these lubes are designed to heighten sensation during masturbation, intensify orgasmic release and make your erotic exploration even more fun. Whether it’s a warming oil or soothing balm that tickles your fancy, each one comes with a unique combination of features so you can find something that matches your needs. Masturbation lubes also keep sensitive skin hydrated by providing nourishment while allowing for free movement.

    Sex Lube Applicators

    Using an appropriate sexual lubricant can reduce friction and improve your experience during sexual activity. It is important to understand how best to apply this lubrication with a sex lube applicator for the product to be used correctly.

    A sex lube applicator is designed to apply lubricant to hard-to-reach areas quickly. Unlike traditional application methods, such as hand or finger application, these tools are often angled or curved to make insertion easier and provide more precise control over where the lubricant goes. Some even come with built-in reservoirs that allow larger quantities of lubricant to be applied at once, saving time when prepping for sexual activities. Whether you're looking for ways to improve solo play or exploring anal experiences with your partner, these helpful devices will revolutionize your pleasure sessions.


        Sex doesn’t have to be about ordinary kissing and thrusting. Add warming sensations to the mix and enjoy a sexual eroticism of a lifetime. Peaches and Screams are dedicated to delivering the best warming sex lubricants from reputable brands like WET, Kama Sutra, and Astroglide. Choose from water-based, silicone-based, oil-based, and flavoured warming sex lubricants to make sex more extraordinary for you and your partner.