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Oil based lubricants are not everyone’s cup of tea as they are messy, sticky and are prone to staining fabrics. With the world consuming organic products in the boatloads, the bedroom has not been left behind in the revolution of treating the body like the temple that it is. For all the lovers in the world, a well lubricated partner or toy serves to give you the ultimate pleasurable sexual experience as both parties are in tune with each other and the extra lubrication eases the strokes and provides a perfect slide into the kingdom of passionate orgasms. Water based lubricants are all the fuss when it comes to organic lubrication because they do not stain your fabrics and therefore can be used even when you are wearing your most prized lingerie or lying on your most expensive sheets. The lubricant adds moisture and your partner and toys easily glide over your body without worry of making a mess as the lube washes off easily.

Most water based lubricants are susceptible to fast drying since they evaporate at a faster rate than their oil based counterparts, therefore needing reapplication multiple times. At Peaches and Screams however, we give you the Astroglide Water Based Personal Lubricant by Daniel Wray. Unlike other water based lubes, Astroglide maintains its lubrication properties for hours and does not become sticky or gritty once it dries up. This means that Astroglide will require less reapplication and will be of great value to your sex life as it has the perks of an oil lubricant without the associated mess.

For women, choosing a safe lubricant proves a challenge sometimes especially if you have heightened sensitivity in and around your vagina. The best choice therefore becomes settling for a lube with a pH value that almost matches the pH of your vagina as the lube is guaranteed to be inside your body at some point in time. The Peaches and Screams shop stocks a lubricant made for women, by women, which ensures that the product is manufactured with the lady’s needs in mind and will be perfect for her use. Other water based lubricants tend to contain glycerin and parabens which are used for lubrication purposes and preservation respectively, which some women tend to be allergic to and therefore have no choice but to avoid organic lubes altogether. However, WET Naturals Water Based pH Balanced Lubricant Sensual Strawberry is paraben free and glycerin free. This means that every woman can now use this lube without fear of unpleasant consequences.

Peaches and Screams shop prides itself in understanding the needs of the clients and working hard to provide solutions to their pressing challenges that hinder them from pursuing their sexual goals and achieving as many orgasms as they can get. Our choice of organic sex lubes is based on the premise that lubrication should be for all so as to ensure you are getting the most out of your sex life, whether it is with your partner or with your beloved self and your toys.
WET Naturals Waterbased PH Balanced Lubricant Sensual Strawberry £14.49
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Astroglide Waterbased Personal Lubricant by Daniel Wray 2.5oz £8.00
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