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Anal Beads Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Anal Beads Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

You may have tried different anal toys in your quest for the right device that delivers deep-reaching and mind-blowing orgasms. However, have you ever tried anal beads? If not, get these amazing stimulating beads, including smooth, large, corded, rigid, and vibrating anal beads to enjoy ultimate anal sensations.

Anal Beads Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

When you google the right way to stimulate your butt area, the internet is likely to feed you with many options to get you started. While some people use fingers, others go a step further to include adult toys such as dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators on the list. However, most people overlook the power of anal beads, saying they do not provide the intended sensations. This could be a wrong statement, considering that anal beads form an integral part of anal play. They are also easy to use and maintain, making them ideal for beginners and experts. Therefore, if you plan to buy anal beads for the first time, here is everything you should know about them.

What Are Anal Beads

Anal beads are a series of balls attached to a sturdy cord or string and designed to be inserted into the anal canal to deliver extreme sensations. They are close to Ben Wa Balls, although they are arranged in ascending order from the tip to the base. Unlike the butt plugs, anal beads are designed to be inserted and pulled out repeatedly to feel the stimulation. They are best used during partnered play, where one partner suddenly pulls out the beads and inserts them again. However, individuals can also use them during solo masturbation. To feel the heightened pleasure, pull out the anal beads once you are about to climax and you are guaranteed an explosive orgasm.

Why Use Anal Beads?

They Provide Pleasurable Prostate Massage

Anal beads are said to provide the best prostate stimulation when inserted. They are mostly made from super-flexible materials means they can directly hit the P-spot and double the pleasure. Lu et.al (2021) explained that this comes with many health benefits to men, including enhancing erections and preventing prostate inflammation.

They Enhance Vaginal Stimulation

When anal beads are inserted into the butt, they exert pressure on the vaginal walls indirectly. This means a woman engaging in vaginal sex with beads on her butt will experience double vaginal stimulation and pleasure. They will also reach climax quickly since their clit, G-spot, and A-spot are stimulated simultaneously.

How Different Are Anal Beads Compare?

Anal beads are characterized based on their materials, size, and designs. These variations help buyers choose what suits their preferences and know how to use them. For instance, while smaller beads are used as a warm-up before anal sex, larger options are best for anal masturbation during solo play. Therefore, here are the popular anal beads available:

Vibrating Anal Beads

Shin et.al (2018) explained that vibrating anal beads have in-built or removable vibrating units fixed at the base that send intense vibrations along the cord. These vibrations deliver heightened stimulation around the anal opening and the sphincter every time the beads are inserted. Vibrating beads are mostly recommended for anal play experts since they may have complicating features that sound scary to newbies.

Rigid Anal Beads

These beads resemble anal probes and are attached to harder and softer materials. They are also designed like ribbed dildos, but with graduating sizes from the head to the base. Rigid anal beads are created for anal thrusting since they are made from non-flexible materials such as hard silicone, metal, and glass.

Corded Anal Beads

This is the original design with balls attached to the super-flexible cord. Unlike rigid beads, corded anal beads are inserted and left inside the anal canal for an extended period. Users can then move around with the balls inside them or twist their bodies to feel the sensations. Kamazimaet. al (2019) explained that corded beads are also good for masturbation and vaginal sex. In this case, the beads are pulled out suddenly once the wearer is about to orgasm to double the pleasure.

Smooth Anal Beads

Newbies getting started with anal play will find these smooth anal beads unquestionably easier to use. These beads are often attached to a strip, instead of a sturdy cord. They also resemble soft ribs and increase in size from the head to the handle or loop.

Which is the Best Lube to Use with Anal Beads

Most anal beads are made from silicone material. Dubberley, (2021) explained that silicone-based lube has been known as the best lubricant to use on anal games because they take a longer time to dry off. However, you cannot use silicone-based lube on silicone toys as it will damage the toys. Though the materials made from silicone are the best for any activity, it would be best if one goes back and choose alternative anal beads made from other materials like glass or steel. You can use the silicone-based lube on the glass or steel anal beads. This is because the anus does not have natural lubrication, and the best one to use will be the silicone-based lube which is thicker and takes a long time to dry out.

How to Buy and Use Anal Beads

Anal Beads Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Buy A Body-Safe Material

Anal beads come in various materials, including silicone, stainless steel, glass, rubber, and hard plastic. However, not all these materials are safer for internal use; hence, you should be keen to pick body-safe, non-porous, and easy-to-clean materials. As a beginner, you should also pick super-flexible and smooth material to enjoy in various positions.

Choose A Comfortable Size and Shape

The size of anal beads depends on your anal play experience. Newbies are advised to start with beads with smaller and tapered insertion ends before trying larger and round-headed options. Experts can pick large anal beads of equal size along the cord. Regarding the shape, it is ideal to choose anal beads with rounded balls and a loop or longer handle for easy retrieval.

Look at The Texture

You can buy smooth or rough-textured anal beads depending on how you want to feel the sensations. If you want to feel the sensations on the sphincter walls, you can buy anal beads with grooves or bumps. However, if you only focus on deep-reaching sensations, go for smooth and long anal beads.

Anal Lubricant

Always equip yourself with a bottle of compatible anal lubricant for a smooth and pain-free insertion of anal beads. Consider the material of the toy when buying a lubricant to prevent degradation and possible infections.

Clean the Beads Before and After Use

Level, & Class, (2017) explained that use the recommended toy cleaner or hot soapy water to clean your anal beads before and after use. This prevents bacterial accumulation that may cause anal infections. You should also empty your bowels to avoid dirtying your toys and the beddings.

Anal Beads Safety Tips

  • Always check the beads before inserting them to ensure there are no wear and tear.
  • Pull out the beads slowly to avoid snapping the cord and leaving some beads inside the butt.
  • Always use condoms if you plan to share your anal beads to minimize sexually transmitted infections.
  • Clean your beads and allow them to dry well before storing them in their storage bags or a clean and moisture-free place.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anal Beads

Are Anal Beads Safe?

Anal beads are so safe, but you should check how you use them. To be safe and avoid fissures and tearing, you should check how you use them. Make sure that you apply a lot of lubes. It is common knowledge that the anus does not have a natural lubricant making it difficult to have sex without applying lube. Also, have in mind that you need to start slow, and once you feel comfortable with the beads you are using, you can then move to the bigger ones.

Should One Use Douche Before Using Anal Beads?

Faustino, (2020) explained that like the name, the anal beads are specifically meant for anal play. The anus needs to be prepared to receive any sex toy before anything is inserted, especially if you are a newbie. You can either start by douching using your hands or your partner's hands so that they can be warm and receptive to anything that will penetrate after the douching. This is meant to warm the anus as it prepares for anal beads penetration.

Can Anal Beads Get Stuck?

They should not get stuck, but there is a probability of the anal beads getting stuck in the anus. The rectum and the anus can pull back anything that has passed the sphincter's muscles and make it get through the colon. For this not to happen, you should make sure that you invest in very good anal beads that will not be at risk of being swallowed by the rectum. However, the probability of the anal beads getting swallowed by the rectum is very minimal because of the presence of the pull ring that will pull it back once it gets stuck, and also the base has a T-bar design that acts as a stopper. You should also ensure that you have put a lot of lubes on your anal bead to void this. 

Can Anal Beads Be Inserted in the Vagina

Despite the name anal beads suggesting that they are meant to be used on the anus, they can also be used in vaginal penetration. However, when buying the anal beads, make sure that you have assets that can be used during anal play and the other one for vaginal penetration. You do not want to transfer the bacteria from the anus into the vagina. Do not have one anal bead that you are using on both the vagina and the anus. You may have financial reasons, but the trip to the doctor may be very expensive compared to the purchase of another anal bead.

Are Anal Beads Beginner Friendly?

Every sex toy is beginner-friendly. It all depends on how you start using it. You should start small and get to use a lot of lubes on the anal beads. When you are new to using the anal beads, you should start slowly inserting them and removing them. Ensure that you have applied a lot of lubes on the anal beads and be gentle when penetrating them inside the anus. This will help prevent friction and tearing and make the whole moment pleasurable for you. Remember, the anus does not have self-lubrication. To have an amazing time when you are new to this, you should check on the type and material of the anal beads and choose the type of lubrication that seems to serve its purpose correctly. However, you should start with the small anal beads before moving to the bigger ones.     

How Does One Safely Remove Anal Beads?

The removal of the anal beads from the anus gives one very great sensations and stimulation. They are removed slowly but one after the other so that you get to feel the intense sensations. They are mainly removed when you get the signs of getting an orgasm so that they can sync up the feelings with the removal of the anal beads.   

How Do One Clean Anal Beads?

After using your anal beads, it is important to clean them up to prevent bacteria from building up in them. You should use hot water and a bar of antibacterial soap to wash the anal beads. Make sure that every part of the anal beads is thoroughly washed. You can also use a weak bleach solution to soak the beads and then wash them in hot water after a while. After putting them in the bleached solution, washing it ensures that the anal beads are properly sanitized and cleaned. Make sure that you do not share the anal beads even with your partner. It is a personal thing that should not be shared. You are supposed to each own your anal bead. This will help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections or even passing bacteria from one person to another. 


The anal bead is becoming popular and different individuals are opting to use them up. There are different and more reasons why individuals can use anal beads. They can be purchased online and in stores as there are different types of anal beads.


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