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Double Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Double Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Do you want to experience double stimulation using a single-sex toy? Buy these incredible double dildos, including U-shaped, vibrating, standard, and strap-on double dildos, and fill your hole with unmatched sensations.
Double Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Several people are coming up with new and unique ideas concerning the use of sex toys to enjoy maximum pleasure without worrying about critics. Well, all sex toys are extremely exciting and give extreme fun to transforming your sex. They come in different variations like sex furniture, vibrators, and dildos. If you are new to this world of fantasy and willing to try something new than the basic dildos, the double-ended dildos are the best choice for you. The tools give you options to enjoy sex either in a solo play or with your partner.

What Are Double Dildos?

Double dildos have unlimited possibilities, levels, and plays for comfortability.  They are created generally for lesbians looking for penetrative sensations and come with a length ranging from 10 inches to 16 inches.  Those who feel that this length is not long enough can still opt for a longer one that measures two feet long or even more. The double dildos are made from flexible and soft material for easy bending and fitting comfortably in any position.

Alternatively, double dildos can be used by gays, especially strapless, making them best in joint anal stimulation. The dildos feature a sheer size that makes them easy to retrieve. You can choose the style that would suit you perfectly to archive maximum orgasm. You can also try squatting or the cowgirl position by folding and resting the middle of the shaft on a flat surface.

Common Features of a Double Dildo

The common feature of all the double dildos is simple; they are double-ended. That means it can be used by two people for penetration simultaneously. The length of the double dildo you choose depends on your preferred size. If you are looking forward to deep sensations, the longer ones will do for you.

The surfaces of the double dildo also vary. Some are bulgy with vein-like structures for more stimulation, while some are not textured. For hard stimulation, the bulgy one with life-like veins is good for you, while for gentle sex, the smooth textured double dildo is good for

The shape of the head of the double dildos also matters. Some are tapered and broad, while others are thin and pointed. The pointed head double dildo is best for the G-spot stimulation, while the tapered one is ideal for internal side stimulation. The shapes also allow easy penetration. Another shape aspect is that one of the heads can be broad, and the opposite end thin. The decision on which side to use depends on you and your partner.

The materials of the double dildo are also one of the common features to distinguish them. The makes determine the flexibility and maneuvering capabilities of the toys. For instance, double dildos made of rubber and silicone are more flexible and compete with the ones made of metal, plastic, and glass. However, the glass and double metal dildos are good for temperature play because they adapt to any temperature quickly.

Why Should I Buy a Double Dildo?

  • You can use it for self-pleasure.
  • It is good for partner play either for the same gender or otherwise.
  • They are flexible, meaning you can try any sex position.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.
  • They are durable, meaning you will use them for a long time without incurring any damage.
  • It offers role reversal as a lady can take the masculine role and have sex with the other lady.
  • It brings partners together by strengthening the intimacy between them when playing.
  • Lesbian couples don't need a strap-on to pleasure themselves simultaneously.

Types of Double Dildos

Despite being simple and easy-to-use sex toys, double dildos come in different types. Some are used for solo play in double penetration while others are great for partnered play. Some double dildos also have vibrating units for intense pleasure. Therefore, if you are wondering which types will suit you best, here are the options to choose.

The ‘U’ Shaped Double Dongs

These dildos are also referred to as vagina-to-anus dildos because they penetrate the anus and vagina simultaneously, increasing sensation and pleasure. They are great for solo or partnered play for more fun. They are also made from ultra-flexible materials, making them perfect for different positions. Not all dildos must necessarily be 'U' shaped since some can still bend perfectly without breaking yet they are shaped otherwise. Such dildos are best for trying out on new difficult positions. The U-shaped dildos come in various sizes, materials, surfaces, and textures. Some mimic real penises while others are plain and sleek.

Standard Double-Headed Dildos

These basic double-ended dildos are widely available in the market. They have a smooth surface with a sleek, long, and straight shape to create a romantic impression. They offer great orgasms providing spot-on deep penetration. Since they are long in size and straight, you can use them with your partner to take the bond to the next level. The smooth surface gives the dildo real-penis features. Moreover, they are mostly preferred by lesbians to non-phallic sex toys which tend to be a bit erotic.

Strap-On Double-Sided Dildos

Strap-on double-ended dildos are attached to a belt harness system and worn by one partner who inserts the dildo into another partner's vagina or anus. They are mostly used by lesbians, but separate gender couples can also use them. The harnesses have two dildos, one to insert into the wearer's hole and the other to penetrate the receiver.

Vibrating Double Ended Dildos

Vibrating double-ended dildos come with built-in vibrating units. They are designed with vibrations meant to offer the giver and the receiver maximum pleasure. Some vibrating double dildos have straight shafts incorporated with vibrating units to deliver a gorgeous and pleasurable orgasm. However, others have curved shafts to penetrate and stimulate internal erogenous zones such as the G-spot and P-spot.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Double Ended Dildo

Type of Material Used and How to Clean It

Common materials used to make double dildos include the following:


According to Svobodova et al. (2020), silicone is the safest material used in making sex toys. It is very hypoallergenic and does not change the pH level of the vagina. The material is also flexible and easy to clean because it does not become porous over time.


Rubber is widely used in the sex toy industry, though it has phthalates because it lacks natural flexibility. Sometimes, it causes a reaction to your skin. For this reason, make sure the dildos you get are phthalate-free. Proper cleaning should also be considered before and after use since rubber material can become porous.

Check Its Flexibility

Double-headed dildos should be flexible because they are used for penetration in both holes, whether solo play or with a partner. Imagine trying out on a new position and all of a sudden, the dildo breaks. This can spoil the mood; thus, always consider the flexible dildos.

Choose the Right Shape

The shape depends on the type of play you aim for. An ultra-flexible, straight, or U-shaped dildo will be the best if you need one for a solo play. However, if you wish to have good times with your partner, then strap-on double-headed dildos will be the best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Double Dildos

Double Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

How do I use a Double Dildo?

Using the double-ended dildo can be tricky, especially for beginners. Below are ways you can use the double dildo.

Riding Solo

One of the benefits of a double-ended dildo is using it or solo play. According to Silverberg & Kaufman (2016), dildos can be used for solo play. The double dildos for solo play by penetrating the vagina and the anus simultaneously. It can achieve the feat due to its flexible material. To achieve maximum sensation, go slow – important if you are using a standard dildo or a newbie to anal penetration. Start using one hand, select your preferred pace, and apply some lube for easy penetration and maximum pleasure. Lubrication is very important as explained by Angel (2022). Moreover, Wilson et al. (2017) explains that lubricants are used during procreative intercourse to moderate the amount of wetness in the genitals.

Build up your momentum, and after some time, you can penetrate both the anus and the vagina. After you are used to your current double-ended dildo, shift for ones with larger girths and different textures and try new potions.

For Partnered Play

According to Violence (2008), double dildos offer incredible experiences when playing with a partner. U-shape double dildo is one of the main picks in this category. The flexible material allows you to shift positions as you penetrate your partner's body and connect with yours simultaneously. Partnered play with a double-ended dildo features the following main picks:

Doggy Style

This is one of the common sex positions that offer more pleasure. Both partners get on their knees and bends forward slowly. The dildo is inserted inside their erogenous zones, either in the anus or the vagina. The partners moves back and forth, thrusting each other with the dildo. You can also twist your waist to achieve a unique momentum and rhythm that will enhance more pleasure.

Face Up

In this sex position, lie on your back and use something like a pillow to perk your waist and hips up while your partner faces you from upwards. Also, your partner can get on fours depending on your preference and use the dildo to penetrate. You can also modify the positions in your way to make the session more pleasurable.


The insertion process needs many compatible lubes to make the session more pleasurable and smoother. Using lube reduces friction between your body and the toy, thus making sure the dildo penetrates easily and provides more pleasure. With high-quality lube, you can try any sex position with the double dildo and experience more pleasure.

Getting Into Position

Choosing the correct position with the double-ended dildo calls for more pleasure. Makes sure you grab your pace and take things slowly, especially if you are a beginner. Communicate with your partner and agree to develop momentum that you will use throughout the session.

How Do I Clean My Double Dildo?

The ease of cleaning your double dildo depends on the material it is made of. For example, glass, silicone, metallic, and plastic double dildo are easy to clean compared to the ones made of rubber. According to Wood et al. (2017), cleaning of sex toys is important to avoid contracting infections such as bacterial vaginosis. Taormino (2006) states that you should clean the sex toy with soap and water or with a sex toy cleaner. To clean your dildo, ensure you soak it in warm soapy water for a few minutes, rub it gently, and rinse it with clean water before wiping it dry. Disinfect the dildo and store it safely away from contamination and children’s reach.

Is a Double Dildo Beginner friendly?

The friendliness of a double dildo depends on the size you choose. If you are a beginner, you cannot go for large or extra-large double dildos because you are not used to them. You're most likely to get hurt if you force yourself. Generally, the double dildo with a small girth is beginner-friendly, and you don’t have to worry about incurring pain. However, after you are used to the small-sized double dildo, you can then shift to larger sizes without worry.

What are the Safety Considerations When Using Double Dildo?

  • The main safety advice is to point at sharing the double dildo with your partner. If both partners are ladies, you need to clean and shift the end you have used to penetrate the other partner before washing.
  • The anal penetration side should not be used for vaginal penetration and vice versa to avoid transfer of bacteria from one erogenous zone to another.
  • Do not over-bend the dildo as it may break.

The Bottom Line

Sex toys come in different variations like sex furniture, vibrators, and dildos like double-ended that come with unlimited possibilities, levels, and plays. Initially, a double-ended dildo was invented as a sex toy for lesbians, but nowadays even couples can use it.  The dildo has a length ranging from 10 to 16 inches. Before inserting the dildo for pleasure, make sure you have trained your anus properly for it to accommodate the dildo comfortably. Also, apply enough lubes for easy insertion and remember to wash after every session. 


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