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Edible Treats Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Edible Treats Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Create a new world of sensations in your bedroom and take your relationship to another level with edible treats such as candy edible underwear, gummy cock rings, jelly willies, and chocolate body paints made to change things in your life sex.

Edible Treats Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Your bedroom creativity can take your bond more quickly. There are more powerful things that when considered, can add some flavor to your sex life. Thanks to the edible treats makers, these products are the best option if you are looking for soft bondage treats. They make your bedroom game, particularly oral sex enjoyable when used on clean and fresh bodies. The treats also allow you to bring pleasure from all sex accessories.

There are more options to choose from, all creating a whole world of pleasure. However, choosing one that will make a great gift for your lover is quite difficult. That said, this article explains everything you need to know before jumping into these oral sex gifts to help you discover what will make instant quality results.

What Are Edible Treats?

Edible treats are flavored sex foods that offer more fun to your kinky bondage games. The products including oral sex candies, gummies, and chocolates enhance your sexual experience and strengthen your bond. Have you been in a relationship for years or just started? Using erotic edible treats in your kinky bondage games enhances a great wave of erotism. The products come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and designs to help you explore and rediscover your lover’s most sensitive areas.  Their incredible flavors activate your mind, which is the most powerful sexual organ in the body.

How Couples Use the Flavored Sex Foods

Most of them use flavored sex foods when engaging in sexual activities. Your partner can wear some gummy cock rings and try to penetrate you. You can also give them a blow job by wearing the gummy cock ring. This is because they get stimulated when being given a blow job while you get to enjoy the taste of the gummy cock ring. The couple can also paint their whole body with chocolate paints and lick it off using their tongue. They can pour the paint on each other to experience the fun and get to enjoy the moment together. This can make them bond. 

Why Use Flavored Sex Foods

Most people flavor their sex toys to bring excitement into their bedroom. They want to spice up their sexual life by coming up with flavored sex foods. It usually does the trick. Others use the flavored sex foods to try and boost their sex drive. People with low libido tend to use flavored sex foods to improve their sexual life and minimize the pressures of not performing well in bedroom activities. Some edible sex foods like the candy handcuffs are great because you will have fun in your bondage games and feel great when eating them out.

Types of Edible Treats

 Candy Edible Underwear

Candy underwear is the sweetest and most tender edible treat designed to prepare you for steamy sex. The products come as candy bras, G-string thongs, and nipple tassels to create a romantic impression.  Furthermore, some may have a posing pouch and several cock rings for men. These powerful edible treats come in multi-colored sweets thread with transparent designs to allow your partner to see through your curves. Candy edible treats usually melt on the body releasing a powerful flow of multi-colored sweetness that your partner can lick.

Gummy Cock Rings

Gummy cook rings are multi-colored sweets that add flavor to your bedroom game. The products are stretchy enough to ensure that they fit any size of penis perfectly. Furthermore, the stretchiness enhances unforgettable sex by providing a harder erection. They feel smooth in your lover’s mouth creating more intense pleasure as your partner chews them.

Jelly Willies

Bring a sugary experience into your bedroom with these super jelly willies. The products come in various erotic designs including penis, butts, or nipples. If you are looking for something fabulous to spice up your bedroom or bathtub, jelly willies are the best options to buy. You can serve your guests with these powerful products and have them laugh as they get new ideas in their bedrooms.

Chocolate Body Paints

Are you a fan of chocolates and wish to enjoy them sexually? Get these kissable chocolate body paints and forget about frustrating restraints in your bedroom. Express your romance by painting your body in chocolate pastes. The products enhance a seductive way to explore your curves and attract your lover’s attention. You can paint yourself or let your lover paint his desires on your body. These treats are a creative way to bring more fun and show your passion into the bedroom.

Points to Consider When Choosing Edible Treats

Check on The Hygiene

Since these products are consumable; hence, make sure that any edible food you choose is properly processed and packed to avoid contamination. This will help you prevent digestive issues like constipation, bloating, and diarrhea.

Consider the Color

Choose the color that always gets you high to enhance a great romance in your kinky game. Also, communicate to your partner to find out their best colors to ensure everyone enjoys the party.

Consider the Sweetness

If you are a beginner, find out from friends to discover each treats’ sweetness to enhance more pleasure by activating the brain. You can also read the labels carefully to identify the taste.

Find Out How It Feels in Your Mouth and Body

What works well with someone's taste buds can be intimidating to you no matter the sweetness. Make sure you choose the product that feels good in your mouth and body.

Check the Expiry Date

Read the labels carefully to check the expiry date before buying the products to prevent health problems.

Consider ingredients

Look at the ingredients and their ratio to ensure you are buying the right product. Note that color and taste alone cannot tell exactly the ingredients used.

How to Use Edible Treats

Edible Treats Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

  • Always use them on a clean and fresh body.
  • Kiss and lick your partner gently to enjoy the treats.
  • Put on your edible cock ring on an erect penis.
  • Soak in the tub with aphrodisiac bath salts and essential oils to detoxify your body.
  • Handle the rings gently to avoid breaking before using them

Safety Tips on Using Edible Treats

  • Keep the products correctly to avoid contamination
  • Use on clean bodies to prevent health problems

Frequently Asked Questions about Edible Treats

Do Edible Treats Boost Libido?

Some of the edible treats boost libido in both males and females. However, too much sugar in flavored foods is likely to minimize it rather than improve it. Using too much sugar is likely to put you in a position of feeling tired. One's sex drive is always affected negatively when you are tired. This is because it impacts the level of testosterone, especially in men. Once the testosterone level is decreased, it will negatively affect your libido. Sugar also leads to stress, and it will be difficult to perform well when you are stressed. However, if the edible treats are healthy foods, they will boost your libido high, and your sex drive will improve positively. Some candies like the jelly willies and the gummy cock rings would be great for boosting libido, but make sure that you do not use them regularly.

Are There Risks of Using Flavored Sex Treats?

Too much sugar in the flavored sex treats is likely to hinder you when planning to have fun in sexual activities. Men with diabetes are at a higher risk of being negatively affected by taking in too much sugar. They are at a higher risk of getting erectile dysfunction condition. They will always have a hard time getting to maintain their penis to stay hard for long and even erect it. Since it can help you boost your libido, it can also be a block to your health. You should take in a well-balanced diet, but the high sugar intake should be minimized. 

Which Flavors Are the Best for Sex?

When engaging in sexual activities, the best flavors are the chocolate flavors or the strawberry. The chocolate flavors are best when you want to increase your sexual libido and have fun with your significant other. The great thing about the chocolate flavors is that you can use the chocolate paints on your body, and your partner can get to lick it on you. It will also prepare you for the other sexual activities, making you horny. You are guaranteed to have so much fun with yourself and your partner. Try out different flavors such as chocolate candies or paints, and you will get to have the fun of your life and make you get horny quickly.

Where to Find Edible Treats for Sex?

Edible treats are available almost everywhere. It all depends on your preference and what you want to be put on you. Some edible treats may include sex toys like the gummy cock rings you can buy in the sex stores, chocolate body paints, and even the edible candy wears like the candy bralettes or underwear or the jelly willies that you can order online.

How Can I Use Food in the Bedroom?

You can always mix food with some pleasures in the bedroom. Get to explore different edible treats in the bedroom and have fun with your partner. Some of the best food you can use in the bedroom include candy cock rings, candy handcuffs, and some chocolate paints.

The candy handcuffs can be used in the food industry to be eaten by the couples, but still, you can try and be creative and use them in the bedroom activities, some of the ways you can use them is during the BDSM games. When playing the bondage games, you can cuff your partner using the candy handcuffs and get to remove them by eating them out.

When using the chocolate paints, you can always ask your partner to lick it off you. they may get to lick it off, and their urge to have sex with you will increase. This is because chocolates improve the sex drive of a person and make them horny. You are then guaranteed that you will have some fun time together. The great thing about the chocolate paints is that they will make you bond with your partner in ways that you never thought you would, as they would have the chance to lick the paint on any part of the body they wish to. 


Edible treats are fun and sweet food items that help you explore your playful skills in the bedroom. The products are available in a wide range of categories, including candy underwear, gummy cock rings, jelly willies, and chocolate body paints. They offer incredible playful moments and preparation for a fantastic sexual night. The treats also come in various colors, shapes, and designs, such as penis, nipples, or butts. They help you explore and rediscover your partner’s most sensitive body parts. Furthermore, they can be used anywhere like the bathtub and other sex accessories. Always consider the color, ingredients, and expiry date before buying. Also, use them on clean and fresh bodies for a more pleasurable experience.


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