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Large Accessories Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Large Accessories Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Take pleasure differently with sex chairs, machines, slings, swings, horses, and shower seats created to transform your bondage play into unforgettable experiences.

Large Accessories Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

The sex world is shifting to another level, with great discoveries underway. The devices are designed uniquely to ensure a person ends the party fully satisfied. Having incredible features, a person will enjoy the play comfortably with their lover. Forget the times your partner only had sex on the bed. These great discoveries will provide more pleasure because they do not need any skills. There is a wide range of large accessories to choose from. However, selecting one that suits a person's bond can be challenging. A person will learn everything to consider before engaging in their use.

What Are Large Accessories?

Large accessories are sex devices that hold a partner or both of you during bondage play. The items are available in different colors, shapes, designs, and materials to help a person take the play to the next level. A person will get several types in the market, including sex chairs, swings, slings, horses, and shower seats. These assets are greatly flexible, easy to use and maintain and provide comfort to people with back, neck, and hips problems.

Why Use Large sex accessories?

People love large sex accessories, and the following are some of the reasons;

To Avoid Monotony And Boredom In The Bedroom.

Some people do not like sex which must happen in bed often. Such people may think of better ideas until they purchase furniture that they can have sex on occasionally. Sex on the bed every day is for boring people.

For Kinky Sex

During serious kinky sex, like BDSM, a person may need to buy furniture for that role, such as a special bed, table, or chair for the activities. Kinky sex needs furniture, but sometimes there are sex toys that look like machines, for instance, the swings.

For More Fun

Large sex toys bring a lot of fun to the bedroom. Sex in bed all the time is boring. According to Fahs & Swank (2013), a person could involve some sex toys during role play and have fun with their partner.

Types of Large Accessories

Sex Machines

Sex machines have become the most loved sex accessories because of their compatibility and comfort. The devices come in different designs, shapes, and flexibilities to ensure you end the party fully satisfied. They are available in different design types, such as rideable sex machines, which are ottoman-like. They only vibrate to create intense sensations during the party. Leung (2009) revealed that the fucking machine features a dildo created to thrust in and out of a vagina giving incredible pleasure. These machines come with easy-to-use added accessories to ensure comfort and compatibility.

Sex Swings

Sex swings are amazing, starting right from their comfort, safety, and comfortability. They have two strong straps and stirrups made from soft and smooth materials to add more pleasure. They have handles that provide more comfort and a good position. The devices are also extremely flexible to provide many positions. They only require single or double mounting points for comfortability. A person can use them for a longer time without tiring.

Sex Slings

A sex sling is a large piece of high-quality fabric or leather material with four mounting points which provide great comfort. These devices are the best options for oral sex. They have four straps to hold the whole body during the party. They come in beautiful colors to create attractive powers and enhance sexual moods. They are also good for extended games but have a limited range of positions than sex swings. Use sex slings for comfort if a partner has a back, hip, or neck problem. Make it lay back more like a hammock or more upright like a chair to reduce the risks of pain.

Sex Stools

Sex stools are chairs with a hole at the bottom, allowing your face, penis, dildo, or hands to get in. Many sex stools are designed for facesitting, while others can be multipurpose. Some have elastic straps to hold those who cannot support themselves while on top. The straps are flexible enough to do the bouncing. They are available in various colors and high-quality materials to offer great fun.

Sex Chairs

Sex chairs come in different designs, colors, and shapes. They have added compatible accessories like a cushion to offer more comfort. They are made from different high-quality materials to give partners intense pleasure.

Sex Horses

Sex horses look like school gymnastic horses, but they are more versatile. Taormino (2012) stated that some sex horses have straps to support a person while on top. They provide great comfort because they can restrain and bend you over. They can make rider and reverse-rider more comfortable. Choose sex horses when having anal sex because they can open up your bum for anal fantasies.

Shower Seats

Shower seats are designed to make a person's shower sex safer. They are designed in a unique way to prevent slipping. Also, they are made from water-resistant materials to extend durability. They are strong enough to hold you and your partner when pleasuring yourselves.

Points to Consider When Buying Large Accessories.

Check the Material

The intensity of pleasure provided by any tool depends on the material. Therefore, choose an accessory made from soft and smooth material to help a partner achieve great orgasms in every session, as Comfort (2003) advised. Ensure the material used is water-resistant, easy to wash, and store.

Consider the Color

Colors add attractive powers to any accessory. Choose the color that will always create romantic impressions and help achieve orgasms more quickly.

Check Their Durability

Choose a long-lasting accessory to avoid the high expenses experienced when replacing them. Taste the strength of the accessory by sitting or lying on them.

Consider the Maintenance

Choose a tool you can repair yourself or spend little buying spare parts. Ensure that the spare parts are readily available to avoid stopping the orgasm train.

Look at the Compatibility

Buy an accessory compatible with other devices for more fun. It should also work well with lubricants, with no-stick deterioration.

Safety Tips on Using Large Accessories

Large Accessories Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

  • Ensure you are comfortably positioned and relaxed before starting the play.
  • Wash them as recommended after every steamy session to curb the spread of infections.
  • Store correctly to avoid contaminations
  • Ensure that all straps are mounted well to avoid accidents
  • Ensure your asset is put in a flat place to avoid incontinence.
  • Always communicate with your partner before bringing the asset home.

Are Large Accessories Safe?

Some large accessories are safe, like the love seat. It is a harmless seat where you can have sex with your partner or enjoy foreplay. But other large accessories are safe depending on how you use them. Some need some know-how, for instance, BDSM items. Some BDSM items have dangerous parts that can cut you. 

Are Large Accessories Beginner-Friendly?

Not all large accessories are beginner-friendly. A person may need to enquire about the safety of the accessories from the shop. Some of them are not only complex but very dangerous and meant for people who are into edge kink. 

How do I safely store large sex toy accessories?

Storing a large sex toy need not be a daunting issue. A person needs to remember the following things when storing sex toys.

Keep Them Out of the Way.

Whatever the large sex is, keep it out of the way to avoid accidents and ensure to keep them durable enough for you to use the next time. No one wants to be replacing large sex toys frequently. You want to buy more sex toys, not replace the damaged ones when you tripped over them.

Keep Them Out Of Reach Of Children.

you do not want to be talking with your friends, only for your child to come crashing into the conversation with a huge dildo asking, "Mom, what is this?"

The stigma surrounding sex toys is still alive, and people do not want to explain to their friends why they use sex toys and why their children can access them. Keep them out of children's reach. You could keep them in a locked cupboard or suitcase if they are not huge, but if they are big, for example, a love seat with an attached dildo, you may have to lock the room where you keep them.

Cover Them

You may have cleaned and kept them away after using them last time. Cover the accessory with a cloth or nylon paper to protect it from dust and dirt. Covering sex toys with a piece of cloth will prevent them from chipping. For instance, the paddle for a stationary bike might get worn out because it was exposed.

Do Not Keep Sex Toys Together.

Sex toys are not like a child's doll collection. A person cannot keep their toys jumbled together in a heap because some of them are built of materials that will get damaged if they contact other sex toys. A person may give every sex toy a home; the sex toy stays in its place. People want to avoid visiting the sex toy shop for sex toys they used to have but got damaged. 

What are the Best Positions for Using Large Sex Toy Accessories?

The best positions for using large sex toys are as follows;

Woman on Top

Imagine sitting on a vibrating horse or sitting on a vibrating chair. This position is perfect for humans with vulvas because it stimulates the clitoris. A woman who has discovered that seeking a vaginal orgasm is elusive must be on top of a vibrating sex toy to get a clitoral orgasm.


Missionary is perfect when a partner is wearing a strapped dildo. It enables thorough thrusting; the Missionary style may seem boring to most people because it is natural, but it is probably the most pleasurable style that has ever been.


A partner can penetrate with this style if the penetrating partner has a strapped dildo. The partner behind can thrust with a strapped dildo and a huge butt plug so that the partner being penetrated feels like they are full. Dogstyle is an enjoyable style because it has hints of submission and domination, and that combination is perfect for kinky sex, as King & Belsky (2012) noted.

Sitting on the Throne.

Sitting on the throne means the erect partner sits on the chair, and the other partner sits on the seated partner's erect did or strapped dick. Sitting on the throne may also mean a woman sits on a chair with an attached vibrating dildo and the partner controls the vibration with remote control.

How Do You Use Large Sex Toy Accessories?

Talk with the sex toy shop attendant to learn how to use a large sex toy. Read the descriptions and the reviews properly if you shop online so that you do not purchase a sext toy that you do not have a hint to use. You may watch tutorials too to ensure that you are getting it right. Some large sex toys are dangerous, and as you try them, they may backfire.

How Do I Clean Large Toy Accessories?

Be keen on the material the sex toys are made with when choosing a cleaning method. You can splash water on it if the material is waterproof. You may need a damp piece of cloth and soap to clean a sex toy whose material is not waterproof. You only need a dry piece of cloth and oil to prevent rust from forming and keep it shining if the material is metal.


Large accessories are sex furniture that holds your partner or both of you during bondage play. They are available in many types, including horses, sex chairs, swings, slings, and shower seats. You can get them in different colors, shapes, designs, and materials to help you take the play to the next level. Each choice is personal, and everyone must consider various things, such as color, materials, and design, before buying. 


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