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Plus-Size Lingerie Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Plus-Size Lingerie Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Are you looking for a plus-size nightgown, clubwear, a romantic night party dress, or sex night lingerie? Perfect plus-size lingerie should flatter you as much as it should turn heads. A lingerie is an excellent outfit for private pool parties, night-outs with girlfriends, and intimate sessions with your partner. If you are plus-sized, here is a buying guide to what resonates with your physique.

Plus-Size Lingerie Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Excellent plus-size lingerie should flatter you by defining your curves. Therefore, you should opt for super cozy fabrics, glossy appearances, and stretchy material that will maintain your body form, regardless of your movements. Lingerie is a must-have in a woman's wardrobe because it is often glossy and seductive, and its polished look can improve an otherwise dull evening. Herein is a roundup of sexy plus-size lingerie that will flatter and reveal your perfect curves.

What Is Plus-Size Lingerie?

Often used by voluptuous models, plus-size lingerie is the broad category of undergarments and robes primarily worn by women for fashion or to enhance sexual intimacy. Plus-size lingerie can be classified into sleepwear, underwear, or lightweight robes. The choice of lingerie is generally motivated by the intention to please, allure, or appear fashionable.

Lingerie mainly comprises undergarments covering the delicate body and skin parts and is made from lightweight, soft, stretchy, and decorative satin, chiffon, fishnet, lace, and silk fabric. Others are made from synthetic nylon or polyester material. Plus-size lingerie is specifically designed to fit voluptuous or plus-sized women.

Why Wear plus size Lingerie

Christel et al. (2016) noted that plus-size women find it difficult to get outfits that fit them. It has proven difficult for them to find one that flatters their curves. Those they find may fit them but look boring at the same time. You may want to get sexy in the bedroom but lack the outfits to wear. In most cases, one loses confidence in the bedroom. When you get plus-size lingerie that fits your body, you are likely to gain your confidence back, and you can have fun during your kinky sessions. Plus size lingerie makes sex life amazing by enhancing and flaunting curves. Women can feel sexy and comfortable in their bodies and curves as they finally find something that makes them look good and comfortable.

Types of Plus-Size Lingerie

Plus-Size Chemise

Plus-size chemises often come with fishnet or a multi-netted cut-out. The chemise is sleek and mainly features halter straps, a deep cut-out V-neckline that exposes more than the cleavage, a cut-out panel on the backside, a deep open back, and multi-netted stripe panels. This chemise is excellent for clubwear because it is for a steamy bedroom game and can be paired with clothing such as a color-matching thong and a pair of stockings.

Plus-Size Babydoll Set

Are you looking to show your flirty seductive side? A babydoll set is what you need. This set features embroidered lace cups combined with underwire straps for a bust detail, a hook and eye keyhole back closure, adjustable spaghetti straps, a matching panty, an opaque skirt, and an embroidered lace hem. This lingerie is ideal for events ranging from night-outs and Valentine's Day to clubwear.

Plus-Size Bodystocking

Plus-size bodystocking covers the whole body from the neck to the toes. It could be made from intricate fishnet material or a closed-up fabric. Other plus-size bodystockings can have unique teddy designs, shoulder straps, an open crotch, a scoop back and neckline, thigh-high strappy accent, and matching panties.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Plus-Size Lingerie

Whether it is your everyday bra or your reserved sexy lingerie, intimate wear should flatter you, accentuate your body figure, and boost your confidence every time you walk out. However, getting the right size lingerie you can comfortably wear and look sexy in can be challenging, especially if you are a plus-sized woman.

In a world dominated by zero-sized models and everyone idolizing slim bodies, women with huge curves face challenges finding lingerie size that fits them well. You don't have to sit back and fill up your closet with ill-fitting bras, panties, and stockings. In this section, we have rounded up tips to help you settle for plus-size lingerie that is ultra-sexy, comfortable, confidence-boosting, and will forever transform your intimate wear.

Check the Support Features

Prioritize support when looking for plus-size lingerie. The intimate wear should support your curves and be comfortable. While at that, remember that most lingerie brands don't consider the needs of plus-sized women. Consider support facets such as laces or support-free lingerie pieces that are less complicated to wear.

Buy the Right Fit

It is barely conceivable that you will feel confident in ill-fitting lingerie. According to Pounders & Mabry‐Flynn (2019), being plus-size does not mean you should not show off your curves. If necessary, take measurements before walking into the store or placing your order online. Lingerie pieces such as bras, chemises, or baby dolls can be measured to ensure whatever you take home fits your figure perfectly.

Know the Purpose of Buying the Lingerie

Are you looking to buy plus-size lingerie for clubwear or an intimate night? What you want to achieve should determine the lingerie pieces to buy and other complementary pieces of clothing to match, including thongs, garter belts, panties, or stockings. Don't limit yourself because, contrary to popular opinion, plus-size women can look sexy and beautiful in any lingerie style and design.

Consider the Fabric Used

The design of the plus-size lingerie you select is determined by the material used. Modern lingerie is made using lightweight material, usually soft satin, spandex, fishnet, leather, cotton, nylon, polyester, and lace embroidered fabric that are easy on your intimate parts. Moreover, you should ensure that the material is durable, easy to care for, and skin-friendly.

How to Use Plus-Size Lingerie

  • Get your priorities right concerning the occasion and lingerie selection. Regardless, comfort is key above everything else.
  • If you aim to look sexy, complement your plus-size lingerie with other shiny pieces of intimate wear such as thongs, panties, stockings, bras, and garter belts.
  • Ensure the colors of complementary clothing types matches your plus-size lingerie.
  • If your lingerie is made from leather or latex material, it doesn't hurt to polish or use silicone-based lube before wearing it.

Plus-Size Lingerie Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Safety Tips

  • Be gentle when handling lingerie because it is made from soft, lightweight, and delicate fabric.
  • Pink et al. (2015) recommended handwashing lingerie instead of using a washing machine to protect the fabric from the scorch of the dryer. Some materials, especially leather, are affected by high heat levels; thus, it is essential to avoid ironing your lingerie
  • Use lukewarm water and a mild detergent to remove stains from the lingerie and dry in direct sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions about plus size Lingerie.

What Is plus size Lingerie Made of

Plus size lingerie is of different materials or fabrics. It all depends on what material you feel works best for you. Fields (2007) noted that some materials used to make plus-size lingerie are cotton, sheer, elastic satin, and silk. You can never be sure about the best plus-size lingerie because it depends on preference and how comfortable one feels. It also depends on the occasion you plan to use it. If you are to seduce your partner with the plus-size lingerie, the best ones will be the sheer see-through lingerie. They are seductive and can make your significant other easily get in the mood to make out with you.    

Can I Wear plus-size Lingerie Outside?

Plus-size lingerie can make a fashion statement. However, one must know how to pair them up with their clothing. Czerniawski (2015) noted that most bold people wear their plus-sized lingerie and cover it with a coat. It can look classy and chic at the same time. However, it all depends on the occasion you are going to. This look is better when going to a club or partying. It makes one confident, and a bold person makes this look chic. It is always great to work with the pieces of clothing and try and make a fashion statement.

How Comfortable are plus-sized Lingerie?

The comfort of your plus-size lingerie depends on how one chooses their costumes. Most times, the plus-size lingerie can be that it does not fit you how you imagined it would. It may as well be that the fabrics are not comfortable on your skin. For the plus-size lingerie to be comfortable, one must choose a fabric that feels smooth and comfortable. Before buying one, you should know your body size to choose one that accentuates your curves and body. This way, you will feel sexy in your body.  

Why Is My Lingerie Uncomfortable?

Your lingerie will always be uncomfortable if you get one that does not fit you correctly. A lingerie that is too small will always be uncomfortable for you. The same thing applies to one that is too big for you. You should also choose a great fabric that does not irritate your skin. The fabric of the plus-size lingerie will, at times, make you uncomfortable. Grogan et al. (2013) advised getting to know your size, including your bust size, waist size, and hip size. Once you know this, you will have plus-size lingerie that suits your body type. If you are into online shopping, know your body size before ordering the plus-size lingerie. Some online stores offer size charts which you can use to cross check your measurements and find a fitting lingerie. Others offer free fitting and measurement before selling.

How Do I Clean and Store plus size Lingerie?

According to Velmurugan et al. (2016), the fabric of the plus-size lingerie will always play a part in how you clean it. The plus-size lingerie can be hand washed or machine washed. Use water and some detergent soap when washing the plus-size lingerie. Avoid mixing the colors when washing to prevent the plus-size lingerie from staining each other. You should also avoid mixing them with the other clothes so they may not get tangles or staining. After washing them, you can use the dryer to dry off the water. You can also hang the plus-size lingerie to make them air dry.

Avoid mixing them up with the other clothes when storing the plus-size lingerie. Instead, place them in a cabinet on their own. In most cases, when you have them folded with the other clothes, they may get tangled together. 


Plus size women always have difficulty finding clothes that flatter their curves. These women mostly hide in baggy clothing. However, most brands are coming up with clothing lines of different sizes. Plus size women can now find outfits, including lingerie that fit them, are comfortable and sexy, and flatters their figures. If you are a plus-size lady looking to elevate your look, find the fabric, size, design, and color that complements you. You are assured of a great and sexy look, whether indoors with your lover or going clubbing or dancing.


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