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Realistic Maturbators Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Realistic Maturbators Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Do you remember your first sex toy? You probably hid it under your pillow or in the drawer for discretion. Talk of the grasping of sheets, muffled buzz, and other funny pictures you created, all known to you alone. It may not be a story to narrate to your grandchildren, but you have it down in history. That first orgasm you experienced with a vibrator still lingers in your mind. Also, you may never generally have a masturbator or sex toy, and it's not late. Perhaps it's why you're on this page. This article tries to enlighten you on what to know about realistic masturbators.

Realistic Maturbators Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

What Are Realistic Masturbators?

Sayin (2017) explained that a realistic masturbator is a sex toy with a lifelike feeling for complementing and stimulating a person's erogenous parts for sexual pleasure. Not everybody loves realistic masturbators, but most people do because of their natural feel- something other products don’t offer.

Materials Used For Making Realistic Toys

There are many realistic materials used to make realistic masturbators. One will choose a realistic masturbator depending on the preferred material. What material feels amazing to you might feel different to another partner. Additionally, many people have special concerns before choosing a certain material for their realistic dildo. For instance, they might need the realistic masturbator to be antiallergenic or easy to care for because of allergies and maintenance practices.

For all the reasons mentioned above, the material is one of the main considerations you need to consider before shopping for a realistic dildo. Döring et al. (2020) explained that the material used to make realistic dildos differ in quality and the experience they bring to the user. The following are the common materials used to make realistic masturbators and possible pros and cons, so you should choose wisely.

Jelly Rubber

Carroll (2018) explained that this material is one of the main ones used to make realistic masturbators. It has been used to make a variety of realistic masturbators due to their high flexibility and ability to craft them to look like real human features. Moreover, it is a pleasant material to use as all the realistic masturbators meant from it are pleasant. The material is easy to mold and shape into various shapes. Additionally, manufacturers find it easy to give it any color, and in this scenario, they will paint to have any skin color without any challenges. That means you can get any realistic masturbator made of jelly rubber if you search for one.

Although jelly rubber has many advantages, it has several disadvantages that make some people avoid it. Pecht et al. (2017) explained that the material has phthalate. This chemical compound makes the material more flexible and harmful because it can irritate skin and cause other complicated health problems. When buying a realistic masturbator made of jelly rubber, look for the labels to see if it has a high or low level of phthalates for your safety. The presence of phthalates on the jelly rubber makes some people with sensitive skin avoid realistic masturbators made of them.

Jelly rubber can also be porous – containing numerous tinny holes – which can trap germs when used. That makes cleaning realistic masturbators made of jelly rubber become hard. It can be avoided by covering or wearing a condom if necessary. It's advisable to use condoms if you share your realistic masturbators to avoid the spread of germs from one person to another.


Weber-Guskar, (2021) explained that plastic is another common material used for making realistic masturbators. They are friendly to the body and durable hence they should be the one you are going for if you want something of such. It can be shaped in any shape you think of, thus fitting all the realistic requirements you might feel like experiencing. The material is non-porous, meaning it is easier to deal with when cleaning. It is also antiallergenic, which is more suitable for people with sensitive skin. When the related masturbator is featured with a motor, plastic becomes the best material for transferring the vibrations to your body. Moreover, this material is compatible with any lube; hence you can always dwell on your preferences without any restrictions.

Morales et al. (2018) explained that realistic plastic masturbators could be shaped or colored to any shape or color you want for a realistic experience. You can also warm it to active normal body temperature or cool it for cooling sensations. The toy brings you velvety sensations when the realistic masturbator is coated with polyurethane or ultrasmooth rubber.


This material is safe and easy to take care of regardless of what realistic masturbator is crafted from it. Realistic masturbators made of silicone are flexible and can bed in any shape. Moreover, the material is easy to mold, replicate human genitals features, and obtain any color. The best thing is that it can be warmed to attain normal body temperature for a realistic feel. The grade used to make realistic masturbators is medical-grade; hence anyone can use it regardless of skin sensitivity.

Additionally, the material is non-porous, so hygiene is hard to achieve. The material is also durable, meaning you will stay with your realistic masturbation if you want. The silicone material is incompatible with silicone-based and oil-based lube; hence you can use any other lube apart from this one.

Liquid Silicone

It is also among the popular materials used to make realistic masturbators. The realistic masturbators made of liquid silicone will give you a realistic feel. However, silicone and liquid silicone are the same baselines; they come with different sensations. The real deal experience from realistic masturbators made of liquid silicone is higher than that of silicone.


It is also a common material for related masturbators and is still gaining popularity. The realistic masturbators made of Glass have an elegant and luxurious look; hence if you are someone of the same taste, it suits you. Moreover, Glass can be colored or shaped into many collars; hence it can replicate any real genitals. Glass used on these masturbators is tempered with a special element to make them durable. It is easy to clean and store. You can cool it for temperature play.


McCormack (2021) explained that latex is not used to make condoms alone. It is a highly flexible material that can carets a wide range of well-designed realistic masturbators. Many latex toys feature skin color and shapes that replicate the real organ. They are also flexible, meaning you can move them around to any position. Unfortunately, the material requires special care because they are porous, meaning cleaning will be a bit of a headache for you. It is not compatible with all lubes; hence you should find the best lube to avoid degradation or harming your body.

Hard Rubber

Used to make hard, realistic masturbators of any color and shape. It has no phthalates because there is no flexibility; the skin-safe rubber is also the best material for realistic masturbators. Many realistic masturbators are also crafted from this material.

Considerations for buying realistic masturbators



The most critical factors to consider when buying sex toys are their size and density. Please don't buy a dildo or stroker only to realize that it's not your ideal fit. You can determine your preference through trial, but the most important thing is getting something lighter for easier use.


Cox-George, C., & Bewley (2018) explained that sex toys vary in textures despite your aiming at realistic types. Common features are the veins and head in a dildo, for example. Other features are pores and the foreskin model, giving it a rough but great texture for more stimulations.


Vibrators are made of two types;

Bullet-hole vibrators

When buying vibrators, it’s best to get one with a hole for inserting the bullet vibrator. Having such gives more options and may have lower charges.

Inbuilt vibrators

It is the regular type with an actual design. It's difficult to find since there's no high demand. It's even harder to get the silicone type.

Male masturbators

Ringrose et al. (2018) explained that these are mainly created for individuals with cocks. The most popular brand is fleshlight, which features a flashlight casing to hide what's inside. They come in numerous types and shapes that cater to different body parts and sweet spots. Have a look at the following types.

Pocket pussy

This name is common for handheld toys, not necessarily in the Fleshlight design or anything related. It also gives cheaper options if its molding doesn't concern you. You'll also enjoy more varieties to choose from.


 It's the biggest brand because of delivering great products. Additionally, most porn stars team up with the company for more production. Despite its inside part overlooking real anatomy, the external features are the mouth, vulva, or anus.

Realistic butt

Another masturbator type is the numerous fake body parts. That doesn't suggest the sex dolls, but ones looking like amputated parts. Examples include those made like butts and others with a torso having breasts. You can also find some with breasts featuring a vulva in between them. They look strange at first but be sure they’re gaining fame lately with advanced models having voice control, body temperature property, twerking, dirty talk, and app compatibility.

Sex dolls

Sex dolls are extremely realistic in the actual sense. Their advancement has recently been a concern, yet to be popular on the market. That implies it can be a bit difficult to get. They come in two major types;


You can invest in these sex toys since they're cheap, widely available, and easy to ship.


This type is more expensive and worth it as its manufacturers have a strong passion for their creation and see that work as something exceeding masturbation. Before investing in them, please research first to get what you want.

How to use realistic masturbators with a partner

  • Ensure both of you participate- If you are introducing masturbators to a sexual relationship, ensure everybody involved is fine with using them. Some partners may hesitate at first due to the view of society, but find a way of enlightening them using the benefits.
  • Go shopping together to build anticipation- Accompany each other when buying the toy. It's a great idea to familiarize yourselves with what the market has for you. It can either be in the physical or online seller stores. Online shopping can be more favorable since it gives you the required privacy.
  • Sensitize your sweet parts on penetration- Women may lack an orgasm due to a lack of clit stimulation. That's why you should get your hands to rub the clit for ultimate stimulation during penetration.
  • Don't forget to edge- Toys are a good vibe as far as edging is concerned- Try to get yourself to the point of reaching the climax, but slow down or stop before it happens. The feeling is thankful when the time for release comes.
  • Involve all senses- Massage all over her sweet spots and other erotic areas like the neck and thighs. You can also include blindfolds in this.

Realistic Maturbators Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Frequently Asked Questions about Realistic Masturbators`

Are Realistic Masturbators Good?

Yes, most sex toys today are made of realistic materials, making people enjoy them. Realistic masturbators allow you to experience explosive pleasure during your masturbation session. The realistic material used to make these masturbators allows you to experience real-like feelings; hence most people prefer realistic masturbators. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing everyone to explore their preference easily.

Are Realistic Masturbators Expensive?

The price of realistic masturbators depends on several factors. These factors include material used and design. Size of the masturbator, use, and demand. All these factors may make a realistic masturbator cheap or expensive. So, it all depends on your preference when choosing a realistic masturbator.


Masturbators are not a thing for all. However, if you’re in the rhythm, don’t limit yourself. Go for realistic types and get the real feeling you want in an actual person. You may probably lack a partner for various reasons, but that doesn't deny you access to a lifelike experience. Realistic masturbators are sex toys with a lifelike feeling for complementing and stimulating a person's erogenous parts for sexual pleasure. Not everybody loves realistic masturbators, but most people do because of their natural feel- something other products don’t offer.


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