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Remote Control Toys Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Remote Control Toys Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Sex toys may sometimes be challenging to control, making remote-controlled sex toys necessary for a perfect bedroom experience. Get to know different types of remote-controlled sex toys, features, and how to use herein.

Remote Control Toys Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Remote-controlled vibrators have technology that gets better every day, (Döring 2021). Many sex toys today in the market have Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled. Some feature an app that makes them easy to control using a remote. All you need is an app on your smartphone. If you wish to add an element of intrigue with your partner in the next room, then you can wear them in your underwear and have your partner control it. These sex toys are not only for couples but can still be used for solo play during masturbation.

Types of Remote-Controlled Toys

Remote-controlled sex devices are primarily grouped based on their control mechanisms. These include Bluetooth, app-enabled, and wired remotes. For Bluetooth-controlled toys, the user uses the phone or Bluetooth device to control the vibration settings. In the case of app-enabled toys, the users have an app installed on their phone or PC to control the device's operations. Lastly, one using wired remote-controlled toys needs to change the settings using buttons on the remote.

Remote-controlled adult tools also have various features such as waterproof, temperature-adaptive, noise, and scratch resistance (Faustino 2018). These features, however, are determined by the material used to make the device. 

Remote-Controlled Rabbit Vibrators

These are amazingly great and practically cool devices. You can control them through an app and masturbation sleeve which makes it possible for virtual control (Martins 2019). These two toys interact with each other which makes it cool. Moving one of these toys will automatically impact the other when connected to the same app. Alternatively, you can use the video feature as you use the toy in case you need to see each other.

Remote-Controlled Butt Plugs

If you like playing with your butthole anytime you get intimate with your lover, these remote-controlled butt plugs are the best for you. These sex toys are either wired or wireless and feature different vibration speeds and patterns for incredible pleasure. You can give the remote to your partner and let them bully you with a varied sensation that takes you to uncontrollable orgasms.

Remote-Controlled Love Eggs

Small sex toys such as love eggs also allow you to enjoy the sensations on the go. With it, you can feel the buzz even when in the public without being noticed. You only need to insert the eggs in your vagina and use the app on your phone or a ring-like remote to control the vibration.

Bluetooth-Controlled Bullet Vibrators

Bluetooth-enabled vibrators use the app on the phone or computer for functionality. They feature many whistles and bells; some of them use an Apple Watch or iPhone as a remote. on the other hand, others allow you to sync your vibration up to ambient sound or music. They also feature three intensity levels and two vibration modes to give you an option to choose the one that perfectly suits you. This amazing sex toy can be used for internal curving since it is soft and flexible.

Remote-Controlled Cowgirl Sex Machines

If you are a beginner or casual sex toy user, then you may not be a candidate for these amazing sex machines. They are pretty different from other average sex toys. Most remote-controlled sex machines feature wider bases with interchangeable attachments for you to sit on them hands-free. Cowgirl sex toys can be maneuvered through a smartphone app or an attached remote control. The sex machine comes with six different vibrating patterns and can make a 360-swivel rotation, making it unique from other sex toys.

Common Features of Remote-Controlled Sex Toys

Remote-controlled sex toys have been around since 2010. Sparrow and Karas (2020), opined that these toys are generally designed to simplify your solo masturbation or partnered play by eliminating the need of fumbling with your toys anytime you want to enjoy a different setting. They are either wired or wireless devices, with common features such as different vibration patterns and speeds. They are also powered differently, including battery or mains-powered sex toys.

Battery-powered remote-controlled toys are the most popular since they are cheap, easy to use, and portable. However, their batteries drain out faster, forcing you to replace them frequently. They are not also very powerful, unlike their competitors' rechargeable sex toys. On the other hand, mains-powered toys, as the name suggests, only work when plugged into the mains power source. These devices are powerful and give intense pleasure. The only downside is that they are not discreet and you need a ready power source to enjoy your pleasure moments.

How to Use Remote-Controlled Toys

Remote Control Toys Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Remote-controlled toys bring a lot of fun to couples or during solo masturbation. They are designed to heighten sexual pleasure and double orgasms. However, for you to get the most out of these superb devices, you should consider the following usage tips:

  • Before using the device, always clean it with recommended toy cleaner to remove all bacteria.
  • Ensure it has enough power or you should connect it to electricity and set the mood around the room.
  • Apply enough sex lubricant on the toy and your genitals for a friction-less experience.
  • You can now jump into your solo or partnered play using your toys after achieving your desired arousal level.

Different Brands Making Remote-Controlled Toys

Smile Makers

The company is located in Twinsburg, Ohio, in the United States of America. It was founded in 2011. Its mission is to make smiles happen by offering the best remote-controlled sex toys. Examples of its products include the Billionaire Vibrator and The Romantic Powerful G-Spot Vibrator.

Dame Products

This brand was founded by two female entrepreneurs: one is a credentialed sexologist and the other is an established engineer. Alongside lubes and serums, Dame’s remote-controlled sex toys are sex-oriented and even a bit futuristic. Since the company is all-female-owned, it offers the best sex devices for women to help them maximize their pleasure games. Dame’s Aer First Suction Vibrator is an example of its best-selling remote-controlled toys.

Je Joue

With an emphasis on being sex-positive, Je Joue sells sophisticated sexy toys for couples and single folks. It was started in 2008 in China. An example of the sex toys made by this company is the Je Joue G-Spot Vibrator.

How Couples Can Use Remote-Controlled Toys

Using remote-controlled sex toys as a couple is not a complicated idea. It only requires both partners to agree on which toy to use and when to introduce a sex device into the mix. The step involves communicating, buying the device together, and preparing each other before settling on a sex device. However, remember sex devices are created to maximize pleasure and not replace human partners. Therefore, ensuring everyone is on board is vital as it allows each partner to bring their opinions.

Best Sex Lubricants to Use

Silicone-Based Lubricants

Silicone-based lubricants last longer than water-based varieties and are usually safe to use. They are designed not to dry quickly and stay slick longer than other kinds of lubes. They are also thick and ideal for anal play. However, they are not compatible with silicone sex toys.

Water-Based Lubricants

These are the most popular lubricants formulated to mimic fertile cervical mucus with lower salt concentration than silicone and oil lubricants. They are also less likely to irritate sensitive skin and do not stain the sheets since they are easy to wash off. Unfortunately, they dry out faster, making them unsuitable for anal and shower play.

Oil-based lubricants

Oil-based lubricants are also becoming popular due to their thickness and long-lasting property. They are mostly preferred for anal play since they form a protective layer on the delicate sphincter walls. However, they are not ideal for vaginal use they alter the natural vaginal pH level and can cause infections.

What to Consider Before Buying A Remote-Controlled Sex Toy

The Cost of The Toy

The more you are willing to spend, the highest quality of a sex toy you get. This is because expensive remote-controlled sex toys have more incredible features that simplify their usage and maximize pleasure. They are also made of luxurious materials that increase their classy appearance and prevent skin infections.

The Type of Sensation Delivered

The type of sex toy you choose will determine the sensation produced. The two main stimulations are internal and external stimulation. You can choose a rumble vibrator as they can go deeper to give internal and external stimulation. However, you can also choose a small sex toy that only works on your external zones.

Check the Power Supply

You should be keen to acquire a USB-rechargeable remote-controlled sex toy to ensure a steady power supply and enjoy your sensational play worry-free. Contrary, if you love playing with your toys in the bedroom, you can pick plug-in sex toys with wired remote controls.

The Material Used

Silicone is among the best material used to make sex toys since it is body-safe, hypoallergic, and easy to maintain. It also feels like the real thing and gives more pleasure as it makes you experience the same sensation as that of a real man. Other quality materials are metal, glass, and medical-grade jelly. When choosing any material, consider its flexibility and how you want to use it. Flexible materials are great for partnered sex while rigid materials are only suitable for experienced users.

Pick the Right Sex Lubricant

The types of lubricant used also depend on the material. Silicone lubricants are compatible with all materials except silicone sex toys. On the other hand, water-based lubricants are compatible with all materials and can be used with any condom. However, they dry out faster, hence not great for anal play. Also, when buying a lubricant, think about if you want to use it in the shower or bathtub.

Frequently Asked Questions About Remote-Controlled Toys

Are Remote Control Sex Toys Safe?

Remote-controlled sex toys are made from medical-grade materials that make them safe for use. The remotes also help in regulating the vibration levels; hence, ideal for both beginners and pros.

How Far Can I Control My Lovers Remote Control Sex Toy?

The maximum distance required to control a remote-control sex toy depends on various factors such as the type of device. Bluetooth-controlled devices can work up to 30 meters away while app-enabled can work even when miles apart.

Are There Risks of Remote-Control Toys?

Even though remote-control sex toys are safe to use, there are risks to using them. For example, if used while connected to the electricity, they can easily cause shocks to the user. Excessive use of sex toys can also cause oversensitivity, leading to a lack of sexual stimulation during normal sexual intercourse.

How Is a Remote-Control Sex Toy Powered?

Remote-control sex toys are mains-powered, battery-powered, or rechargeable devices.

Can I Recharge My Remote-Control Sex Toy?

The remote-controlled sex toys should be recharged to generate power for them to function well.

Can I Use a Remote-Control Sex Toy in Public?

They can be used in public. You only need to put them in your underwear and control them while in public using the remote control.

Can I Use Lube with A Remote-Control Toy?

It is recommended to use lubricants with remote-controlled toys to ensure that the surface is slippery for safe play and enhanced pleasure.

The Bottom Line

Remote-controlled vibrators have become popular in the current sex toy market since they allow partners to engage in intimate moments even when away from each other (Faustino 2018). Other also feature app-enabled settings that make them easy to control through a phone or computer. When choosing a remote-controlled sex toy ensure you select the one that meets all your sexual needs for immense pleasure. 


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