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Standard Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Standard Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

When it comes to pain relief and better sleep, masturbation stands out to be pretty much essential for your mental and physical health. Standard vibrators can help your body learn to respond to various sensations. They also create varieties in your sexual repertoire by spicing up your long-term sexual relationship and making your solo steamy sessions as pleasurable and memorable as possible.

Standard Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicinealmost 80% of women and 91% of men who have used a vibrator at some point tend to enjoy sex more than those who don't use it. A vibrator can help women practice sexual orgasms in case they cannot find it from their partner. They are also a fun addition to erotic play by letting you know your pleasure zones. Standard vibrators come in different shapes, sizes, and modes. Some may be electrically powered while others are battery-powered. Nevertheless, they can be used for partnered or solo play to release sexual tension. All is needed is to apply them to the erogenous zones such as clit, vagina or vulva, penis, and scrotum for stimulation.

Types of Standard Vibrators

Personal Massager Vibrators

If you are a beginner and wish to get immense pleasure from sex toys, then the above vibrators are exactly what you should consider. They feature everything you need for arousal. These vibrators have 8 different and powerful vibration settings and also come in a versatile shape perfect for testing to see which one works best for you. They are made of waterproof materials, making them suitable for use in the bathtub since they can withstand water splashes. For increased lubrication and self-pleasure feel, these vibrators are compatible with arousal oil for maximum orgasm. They are made up of ABS plastic material and features USB rechargeable power.

G-Spot Standard Vibrator

Number one G-spot vibrators that are USB rechargeable for convenience. These G-spot vibrators are great for blended orgasms as they provide both internal and external stimulation. For a beginner, these are the best choice for you as they feature a soft and smooth texture. In addition, the vibrators can be used anywhere, including the bathtub and shower since most are made of waterproof materials, allowing them to withstand water splash. Their dual stimulation power makes them worth every coin.

Mini Standard Vibrators

These are among the best vibrators for traveling since they are small enough to fit into your travel bag or pocket. These vibrators offer almost seven patterns with ten different intensity levels, giving you a wide range to choose the ones that meet your needfully. These are the most durable and long-lasting vibrators made of pretty hard materials.

Lush Standard Vibrators

Lush vibrators are also among the best remote-controlled vibrators that feature a Bluetooth controller. These hand-free adult toys use various vibration settings to offer pleasure and can be used either for solo play or with your partner. These vibrators are best for couples in a long-distance relationship since they are easy to control from a distance (Sundén (2020). For added fun, these bullet vibrators allow you to sync with your favorite taste of music. You can also use them in public since they feature a whisper-quiet mode for privacy.

Cervix Serpent Standard Vibrators

Well, for those who are interested in some vaginal self-massage, then here is good news for you. The Cervix Serpent made of a glass wand is the perfect toy for internal stimulation and can also be beneficial to women who experience tension, numbness, or vaginal pain during sex.

Wand Standard Vibrators

Wand vibrators are the most powerful vibrators suitable for both genders as they feature intense vibration for the vulva and penises. These vibrators can offer intense toe-curling vibrations for the whole body and also help to release sore and tight muscles. You may also need to plug them into the wall socket since most come without rechargeable batteries.

Lipstick Standard Vibrator

These types of vibrators feature lipstick design that makes them unnoticed and won't let anyone talk about your horniness. In addition, these vibrators come with a pinpointed clit stimulation and they are powered through USB recharge cables. As if that is not enough, the vibrators can be used anywhere including the bathtub since they are made with waterproof materials. Lipstick vibrators come with 6 different settings for fun pleasure.

Common Features of a Standard Vibrator

Standard vibrators are fairly average in size. However, they offer intense orgasms that those who use them sometimes describe as “mind-blowing.” Moreover, their diminutive size makes them discrete and ideal to store in the bedroom, travel suitcase, or handbag. These pleasure devices are a must-have for every woman. Regarding their features, standard vibrators come in numerous shapes, sizes, vibration levels, and materials (Döring 2021). The most common features include:

  • Most vibes are made from silicone, plastic, or skin-safe rubber material. Rubber is the softest and most flexible, silicone vibes have a velvety feel to them, while plastic ones are firm.
  • Most standard vibrators have an in-built motor that delivers a range of speeds and vibration patterns. Bullet vibes are smaller than wands and deliver buzzy vibrations. Wands, on the other hand, are larger and deliver rumbly vibrations.
  • Most vibes are USB rechargeable, while others are battery-powered.
  • Some standard vibrators are remote-controlled using short-range devices, while others are apps-enabled on your handset and are ideal for long-distance stimulation.
  • Some vibes are quiet and offer subtle vibrations, while others have a higher decibel.

Companies Selling the Best Standard Vibrators

Think about whether you like it deep or slightly shallow. Stimulating the C-spot, A-spot, G-spot, P-spot, or the vaginal canal is easily within reach with standard vibrators. Some insertable vibes essentially replicate the deep, full sensation, but the powered pulsations make the experience magical.

Today's sex toy marketplace is crowded with manufacturers and suppliers, which makes drawing a line between fake and quality the more difficult. Luckily, we have scoured the market to bring you the top companies offering standard vibrators. Below is a selection of those, including some of their best-selling products.

  • LELO: Liv 2 Insertable Vibrator, Gigi G-Spot Vibrator.
  • Fun Factory: Stronic G Insertable Vibe.
  • Satisfyer: Petting Hippo G-Spot Vibrator.
  • Lovehoney: Unbound Bender Clit Stim.

How Couples Can Use Standard Vibrators

Introducing a standard vibe into your bedroom couple life does not necessarily allude to bad sex life. Tell your partner that you merely want to make it better by adding something that you can both enjoy. Once everyone is on board, you can even go shopping for a standard vibrator together and find an opportunity to reassure each other.

Back to the bedroom itself and how couples can use a vibrator, the conundrum is real. Understandably so because most people use vibrators for solo masturbation. So, thinking of using it with a partner is something else. However, exploring sensations together can be fun, especially when considering the following factors:

  • First, go on record and tell your partner that adding a vibrator to your sex game isn’t replacing them.
  • Going ahead and shopping for one together makes it feel like a collaborative experience.
  • Back in the bedroom, set the stage, and identify the type of sensations you are looking to elicit with your vibe type. For dual pleasures, certain couple-specific vibrators such as the We-Vibe can do.
  • For personal vibes, purchase two and encourage your partner to use theirs. Overall, they will enjoy the experience because standard vibrators would do stuff that you wouldn’t; such as thrusting fast with intense pulsations.
  • You might even explore your partner’s pleasure zones by using your vibe on their body.

Standard Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Best Lubes to Use with Standard Vibrators

What is the best lube to use for standard vibrators, you ask? For starters, water-based lubed are ideal if sex toys are involved. That is because they are formulated, hypoallergenic, and mess-free. Besides, they are great for use with latex condoms.

Factor to Consider Before Buying Standard Vibrators

Consider Your Sexual Preferences

First of all, you need to consider the experience you need from the sex toy. A vibe that mimics the feeling of oral sex would be beneficial if clitoral stimulation is what you crave. Nonetheless, a bigger vibe with internal stimulation is a perfect choice for those who would wish to have a feeling of penetrative sex.

The necessity for A Sex Lubricant

Sex lubricants reduce unwanted friction when using your vibrators and enhance your pleasure. When choosing a sex lubricant, consider where you want to use your vibrators and the material used to make it. Water-based lubricants are compatible with most materials but not suitable for shower play since they are washed away easily. For a long-lasting and sleek feeling, choose a silicone sec lubricant.

Your Lifestyle

If you have a roommate, the best option for you would be a quiet vibrator this will help you for privacy purposes.  Also, if you love traveling, buy a standard vibrator with a locking system so that it does not accidentally turn on in the public.

Check the Material Used

Always check the vibrator to make sure it is safe for your body. Only use it when the material is toxic-free and skin-friendly. Popular body-safe and easy-to-maintain materials include silicone, glass, metal, and medical-grade jellies.

Consider the Price Point

If you need to save on the cost, always opt for ABS plastic or nonporous sex toys. However, if your budget allows, you can try expensive vibrators with luxurious features such as Bluetooth and enabled apps. The power source also determines the cost of the vibrator. For example, plug-in standard vibrators are relatively expensive than rechargeable or battery-powered options. Also, when looking at the power source, consider where you intend to use your toy.

Safety Measures When Using Standard Vibrators

  • Wash and dry your standard sex lubricants after every sex act, and upon changing partners (Wood, et al., 2017).
  • Apply compatible sex lube and handle with care because vibrators, and indeed all sex toys, require sound maintenance.
  • Apply lube generously both on the vibrator and your penis before inserting to avoid unnecessary friction.
  • Clean your silicone vibes using antimicrobial soap for proper maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Standard Vibrator

Are Standard Vibrators Safe?

Yes. Manufacturers use well-regulated materials of high quality and medical grade. However, first-time users better opt for silicone vibrators. That is because, in addition to being 100% body-safe, silicone delivers less intense vibrations, is soft, and is easy to clean.

How to Use a Standard Vibrator

Before going up to your genitals, take time to familiarize yourself with the new acquisition. Understand the buttons, the speeds and intensities, and how to control every aspect. Next up, get in the position, apply sex lube, and get going.

Does Using a Vibrator too Often Lead to Desensitivity?

For women, excessive use of a vibrator on the clitoris can potentially desensitize the clit from manual stimulation.

Are Standard Vibrators Waterproof?

Not all. For safety reasons, buy vibrators made from nonporous material.

How Loud Is a Standard Vibrator?

For the most part, standard vibrators deliver subtle yet silent vibrations. Though if you are concerned about the sound, go for quiet vibrators by shopping for those with 40 decibels or lower.

Can I Use a Standard Vibrator with A Partner?

Yes, you can shop for couple-specific standard vibrators that deliver dual pleasures.

Can I Use Lube with A Standard Vibrator?

As a rule of thumb, using lube with vibrators, and indeed any sex toy is a great idea. Lube minimizes friction and increases pleasure by dispersing the vibrations.

How Do I Clean My Vibrator?

Whether you are into solo or partnered play, it is good practice to always clean your standard vibrator before and after use. For nonporous vibrators made from materials such as silicone, wash using warm water and anti-microbial soap. Then, ensure it is fully dried before storing it away in a silk cloth or bag.

  • The Bottom Line

A vibrator is a sex toy used for sexual pleasure and stimulation into the body. Vibrators come in different shapes and modes. Some may be electrically powered while others are battery-powered. Nevertheless, people can use vibrators for partnered sex and solo play. When choosing a vibrator, always consider the one that meets all your needs and gives you maximum pleasure.


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