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Stockings Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Stockings Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

If you plan to look more surprising and seduce your partner differently, consider adding denier, silk and nylon, suspender belt, welt, and seamed stockings in your bedroom collection.

Stockings Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

A wise choice of your stockings can help you to spice up your sex life and enhance a more attractive power. As for hot ladies, wearing this lingerie in your bedroom will give you courage and build your sexual pleasure. While most women use attractive words to seduce their men, those who start and end their day in these sexy stockings, have high chances of creating a romantic impression more quickly. Their color and materials matter a lot when it comes to drawing your lover’s attention with the stockings. Thus, when choosing, consider the two factors to get a fantastic feedback.

What are Stockings?

According to Cartwright (2018), stockings are close-fitting garments that cover the legs from the foot up to the knee or part of the thighs. The garments vary in color, size, transparency, and design. Hargreaves (2002) states that stockings are specifically meant for ladies. They are worn for different purposes including, alluring, confidence, hygiene, tummy trimming, vintage look, and dressing up. In most cases, they are meant to attract their men for bedroom pleasure. This tells why you should look for something that gives you a sexier look and shows off your curves to give your hot-blooded partner sexual cravings.

Why Wear Stockings?

Men like a mystery, and the stocking serves that purpose. Stockings do not have to be the traditional boring ones to keep our legs warm. There is no hint of sexiness in traditional stockings. There are a variety of stockings in the market that are meant to make the woman seductive. Many stockings are netted to be seductive. When men see the bare skin inside the stockings, it makes their imagination wild. The secret to sexiness is wearing garments that leave little to the imagination. You may wear stockings and hold them up with a suspender, or you could wear stockings with patterns or are of a sexy color. The main idea of stocking in sexuality is to attract and keep the man's attention so that he wants to see more of what is uncovered. The sexier the stocking, the more male attention the woman is likely to get. Note that the legs are the longer limbs, make them stand out more by getting some sexy stockings.

Types of Stockings

Denier Stockings

If you are looking for something opaque to hide your curves, then denier is the perfect stocking to add to your lingerie collection. The garments have emerged as among the most durable stockings in the market. They are thick enough to offer you warmth in cold seasons. You can wear them under your workwear to get pleasure during the day. The use of thick material also allows you to spend a cold night in them. With varied colors, you can pair them with your beautiful heels that match perfectly with your stockings to gain more confidence.

Seamed Stockings

According to McConnell-Sidorick (2017), seamed stockings are made in the old full-fashioned manner with a seam going up the back of legs. You can get them in varied materials, sizes, colors, and designs of heels. The modern design is somehow better than the traditional one which was done by cutting the fabric and sewing together. They are subdivided into three varieties; seamless, sheers, and stocking feet.

Suspender Belt Stockings

Suspender belt stockings have more straps which indicate the amount of comfort they will offer you. These stockings come in different attractive colors and high-quality materials to fit your desires. The straps are adjustable enough to provide room for comfortable movement and enhance confidence. These masterpieces are meant to help you show off your curves to your partner. They are compatible with your gorgeous heels to complete the stunning look.

Silk Stockings

These stockings are made specifically from high-quality silk material to provide incredible pleasure and create a more seductive power. They are non-stretchy which makes them appear in varied sizes ranging from slim to chubby bodies.

Nylon Stockings

Nylon stockings are made from 100% high-quality nylon material to give you a nice touch. Some are opaque while others are transparent to show off your curves. You can get them in different colors and designs.

Knee High Stockings

Knee-high stockings terminate at barely below the knee. They are also known as trouser socks or half-stockings made to help you reveal your legs muscles. This type comes in different designs, such as opaque, pointed heel, nude heel, matte, mock seam, open-toed, sandal foot, and RHT.

Fishnet Stockings

These are knitted stockings with a fish-like wide open knit designed to allow fresh air circulation while it draws your partner’s attention. These stockings are almost the same as fencenet, only that fencenet have wider patterns and can be worn over another stocking.  

Factors to Consider When Buying Stockings

Consider the Thickness

Thicker stockings are known for showing off less skin, but they are strong to last longer and provide warmth. Therefore, if you love showing only a portion of your legs, thicker stockings are the best choice.

Check the Color

According to Walsh et al. (2017), people have different skin tones. Therefore stockings come in varied tones too. Choose the color that matches your skin tone. Also, when you have an event, choose one that reflects it. For example, a wedding deserves a slightly darker stocking.

Look at the Finishing

Stockings with a matte finish are good for reducing volume, while those with a shine finish enhance more volume.

Choose the Best Size

Choose a stocking that fits you perfectly to avoid tight or loose garments that can intimidate you. If you are slim or chubby, go for your size to enhance a stunning look.   

Consider Your Health Condition

If you have problems with varicose veins or blood circulation, avoid too tight stockings for comfortability.

How to Use the Stockings

Stockings Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

  • Be careful when sitting to avoid tearing the stockings. You can choose thicker ones that resist sharp objects.
  • Match your shoe or heels with your stockings to complete the gorgeous look.
  • Wear tighter garments to accentuate your body.
  • When wearing shorts or skirts, be careful not to show the top of the tight.
  • Wear a pair of stockings that reflects the event at hand. For example, slight darker stockings are ideal for a wedding, while red is worn on Valentine’s Day.
  • Remember to wash the stocking as recommended by the manufacturer after use to maintain durability.

Safety Tips on Using Stockings

  • When playing with your partner, ensure the straps are not loose to avoid part of your body getting stuck in the straps.
  • Avoid loosening the straps to prevent them from getting stuck on objects like chairs while walking.
  • Avoid frequent use of too-tight stockings to provide room for smooth blood circulation.
  • Avoid using bright colored or white colors on a sunny day that reflects light rays which may affect the eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stockings?

Are there Plus Size Stockings?

For a long time, fashion only focused on model-like figures, the standard size 33-23-33. Stockings were therefore meant for the slimmer woman. The plus-sized women have suffered for a long time in the fashion world as manufacturers avoid making fabrics for plus-sized women because they take up too much fabric to make. On the other hand, when the manufacturers finally started making stockings for the plus-sized lady, the plus-sized woman avoided buying them because they were expensive. In recent times there are many stockings in the market for women of all sizes because the manufacturers have realized that more women, their body sizes notwithstanding, are investing in stockings. There are plus-sized stockings everywhere nowadays.

What is the Difference Between Stockings and Socks?

The main difference between stockings and socks is that socks cover the feet and reaches the ankle or the calf but stockings go beyond the knees, the thighs and can even reach the waist. The other difference is that socks are worn by men and women while stockings are worn by women only. In other words, stockings are very long socks.

What are the Most Common Materials Used for Stockings?

The various materials used to make stockings are knitted wool, silk, cotton and nylon. Some stockings are made of synthetic materials. Nylon is the main synthetic material used to make stockings.

How Do I Properly Handwash and Maintain My Stockings?

Wendt et al. (2022) explains that being unhygienic leads to infections. When you find stockings that you like, you clean and maintain stockings so that you can re-wear. If you clean and maintain them well, you will be able to retain their elasticity and their color. Handwashing is the best way to care for stockings because they are light and prone to getting torn. Follow the following steps so that you can have your stockings for longer;

Gather these Items

Soap and a basin of water.

Sort Them Out

Sort out the clothes not only according to colors but also to the dirt that is on them. Do not wash very dirty stockings together with the very dirty stockings.

Remove the Stains

Stains are removed before washing so that you can give them special attention and be careful with them.

Soak Them

Add gentle detergent to a water basin and soak the stockings for 30 minutes. Rinse well in room-temperature water until the water in which you rinse them last is no longer soapy. Do not wring the stockings because if you do, you will mess up the shape of the stocking. It would help to press the stocking against the basin or the sink to squeeze out water.Hang them, and when they dry, fold and store them in a drawer.

How Do I Style My Stockings?

Stockings look great in almost every outfit. You can add stockings to your outfit to look more sexy and classy. The best deal with stockings is that you can hide them if you have scars or hairy legs. You can wear the sexy stocking outdoors to give your boring short dress a sexy look. Having a variety of stockings will make you add some spice to your style. Make sure you select a fun color. Wearing short pencil skirts with stockings can make you look, or stockings with boots will give you a sexy look. The footwear will always make you stand out. Wearing heels with sexy during kinky sex is also sexy. Just remember to add a suspender or a garter belt or a suspender to keep them up so that you do not have to interrupt the sexy moments pulling them up. You can wear the stocking with your babydoll dress or during cosplay. 

What Is the Difference between Stockings and Pantyhose?

Stockings are female garments that are made of translucent silk and nylon. The stocking is worn over the feet like socks and goes up to the thigh or almost up to the thigh. Suspenders can hold it up if it does not have it at the opening. When you wear the stocking, you wear both legs separately. Stockings are worn for sensualism.

Pantyhose are worn from the feet to the waist, and they are worn as if they were a pair of trousers. Pantyhose are functional and worn to keep the legs covered when we wear short clothes, which is why they are acceptable at the workplace.

Can You Wear Stockings Without Suspenders?

You can wear stockings without suspenders. However, it depends on what role the suspenders are meant to play. If the suspenders are meant to hold stockings that are likely to go down if not held up, the stockings will need suspenders. If the stockings have an elastic opening at the endings, they can stay up, and the suspenders are meant to give the stockings a kinky look. The suspenders are not necessary, but they are needed for the kinkiness.

Final Thought

Stockings are designed for many purposes including, alluring, confidence, hygiene, tummy trimming, vintage look, and dressing up. If you plan to buy them for bondage purposes, choose one that will help you and your partner achieve orgasms quickly. For instance, consider the color, material, size, and compatibility.


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