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The Year of the Rabbit in your Bedroom

The Year of the Rabbit in your Bedroom

On the January 22nd The "rabbit year" begins. It refers to the Chinese 12-year zodiac cycle in which each year is represented by an animal. People born in a rabbit year are said to be gentle, kind and sensitive, creative and have good taste. Why not go with the flow, adjust to the lunar year of rabbit and make the most of the it all year round in your bedroom.

In Chinese astrology, the rabbit is considered to be a romantic and sensitive sign to complement the rabbit's gentle nature. The combination of subtle yet persistent hard work was also an inspiration for creation of an invention built solely for instant self-satisfaction. The rabbit shaped toy for adult play provides dual stimulation, external sensitive through "rabbit ears" and internal. Combining these two elements causes an intensely pleasurable experience that can be enjoyed alone or with a partner. Would not it be a great way to celebrate lunar year in your own bedroom and discover your sexual preferences while taking care of your sexual wellness and address all your needs.

Tatyana Dyachenko, Sexual and Relationship Therapist at Peaches and Screams said: The most obvious advantage of the rabbit vibrator is its design. The unique combination of clitoral and internal stimulation helps maximize pleasure, intensifying orgasms and allowing users to explore new sensations like never before. With adjustable speeds, shapes, and functions available on many models, these toys are versatile and effective in helping people discover their arousal patterns.

Follow the rabbit…

In Chinese astrology rabbits are said to have a strong emotional connection, which can lead to a very stable and long-lasting relationship, which is a great prediction when it comes to your favourite rabbit vibrator.  For couples looking to spice things up during intimate moments together, adding a rabbit vibe into the mix provides more possibilities for excitement. The two parts work separately yet simultaneously during use. This ensures everyone gets what they need out of it.

People born in a rabbit year are often said to be good at avoiding conflicts and are known for their diplomatic skills. Barbara Santini, Sex and Relationship Adviser at Peaches and Screams said: When the rabbit vibrator is inside, you can use various movements until you find which one you enjoy the most. You can try back and forth movement, in and out movement, or even place it still inside a vagina since some enjoy that too. The rabbit never complains, it is gentle and understanding, which makes them great partners.

The rabbit is also said to be a good match for other signs in the Chinese zodiac such as the sheep, pig, and dog. It may serve as a daily inspiration to try out different position during solo or partner play. Find your favourite position to discover your likes and dislikes in the bedroom. For example doggy-style is one of the best positions for stimulating the G-spot. It should be on your to-do-list when “rabbit year” celebrations considered as the different angles of your clit’s reach might bring surprisingly better satisfaction. If you feel comfortable, experiment, stretch into a cow position, pigs in the blanket, butterfly or other animal inspired position. There is plenty.

It's not all about catching the rabbit, it's about chasing it

In Chinese culture, it is said that the rabbit is hardworking and persistent in pursuing their goals. With the recommendation from Peaches and Screams experts you can achieve your intimate goals every time you feel lieke it:

Tatyana Dyachenko:

SUKI is one of the most innovative. It has three 10-function motors, which can be independently controlled. This means you can set up your toy with up to 1,000 distinctive settings. It is totally waterproof and extremely quiet. When fully charged will provide 40 minutes of passionate playtime.

Barbara Santini:

CHOU is one of the most powerful and versatile vibrators. It features 4 distinct and interchangeable silicone clitoral stimulation sleeves for advanced stimulation, which gives you limitless options. Tally waterproof and extremely quiet. When you're getting close to climax, just one touch of the special function climax button will immediately bring all the motors to full power speed. Is not it convenient.

Happy Rabbit Year.