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Tunnel and Stretchers Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Tunnel and Stretchers Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

If you are ready to take your anal play to the next fulfilling level and welcome bigger dicks and sex toys, tunnels and stretchers will do the job just comfortably. These toys will help you look at your backdoor from a different angle and use it to satisfy your sexual fantasies.

Tunnel and Stretchers Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Anal sex has garnered a huge following in the current sex world. Most people are now ready to welcome some penetration in their backdoors, others only trying to test how it feels to be banged in their butts. However, some are still afraid to try the act because they believe it is painful or somehow dangerous. While this might be the case, most sex enthusiasts suggest that anal sex or play is equal to other erotic games and it should be enjoyed for what it is. Therefore, those overlooking the power of anal play are advised to start with friendly anal toys such as anal tunnels and stretchers before moving to actual anal sex.

What Are Tunnels and Stretchers?

Anal stretching is the act of opening and expanding anal muscles by a few inches to allow them to withstand larger toys and penises. Since anal sex has become popular among fetich couples and individuals, people have always looked for the safest ways to stretch, prepare, and relax their sphincter muscles before delving into anal sex. These techniques include using extraordinary anal toys and even fingers.

Anal stretchers, therefore, are sex toys with unique designs used to open the anal canal and make it accustomed to larger sex toys. They are used before anal play or sex to make the canal comfortable in welcoming other toys and penises. On the other hand, tunnels are butt plugs or probes with hollow spaces in the middle. Once inserted, they leave the anus open and allow the insertion of other toys like dildos, vibrators, and penises. The other partner can also use the space to view inside the anal canal or pour a body-safe liquid during bondage games.

Why Use Tunnels and Stretchers?

Using tunnels and stretchers opens new a window of possibilities in the bedroom. It lets partners experiment with new stimulation techniques on each other and learn their anal limits. Therefore, besides opening the ass gradually before anal sex, here are reasons why fetish partners would choose anal tunnels and stretchers:

Include Other Toys in The Play

Tunnels and stretchers take the fun higher by allowing the incorporation of other sex toys such as dildos, dilators, and vibrators into the play. Once the tunnels are stuck into the butthole, the other partner or even the wearer can insert anything of their choice to escalate the pleasure. Experienced players can also include anal fisting to fulfill their crazy fantasies.

They Allow Fluid Play

Some tunnels and stretchers have stoppers to close the hole once inserted. This means the wearer or the other partner can pour any fluid into the anal canal once the tunnel is inserted and fix the stopper. However, the liquid should always be non-toxic to avoid infecting the inner muscles.

Some Tunnels Are Used for Medical Purposes

Sex doctors also prefer using tunnels and stretchers to get a clear view inside the patient’s rectum. Couples can also use these ass gapers to admire the view inside their partner’s anal canal, creating an out-of-world experience.

How to Buy Anal Tunnels and Stretchers

Although anal tunnels and stretchers are close to butt plugs, there are a few unique features that make them different from traditional anal plugs. As a newbie, you are likely to confuse these two versions of anal toys. However, to simplify your search, here are a few aspects to consider:

Pick the Safest Material

Manufacturers use silicone, glass, stainless steel, or rubber to make tunnels and stretches. As a beginner, always go for a body-safe, slightly flexible, and easy-to-maintain material like silicone. However, experienced users can buy glass or stainless-steel stretchers since they are a bit heavier when inserted into the anal canal. The material is also vital in choosing the right anal lubricant to use. To be on the safer side, choose a water-based lubricant since it is compatible with all materials.

Buy the Right Size

Buyers can pick small or huge tunnels and stretchers, depending on their sexual experiences and stretching limits. Luckily, most stretchers come in small or medium sizes to allow starters to choose what suits them. After insertion, the wearer can increase the size to reach its limits.

Check the Surface Texture

Most tunnels and stretchers have smooth surfaces since they focus on opening the anal canal rather than stimulating the anal walls. Therefore, choosing a textured toy can cause bruises to the anal opening and canal during insertion, resulting in discomfort.

Are They Waterproof?

Those planning to use their tunnels and stretchers in the bathroom should buy waterproof toys. This prevents the material from getting damaged by the water and causing infections to the delicate sphincter muscles.

How to Use Tunnels and Stretchers

Tunnel and Stretchers Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Clean Up Your Bowels

Before diving into the party, ensure your bowels are empty by visiting the washroom. This eliminates the regular interruptions caused by going to the toilet during the play or dirtying your sex toys. Anal opening and stretching need high levels of hygiene, which can only be achieved by going to the shower or toilet 30 minutes before the session.

Lubrication Is Essential

Ensure you have a bottle of anal lubricants by the bedside to enjoy friction-free and enhanced stretching. Avoid numbing agents as they may not allow you to understand your stretching limits.

Relax Before Insertion

You can start with foreplay if the play involves couples, or play with your most erogenous zones to arouse yourself. Ensure your anal muscles are relaxed for easier and more comfortable stretching.

Gently Insert the Device

After applying sufficient lubrication] to the device, insert it gently into your anal canal. Don't force the tunnel or stretcher as you may hurt the delicate tissues, causing permanent injury. Start with slow thrusts before picking the pace.

Allow Breaks Between Stretching Sessions

As a beginner, you can stretch your butt once or twice a day. This allows your tight muscles to adapt to the insertions and recover. Avoid stretching your anus more often since it can cause permanent loosening of the anal canal.

The Best Lube to Use with Tunnel and Stretchers

Using lube should never be an afterthought or an optional thing for you. The best lube to use on the tunnel and anal stretchers are always the silicone-based lube. However, you cannot use it on the tunnel and stretchers made of silicone material. This is because they may alter with the silicone material. In this case, the best ones will be the water-based lube. They are thin and dry out  fast. If the anal stretchers and the tunnels are made from glass or any other material that is not silicone, you can always use the silicone-based lube. The great thing about the silicone-based lube is that they are thick, sticky, and do not dry out quickly. 

Tunnels and Stretchers Safety Tips

  • Always clean the toys and the anal canal before and after stretching to minimize bacterial infections.
  • Use gentle moves and avoid forcing anything into the open butt, especially if you are a learner.
  • Don’t use anal tunnels and stretchers for vaginal stretching.
  • Stop the stretching session immediately you start feeling discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tunnel and Stretchers

Are Anal Stretchers Safe?

Anal stretchers are always safe when you follow all the instructions and directions properly and correctly. It would help if you always used lube on yourself when using the stretchers. They should even be in plenty, especially if you use the water-based lube. This is because they rarely stick and dry out quickly. Once you continue using them without lube, you are likely to have some fissures, that is, the tearing of the anal tissues or even hemorrhoids. At times it can become more dangerous, and you may bleed. When you experience this, you should stop using the anal stretchers and have fun with other sex toys. However, do not use it incorrectly.

How Do I Prepare for Anal Stretcher?

You should always prepare for anal stretching instead of surprising yourself every time. Some of the ways you can try and prepare yourself include;

Having A Bowel Movement

You may try and stretch your anus at times, and poop may pop out. The fecal matter sits up higher in the rectum. However, anal play activities can make you have the urge to go to poop. The best thing is always to go and take a bowel movement before engaging in any anal sexual activity. This will help you focus on the play at hand and go deeper as you would love without any interference.

Try An Enema If You Feel Like You Are Still Shallow 

When you want to go a little deeper into the anus, and it is still shallow, you can consider injecting gas into your rectum and make sure that you expel the contents to introduce the anal stretchers. However, do not use a lot of it as it may cause some danger to you. Make sure that you use lube on it before inserting it.

Be Relaxed 

If you want to keep your butt hole from being too tight, you need to keep yourself relaxed and your mind. You can try that with foreplay games, having a hot bath, and even getting your partner to massage you. This will help you relax your body and mind and prepare it for anal stretching.

Do Not Be Light on The Lube

Try not to use a little amount of lube on your anal stretcher. The best way to make the whole stretching experience fun and pleasurable is by using a lot of the lube on yourself. The wetter the erogenous zone, the better the experience. Make sure that you use plenty of lube to avoid tearing the anal tissues. You are also likely to feel a lot of pain and may even bleed. Avoid the oil-based lube when you are using condoms as they destroy the latex material of the condom, as you may end up getting infections.


Once you have relaxed and have already applied lube on your stretcher, you should then start stretching the anus. First, you should take a breath and push the toy inside slowly by increasing the pressure. Take some intervals break when inserting the toy inside the anus. If it seems difficult, remove it and apply more lube once again until it gets in with no resistance. Be gentle when you are thrusting the stretchers into the anus. Remember to apply lube anytime you feel like it is becoming dry. 

Can Too Much Anal Stretching Damage the Sphincter Muscles

What Should I Do If Anal Stretching Hurts?

The only time anal stretching may hurt is if you fail to use lube on the anal stretchers. Slow down the pace at which you are thrusting or pushing the stretchers inside you. It is expected if you feel some discomfort when penetrating it at first. But it is not something to worry about as it takes you to be relaxed and take a deep breathe to clear the feeling. If the pain persists, then pull out the anal stretchers slowly. Take a break, and then continue with the stretching when you are okay, and make sure that you start with the small toys first.  

How Do I Clean Anal Stretchers?

Washing the anal stretchers should be a mandatory thing. It would help to wash them with warm water and a block of antibacterial soap. This will help minimize the bacteria build-up and the risk of getting infections. You should always make sure that you sterilize your stretchers. However, you can always check on the anal stretchers' instructions on how you are supposed to wash them.