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A Beginner’s Guide to Electrosex & Electro Sex Toys - Part 2

A Beginner's Guide to Electrosex & Electro Sex Toys - Part 2

A Beginner's Guide to Electrosex & Electro Sex Toys - Part 2

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Each electro sex toy has a power supply (mains, battery or rechargeable battery) that supplies a mild electrical charge to the electrodes connected to it. Once activated, an electrical current flows from the stimulator to the surface of the electrode and gives it a charge that can be felt when it's touched against your body. Electrodes can have one or more contacts and all of the contacts need to be touching your body for you to feel sensation.

When the electrode touches your skin, the electrical current flows into your body and creates pleasurable sensations at the point of contact. The electrical current travels down through your body and into the ground via your feet, but you'll only feel sensation where the electrode touches you and in the muscles directly beneath the skin.

How Can I Share Estim Sensations with My Partner?

It is possible to share electrical sensation with a partner by becoming part of the same circuit. You do this by both using an electrode that is connected to the same connection point on your stimulation unit. The most simple way of doing this is with a beginner's unit featuring self-adhesive pads. Each pad is a uni-polar electrode and you need to connect two of them to complete a circuit.

When playing solo, you'd place both of these electrodes against your body to complete the circuit, but when sharing with a partner you each take possession of an electrode and complete the circuit wherever you touch one another. This means you not only feel sensations from the electrode, but also everywhere else your bodies make contact, turning you both into full-body electrodes. This feels especially great during penetration and helps to give you a synchronised rhythm during sex when you select a pattern setting.

How Can I Have Hands-Free Orgasms During Electroplay?

Much like with any other sex toy, hands-free orgasms often come with practice and experimentation. Because electrostimulation sex toys offer deeper tissue stimulation than vibrating sex toys, they are better adept at stimulating the prostate and G-spot. Add to that the way they make your muscles contract and the playful tingles they generate and you'll soon understand how people come to enjoy intense hands-free orgasms with estim.

You'll need to take your time and start off gently with very soft stimulation and slowly work your way up. Your muscle contractions will edge you closer to the big O while the erotic tingles give you that surface stimulation your body craves. It's a salacious combo worth savouring.

What are the Different Types of Electrodes?

Most electrodes have a simple construction that makes them easy to understand. Loosely speaking, there are two types of sexy electrodes: uni-polar and bi-polar, but you can get some electrodes with tri-polar and even quadri-polar contacts.

Uni-polar means an electrode has just one contact and one connection point, bi-polar has two contacts and two connection points, and so on. Most stimulators complete a circuit using two connection points, so you'll need two uni-polar or one bi-polar electrode to feel sensation.

You can get electrodes suitable for both internal and external stimulation and it's usually clear from their construction which they're for. External electrodes are generally used as part of foreplay to sensitise the skin and increase sexual anticipation whereas internal electrodes stimulate the vagina or anus to create pleasurable orgasmic contractions and vibration-like tingles. The exception to this rule are electro cock rings, which cause contractions deep within his shaft as well as across the surface of his penis.

Popular external electrodes include pinwheels, electro-conductive pads and electro cock rings. Dildos, prostate massagers, butt plugs and G-spot stimulators are among the most popular internal electrodes.

Which is the Best Electro Sex Toy to Buy?

There are a wide variety of electro play kits available and as an electrosex beginner it can be tricky to know where to begin. Beginner's kits include everything you need to play but may not allow you to expand your collection, meaning you can only use the kit as it is and you can't buy new toys to add to it. These kits are generally less expensive, but if you enjoy the sensations you'll end up having to buy a more expensive stimulator so you can continue your experimentation.

With stimulators like the ElectraStim and Rimba range you can buy a power unit and then choose the sex toys you connect to it. This type of electro-stimulation kit is ideal for those who want to experiment with stimulation across different parts of the body or share sensations with a partner, as you can choose between a host of different electrodes and buy them one at a time.

Violet wands are a wild card in electro play, with stimulation feeling sharp and prickly. They offer the strongest sounds and visuals, with stimulation caused by purple sparks that jump from a glass electrode to your skin. Kits like the Kinklab Neon Wand Set are modern-day versions built to operate at lower power levels, allowing you to enjoy the powerful and unique violet ray sensations at home without expensive restoration. It's worth noting that violet wand sensations are usually stronger and more prickly than those created by other electrostimulation devices and are a unique experience in themselves.

Is Erotic Electrostimulation Safe?

Erotic electrostimulation is safe but it does carry risks, so it's important to make sure that you're feeling fit and healthy before play. Treat it like you would bondage play, so if you're not feeling 100% or you're under the influence of alcohol, it's best saved for another time.

There are a few safety guidelines to keep in mind. You should never use electrostimulation devices if you're pregnant, have heart problems or if you're fitted with any mechanical medical device.

The number one rule of electrical play is to always keep play below heart level, generally described as below the waist. Connecting electrodes above the waist can channel the electrical current through the heart and this can cause serious problems.

Always follow these rules and you should find estim perfectly safe and enjoyable.

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