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Full Guide: How to Buy Ben Wa Balls And Jiggle Balls

Full Guide: How to Buy Ben Wa Balls And Jiggle Balls

Full Guide: How to Buy Ben Wa Balls And Jiggle Balls

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls (AKA Love balls) have been used since medical times to strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. However, they gained more popularity after the release of Broad city and 50 Shades darker movies. While they are considered for exercise, Ben wa Balls are perfect for enhancing sexual pleasure and improving orgasm. They are an excellent piece of masturbation and foreplay you didn’t know you were missing until you try them out. Insert the ball and stimulate your other erogenous spots as they rub against your G-spot with every twist and turn. You can even walk around the house or go to the grocery store to maximise your pleasures. Invite your partner for some jiggle balls fun. Let them help your insert them for you as part of foreplay and go out to the movies, the anticipation alone will get you burning with desire. Once you get home, pull them out tenderly and make intimate love for explosive orgasms. Or even leave them in and let your guy penetrate you slowly and tenderly through your vagina or anus, either way, the penis will push the balls further toward the G-stop giving you an intense G-massage that is earth-shattering. It will be a jiggle dance you will crave every single day.

Full Guide: How to Buy Ben Wa Balls And Jiggle Balls

Factors to Consider when buying Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls


Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls come in different sizes. As a beginner start with small ball that are attached and have a retrieving string. As you become more comfortable with the balls inside your vagina, you can move up to medium and large sized balls. It is also advisable to start with two balls, although there are sets with three or four balls attached. You can then increase or reduce the number as your get more familiar with the practice and learn a few sexual techniques to maximise your pleasure.

Full Guide: How to Buy Ben Wa Balls And Jiggle Balls


Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls are made from different materials including silicone, plastic, rubber, jelly, metal, glass and more. Here is a breakdown on the materials:

Silicone- is hypoallergenic making it body safe for all skin types. It is also smooth and squishy and warms up to the body quickly making for a comfortable insertion. Being waterproof, silicone does not absorb lubes and vaginal fluids, meaning you can easily clean and sterilise by wiping with a sex toy cleaning solution or wash with hot soapy water. Silicone is also lightweight making for perfect beginner Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls. The down side is that silicone is not compatible with silicone lubes, so you will be restricted to water-based lubes (which are mostly organic and extremely pleasurable). 

Plastic- like silicone makes very lightweight balls, perfect for a prolonged wear. It is also waterproof making easy to clean and sterile. It is compatible with both silicone-based and water-based sex lubes. The downside is that plastic has been found to contain phthalates, which can be harmful when absorbed by the body. If using plastic Ben Wa Ball and Jingle Balls, make sure to be observant of any discolouration. Replace the balls when this happens.

Rubber and jelly –are squishy and really comfortable for prolonged. It also has a soothing and lifelike texture that is extremely pleasurable. The downside is that these materials are highly porous and tend to absorb lubes and vaginal fluids into the toy making the cleaning process excessively daunting. If not cleaned properly, they can encourage bacterial growth putting you at risk of infections.

Metal and Glass- are consider the most exotic materials in the sex toy industry. They are glossy and shimmering creating an aesthetic arousal but by rolling them on your hands. These materials are really easy to insert with minimum lubrication due to their extremely smooth surfaces. However, it is important to note that metal and glass Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle balls are heavy and best used once you are a-bit experienced. You might also feel the weight when walking, especially if you wear more than one ball. Just make sure to not overdo it.  Another Advantage of metal and glass is that they are waterproof making them easy to clean and sterilise.

Full Guide: How to Buy Ben Wa Balls And Jiggle Balls

Consider between connected or Single Balls

Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls can be connected together with a silicone cord or come a pair with individual balls. The standard is two balls per set, though you might find them in threes or fours. As a beginner, you can start with sinlge balls and work your way up to two or more balls. Connected balls are best for beginners because they have an easier removal process. Once you push one out, you can use it as a handle to pull out the other balls. If the balls don’t have a removal loop, you can insert one ball and leave the other out to use as a removal loop. However, individual balls are also perfect for when you want to wear the balls for a couple of hours. You can choose those with a removal string or without, it all depends on your experience. But as a beginner, those with a removal loop are more recommended.

How to Clean your Ben Wa Balls

Proper hygiene is crucial when Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls. If not properly cleaned and sterilized, these balls can introduce bacteria’s to your vagina putting you at risk of infection. Here is a simple procedure in how to clean your Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls.

  1. Wash your balls in warm water with an antibacterial soap.
  2. Rinse them in warm water with an antibacterial solution, and then run them under a running tap to rinse of any excess soaps and lube residues.
  3. Pat them dry with a clean towel and leave them to air dry for at least two –three hours. This makes sure the balls are completely dry before you put them away to avoid moulding.
  4. Store them in a sanitized dry place to make sure they are not contaminated during storage.


It is always advisable to choose hypoallergenic and non-porous materials when buying Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls. The vagina is comprised of very sensitive tissues that can easily be infected if proper care and hygiene is not observed. Also be sure to thoroughly clean and sterilise you balls before and after every use. For hygiene and health purposes, avoid sharing your Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls with your partner (for lesbian couples) and friends. Check out Peaches and Screams for wide variety of Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle balls. Order your Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls here and explore an erotic world of ultimate pleasure.

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