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How to Use Jiggle Balls

How to Use Jiggle Balls

How to Use Jiggle Balls

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Jiggle balls, which are also known as sex balls, Ben Wa balls, kegel balls, orgasm balls and love balls, have become increasingly popular in recent times largely thanks to the popularity of the bestselling book Fifty Shades of Grey. Jiggle balls not only help women to achieve intimate pleasures discreetly but also generate a good work out for the pelvic floor muscles which over time can lead to a tighter vagina, better bladder control and improved orgasms.

What Are Jiggle Balls?

Love balls are so discreet that they can be worn by any woman underneath clothing without anyone else even knowing that you have them in. They're available as two different types – those that are solid and those that contain a weighted inner ball that moves around inside you whenever you are walking, running or just doing the housework. The outer balls are made from plastic, latex or silicone and tend to measure anything up to 1.75 inches in diameter, while the inner balls are usually made from metal. These jiggle balls are usually available as twos or fours that are linked together with a retrieval string for easy removal. For vibration enthusiasts, you can also get orgasm balls that come with multispeed vibrations.

Ben Wa balls can be especially good for women who have gone through childbirth as the base of the pelvic floor (the pubococcygeus muscle) can become more elastic therefore taking some of the tightness out of sex. This can also be the case for older women and those who are overweight. Using jiggle balls to contract the vaginal muscles makes these muscles stronger and tighter.

Exercising with Love Balls

1. To begin with, empty your bladder then slowly insert the linked jiggle balls one at a time into your vagina. If you use a small amount of water-based lubricant they will go in more easily. Once they are in place the pelvic floor/vaginal muscles should contract therefore keeping them securely in. If you don't feel confident that they will be able to stay in place, you can hold them in while your muscles adjust. Remember to leave the retrieval cord outside of the vagina for easy removal.

2. To exercise whilst wearing your love balls, all you have to do is move around – it's as simple as that! This doesn't even have to be anything strenuous. Walking will do the trick. The longer that you have them in for, the more exercise you're giving to your pelvic floor/vaginal muscles. If you squeeze and release the love balls, you can benefit from a much improved workout. An added benefit to wearing love balls is that most women also get aroused as the balls stimulate the G-spot, and because their movements are spontaneous, you won't be able to predict exactly when your special spot is triggered.

3. Jiggle balls are so discreet that you can even wear them outside of the house. Many women that wear sex balls have them in whilst going to the shops or to the supermarket. However, one thing you should be aware of is that sneezing or coughing can lead to them falling out.

4. When you have finished using your jiggle balls, relax your muscles and simply pull on the retrieval cord. If you have any difficultly releasing them, you should bend over and pull on the string or jump around to free them.

5. Immediately after use, clean your sex balls with either warm soapy water or an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner and store them safely ready for next time.

Using Orgasm Balls for Increased Sexual Pleasure
As previously mentioned, the rotation of the inner balls can cause sexual pleasures but how do you increase sensations further?

Orgasm balls can be used whilst masturbating (with fingers or with a vibrator). Wearing them can make orgasms more powerful if the vaginal muscles tense and tighten around them at the point of climax. Sarahs Secret Sex Balls (priced at £6.99) are plastic coated love balls containing an inner ball that provide sexual stimulation at a low cost price.

A very simple method for increasing stimulation is to rock back and forth in a chair whilst wearing your love balls.

Small sex balls can also be worn during penetration.

Choosing the Right Love Balls

Women that have had children or those that are older should opt for lightweight, larger exercisers because they are easier to keep in place than smaller equivalents.

Women that have not had children or those that are younger should start with heavier love balls.

Smaller orgasm balls such as the solid Limited Edition Ben-Wa Balls (priced at £18.99) are designed to bring a new challenge to your vaginal/pelvic floor muscles as they grow stronger and tighter.

Can We Help?

If you have any questions about jiggle balls, please contact our experienced customer service team who will be happy to help.

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